Do you like the “New Korean Music Videos” article?



15 thoughts on “Do you like the “New Korean Music Videos” article?

  1. I really like the posts, but normally I give up on viewing the videos because my slow computer gets kinda laggy when it tries to load so many videos. T_T

    • I’m glad to hear that people are actually reading it haha XD I knew you were, but nobody else comments or likes it so I wasn’t sure o_o;; lol

      • i know XD how can they not even at least use the star system? they just have to click on a star, but they’re even too lazy for that haha

      • It’s hard to to press on a mouse button in order to click on a star XD the only reason why I know some of my post are read it’s cause of the stats

      • Same here! XD I just hope they’re staying and actually reading it and not just clicking a link to the post, then running away after glancing lol

      • I don’t like leaving ratings or likes or stuff like that because I feel like it’s going to be tracked and used against me for advertising and stuff like that. (Thanks, Facebook, for making me a paranoid freak.) I mostly use it if there is something I really want to be able to find again.

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