Artist Spotlight: i11evn

The artist this time is…

i11evn korean rapper 3


i11evn started rapping at a later stage in life than others, discovering his abilities while in the military at about 21-years-old. He’s self-proclaimed “picky” about his tracks, and it appears that while he wants to rap, he doesn’t want the restrictions that can come with being labeled as something and seems to dislike being tied down to a label.

i11evn korean rapper 5


His real name is Choi Ik Je 최익제 and he was born February 19, 1987.

Beginning,  Klas.6, and Grandpics

He first attempted to rap while he was in the military, around 2009. After seeing G-Dragon do it on TV, he tried free-styling and found that he did pretty well.   During his last military break before being discharged, he went to an internet friend’s house to record some of his music for Hiphopplaya. This is when he came up with the name i11evn.  “Ill” for “sick/awesome rapping,” and “eleven” because that’s how many sushi rolls were left on his plate at the moment he was thinking up a name.

In November 2009, he was part of a trio unit called Klas.6. There’s not much info about them around, but they did release a mixtape called “KLAAAASICK.” Also in 2009, he became part of a rap crew called Grandpics.

Big Hit Entertainment

Audition for Big Hit:

Almost exactly a year later, in October 2010, he auditioned online and got into Big Hit Entertainment.  He and Supreme Boi, (Suprema), were trainees together, but both quit at about the same time.

i11evn korean rapper

Mixtapes, Absalute Music, and Singles

After quitting the trainee thing, he put together his first solo mixtape, “That Boy’s Mixtape,” by himself at the end of August in 2011. Around the release of his second mixtape in October 2011, he joined the label, Absalute Music. However, just months later, in January 2012, he left them too, because of artistic differences.

Then, in early-to-mid 2012, he released two solo singles and later, a single with his crew Grandpics.

Towards the end that same year, he was thinking about coming out with an EP album, but since it was taking so long, the plans were abandoned. He also announced he’d be doing promotions as a duo with his friend Supreme Boi, but those plans were scrapped as well. Instead, he planned to release a single around September/October of 2012, but that doesn’t seem to have happened either.

In April 2013, he released a single, “Wild For The Night,” to the SoundCloud account that he and Supreme Boi share.

Also in April 2013, he has also announced on his Twitter that a new album will be ready in June of 2013.

i11evn korean rapper 4


Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud

FB Fan Page | Tumblr Fan Page

Interview with Uncharted Sound
Discography (May, or may not be, up-to-date.)


  • He lived in Torrance, California at one point in time, which explains his English capabilities, since he says he was never a good student.
  • Supposedly, he’s from Busan.
  • He likes snowboarding.
  • He and Supreme Boi, (Suprema), appear to be close.



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