Playlist: Kpop Songs I Love

I bet you haven’t heard all these songs~

Here are 20 songs from my current “favorites” playlist! It’s pretty varied, so there will probably be something you like on it. So have a look if you need some new songs!

  • I Didn’t Cheat – Ryan
  • Still Alive – Big Bang
  • Wings – Daesung
  • Lipstick – JoKwon
  • Hole In Your Face – Phantom
  • Lighters – BIZNIZ
  • Someday (Sparkling T Mix) – Saint Binary
  • Manna – Primary
  • Good Luck – Peppertones
  • Two Moons (Original Demo) – EXO-M
  • Attention – Zico
  • Can’t Go Crazy – Alex
  • You Look Good – Verbal Jint
  • Cheerz – Simon D
  • Faddy Robot
  • Think About It – Shin Hye Sung
  • Hey Monster – Vanilla Unity
  • Irresistible Lips – BTOB
  • Day Before – Nell
  • New Block – New Block


I Didn’t Cheat – Ryan
His company is diligent in deleting any copies from the internet, so it’s hard to find. You can buy it in iTunes, though -> buy here. It’s listed as “바람피지 않았어”.

Still Alive – Big Bang

Wings – Daesung

Lipstick – JoKwon

Hole In Your Face – Phantom

Lighters – BIZNIZ

Someday (Sparkling T Mix) – Saint Binary

만나 (Meet) – Primary

Wish Me Luck – Peppertones

Two Moons (Original Demo) – EXO-M

Attention – Zico

Can’t Go Crazy Even If I Try – Alex

You Look Good – Verbal Jint

Cheerz – Simon D

Faddy Robot

Think About It – Shin Hye Sung

Hey Monster – Vanilla Unity

Irresistible Lips – BTOB

Day Before – Nell

New Block Babyz – New Block


38 thoughts on “Playlist: Kpop Songs I Love

  1. I almost die ( of happiness) when I saw Shin Hyesung name. i’m totally in love with is voice.
    Zico… that kid is awesome, did you listen his mixtape ? I think it’s way better than what Jay Park a couple weeks ago
    And Wing is one of my favorite on Still Alive… Daesung have a really unique voice.

    • Yeah, Hyesung is my favorite from ShinHwa :D My favorite song on their new album is On The Road. I don’t know if he’s the main vocals or if it was written by him, but I feel it’s his style :D

      I love Zico! :D Haha, I listen to every song I can find that even features him ^.^ He’s in the beginning of the Faddy Robot song. I just love his style, haha :D

      Ah, I’ll be excited when Daesung ever releases a solo album :D

      • My favorite member in ShinHwa is JunJin but vocally Hyesung just nail it….On the Road really sound like his song but he didn’t wrote it. I remember a interview ( old one) I saw with them. Dongwan was saying that he was suppose to be the main vocal but while recoding he had trouble to be consistence with his voice and get scold for that. That why Hyesung is now the main vocal…
        Zico is just amazing, I hope people will let him his chance to prove how awesome he is. I really wanna see him having a solo album. Don’t get me wrong Block B is awesome, but Zico will do great as solo as well.
        As long as Daesung doesn’t release a trot album I’m okay with it XD

      • Oh really? :D I didn’t know that….

        Yeah, I would love to see a solo album from Zico! I know I’d buy it ^.^

        LOL! That’s true! XD I don’t mind trot, but… I don’t think I’d buy that even if it’s from Daesung XD
        Though, I don’t think I’d mind if he had one trot song on his album…. that “Look At Me Gwi-soon” was pretty fun hehe.

      • Like I always say, the best way to get to know artist is by watching varieties. When I first go into SuJu watch countless varieties and I did the same thing with ShinHwa…Just thing that the next ShinHwa Broadcast episode should be sub next week make me really happy XD
        Not the only, I would probably pre-order it if it ever happen.
        I’m use to listen is pop/rock song, I really like Lunatic cause it was really different from BigBang type of song.

      • Ah, I don’t watch many varieties… unless it’s an interesting clip from one XD I just can’t find the time >.<
        The only thing close to that was MTV Match Up for Block B and B1A4.

        I like how YG lets them do a different style song once in awhile XD I'm surprised he let Daesung do trot before haha.
        I think pop-rock fits Daesung really well too, so it'd be awesome if there were a lot of that style on his solo album whenever that comes :D

      • I watch only when I want to know more about an artist. So far I watch Shin PD with MBLAQ, SuJu and B2ST, MBLAQ Sesame Player ( that so hilarious) Explorer of the Human body ( with Super Junior), Making the Artist ( Teentop) and ShinHwa Broadcast. I watch some episode of Strong Heart, the YG Special was really funny. It help me a lot to know who is who. When You have a group like SuJu with 13 member you need to find a easy way to associate the name with the right face XD

        Agree pop-rock really fit to Daesung, I almost died when I hear Rockstar, I couldn’t believe it was him who was singing.

      • Oh you should make a post about the best variety shows you’ve seen so someone who doesn’t have much time to watch them, like me, will know which ones to spend time on! :D
        I want to watch some of the ones you mentioned now XD like the YG special of Strong Heart & the MBLAQ Sesame Player.

        Oh yeah! He was great in that song too! :D

      • YG special was really nice mostly cause it was the last time Lee SeungGi was MCing the show and since most the YG artist are around the same age as him it was a relax atmosphere. You need to watch MBLAQ Sesame Player…no not need you MUST watch it XD There are so funny, they always making fun of Lee Joon. Just one thing Mir appear only in the last episode. The show was shoot was he got is back problem.
        Maybe I will do a series of post about it. I was thinking make a compilation post with ShinHwa Broadcast…Yes I do really love that show XD

      • You should :D I don’t see many articles like that, so I bet it would get more traffic to your blog as well!

        I will watch that MBLAQ one now! XD

      • The best sub for MBLAQ are made by SINAQ.

        I will look to start a series of post on that next time. Right now I just trying to finish a post on “Resolver” first Shinhwa album, and than I will go sleep…

      • Okay XD
        I’m trying to recap the next episode of Sprout and hoping it gets more interesting lol

        I’ll look forward to your posts when you get around to it! :D

      • I think I will start my MBLAQ Sesame Player…I shown lot of love to ShinHwa recently and not enough to those little babies XD
        but I will need to rewatch the whole thing, not that I really complaint, i will just look crazy in the bus laughing alone XD

      • Hahaha! XD Oh it really must be good then… I can’t wait to watch it. I think I want to wait for your post though. I’m not sure why XD

      • You will need to give me the time to re-watch the whole thing then ^^’ it’s 13 episode of half an hours each.

      • Hmmmm…. maybe I can’t wait then XD;; haha… but I guess I have some dramas to catch up on so I can do that while I wait :D

      • I’ll try to do my best when I will write it…..I’m just at the episode 6 and I already have an headache just by thinking about how I will describe the game XD

      • How to kill the boredom with nonsense game with MBLAQ, that would be a really good description.

      • It’s the exact reaction you will have when you will watch the show XD. I watch the whole season about 3 time and I’m still laughing. Just seeing them making fun of Lee Joon his hilarious XD

      • really? XD hahaha

        oh, have you seen the clip of Block B where they think they’re going in a dark room with electricity, but it’s really fake? it’s hilarious XD

      • Thanks I will watch it later cause I know some people will think that I’m completely crazy if I’m laughing alone in front of my screen

      • They already think that I’m crazy when I watch ShinHwa broadcast, I don,t wanna worsen by case XD

      • I watched the cut of Survival King XD Seriously they were hilarious. Zico and Jaehyo was just too funny and I really like seeing P.O tricking his hyung XD

      • P.O. was so funny with those expressions XD i felt kind of sorry for Jaehyo because he’s so easily frightened, but i still couldn’t help but laugh at him XD haha

        before he debuted, Jaehyo was on a show where they scare ulzzang boys. he was freaking out a lot… i wonder why he’d agree to this show, LOL

        here’s the link to that one if you haven’t seen it yet ->
        [part one]
        [part two]

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