Free Mixtape of the Month: Lil Boi – Good Time

lil boi good time download

It’s always awesome when an artist puts out a mixtape! They’re always released to the public as free so you can download and listen to them without any guilt.

This month it will be Lil Boi’s “Good Time.”

Lil Boi is part of the duo, Geeks, which just came out with a an awesome album, “Backpack,” in May 2013.
He released this mixtape, “Good Time,” February 7, 2012.
You can find it all over at his official YouTube! (BTW, if you listen to them on YouTube, you will be able to get the lyrics & translations in the description if you click the “Show More.”)

Lil Boi’s songs have a nice, catchy, beat.  He does like to curse quite a bit and put on some bravado, but it feels like it’s all in fun instead of just being BA. Sometimes I find myself giggling about it. For example, in the smooth, laid-back, song “Move On,” he just has to add, “….Bitch.” at the end of the song, but then he finishes it with a snicker and, “Nah, I’m just kidding.”

My ultimate favorites of the album are “Fly High”, which is kind of strange with it’s random dubstep break at the end, and “Star Is Born”, which is full of swag. “Fly High” actually gave me confidence when I was nervous about taking a big step in my life and “Star Is Born” helped me calm down when I was really angry, haha.

If you need a program to unzip, I recommend “7 Zip” since it’s free.


>>>Listen As YouTube Playlist Here<<<

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Good time (Feat. Jay Moon)
02. Once
03. City lights (Feat. Young Luffy)
04. Star is born (Feat. Crucial Star, Dana)
05. Do it mine (Feat. Giriboy)
06. Move on (Feat. Louie of Geeks)
07. Day&night (Feat. Checkany, 한해 of Phantom)
08. Drink till the mornin’ (Feat. Innovator)
09. Victoria secret (Feat. Ranger)
10. Fly high (Feat. Zico of Block B)
11. It’s the jungle (Feat. Black Gosi, Ugly Duck)
12. Skit (Fly or Die)
13. I wonder (Feat. San-E)
14. Change the game (Feat. Deepflow)
15. Unforgettable (Feat. Black Gosi, Louie of Geeks, Ugly Duck, Take One, Rimi)


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