New Korean Music Videos: 4 May 2013

new korean mvs 2

This week, U-KISS and T-ara debuted their sub-units, Younha came rocking back, Geeks released an awesome album, and things got cute with Hello Venus and Secret!

After being unable to describe a few of the song’s genres, I feel like I need to expand my music vocabulary… but like I said before, I’m not a music major or anything. If you know what a genre is called, please let me know!

  • uBeat – Should Have Treated You Better
  • Younha – The Real Reason We Broke Up
  • Geeks – Wash Away ft. Ailee
  • Cizzle – Experiment
  • T.E.N – 숨(With Houl)
  • Got2B – Sorry
  • Secret – Yoo Hoo
  • Hello Venus – Do You Want Some Tea
  • Yoo Seung Woo – You and I
  • UniBlend – The Day We’ve Wanted
  • Electroboyz – Feeling Nervous
  • December – Going Home
  • 24 Hours – Tick Tock Tick Tock
  • Monni – 술자리
  • Vasco – Karma ft. Lim Sung Hyun
  • Yong Jin – Don’t Be Sick
  • PosT PANiC – Outer Space
  • Common Ground – Shake It
  • EE – Gaweebaweevo
  • Rose Motel – Old Lover
  • Roots – The Moss
  • My Hot Lawyer – Attitude of Life
  • 2PM – Give Me Love
  • T-ara N4 – Countryside Life

uBEAT – Should Have Treated You Better ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

I generally like U-KISS, and this sub-unit did a pretty good job with their album. This song is bouncy and sweet-sounding.
However, there’s not much to the actual MV, unless you love watching Eli, Keven, and AJ sing haha.

Younha – The Real Reason We Broke Up ↓↓↓
Category: Ballad

This is a nice upbeat ballad that showcases Younha’s voice well. Even so, I think she should’ve promoted “Fireworks” instead.  “Fireworks” is more of a rock song and the beautiful vocals make it stand out a lot more, so check that one out!

Geeks – Wash Away ft. Ailee ↓↓↓
Category: Hip Hop/Ballad

I love Geeks. This is one of the more memorable songs on their new album. Ailee’s voice was a good choice. Make sure to check out the other songs on their album too, because they have some different sounds per song. I especially liked “Back Pack” and “Siren.”

Cizzle – Experiment ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Really nice rock band that should have more views. I especially like it when the voice gets higher.

T.E.N – 숨(With Houl) ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

I like the vocals a lot. The voice has a rock edge.

Got2B – Sorry ↓↓↓
Category: R&B

Here’s a new rookie group!
The video shows one of the four members following a strange girl in the woods, who keeps dropping articles of clothing.

Secret – Yoo Hoo ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Aegyo galore. The MV really has a summer feeling and contains some humor as the girls get shipwrecked.

Hello Venus – Do You Want Some Tea ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Another cutesy girly video. The girls here try to use love potion to get the guy they like to kiss him.

Yoo Seung Woo – You and I ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Wow this guy is adorable. He plays the guitar with such a cute smile on his face haha.

 UniBlenD – The Day We’ve Wanted ↓↓↓
Category: R&B?

This is a new co-ed vocal group. The harmony of the voices is so nice, though the beat is heavy.
The MV… well, you can skip watching it unless you want to see what they look like, since it’s just them singing.

Electroboyz – Feeling Nervous ↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic/Hip Hop

The song is happy-go-lucky and the MV is a carefree behind-the-scenes.
There’s a harmonica and guitar with bright female vocals paired with male rapping.

 December – Going Home ↓↓↓
Category: Ballad

The vocals are nice and sad-sounding with a touch of vibrato.

24 Hours – Tick Tock Tick Tock ↓↓↓
Category: Rock (Brit Rock)

I love the sound of the guitar!

Monni – 술자리 ↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic/Indie

I love the voice. Kind of a relaxing song with a somewhat melancholy sound due to the vocals.

Vasco – Karma ft. Lim Sung Hyun ↓↓↓
Category: Hip Hop

Seems like kind of easy effects in the video, but they give a kind of mystical or spiritual feel.

 Yong Jin (from Bohemian) – Don’t Hurt ft. Yoo Seong Eun ↓↓↓
Category: Ballad

The song should be familiar if you’re a fan of Bohemian, as this is a remake of “Don’t Hurt.” It really has a different sound with a woman’s voice involved.

PosT PANiC – Outer Space ↓↓↓
Category: Indie (Electronica Rock)

Oh I like this. The beat is really cool. I know I’ve heard this style before, but I just don’t know what it’s called, (I’m not a music major lol).

Common Ground – Shake It ↓↓↓
Category: Funky Indie

Repetitive, but fun!

EE – Gaweebaweevo ↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Strange, just like everything they do haha. The MV is kind of entertaining too lol.

Rose Motel – Old Lover ↓↓↓
Category: Indie/Rock

The MV is kind of entertaining… at the end, he gets hit in the face with a giant rose…. lol

Roots – The Moss ↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Okay, this MV is really creepy… like some kind of weird horror thing. I feel like they’re clips from old movies.
The music… well it has a beat. I just don’t know how to describe it haha.

My Hot Lawyer – Attitude of Life ↓↓↓
Category: Indie Rock

Kimchi Rock! (Korean Indie Rock is called “Kimchi Rock”)
Haha, the MV is about a guy who’s girl only wants his money.

2PM – Give Me Love ↓↓↓
Category: Japanese

The boys are looking as good as ever! The song has a nice beat.

T-ara N4 – Jeon Won Diary (Countryside Life) Drama Version ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

After the famous bullying incident that caused a lot of hate on T-ara, their sub-unit attempted a comeback.
The concept of the video is pretty amusing, though. We see idols in a country-style setting.

T-ara N4 – Jeon Won Diary (Countryside Life) DanceVersion ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

And here’s the dance version, which has  more views than the drama version.

(Personally, my opinion of the company keeps going down… not T-ara themselves, but the company has a terrible way of doing things. They never really apologized, tried to ignore the scandal, and now are having the girls sing a defiant songs to the haters. *sigh*)


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