Ace Attorney: Japanese Movie Review

ace attorney review

Ace Attorney

Japanese Film (2012) Director: Takashi Miike
Genre: Comedy/Mystery/Law My Score: 8/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: Attorney Phoenix Wright must save his old friend-turned rival, Edgeworth in a murder trial.
Cast: Hiroki NarimiyaTakumi Saito, and Mirei Kiritani

I only played the first two chapters of the original game, so I know I’m probably missing some things they added for fans, haha.

Like the Game

The movie begins at the end of the first case in the game, with Larry Butz. This gives the viewers an intro to Phoenix Wright before going to the case with Edgeworth.

I noticed a lot of things from the game that were in this movie. For instance, if you’ve played the game, I’m sure you’ve laughed at the guy who throws his toupe after he lost his case; well, that happens in the movie as well! I think it was a really well done game-to-movie film, which is rare.

The way they displayed the evidence was clever. They’d have big floating screens in the courtroom, and I think that kept the feeling the game had. It also made the whole thing more exciting than just a plain court movie. You know you could do a “Take that!” in the game? Well, in the movie, he “throws” the screen when he says that!

ace attorney movie 3

Unlike the Game

Of course, things in the plot are re-arranged a bit, but that’s to make the flow of the movie better. I didn’t think it was a big issue though.

I was disappointed how they changed Red White’s character design. The game design was just too amusing to change, so I don’t know why they did it.

They did breeze through the second case too. The rest of the movie is the case where Phoenix has to defend Edgeworth. I haven’t gotten that far in the game, though, so I don’t know how accurate that case was. The main plot in this movie focuses on the friendship between Larry, Phoenix, and Edgeworth, and takes us back to when they were kids, as well.

ace attorney movie 2

Little Things

I didn’t really like the scene transitions. They were really abrupt and didn’t have very good flow.

There were quite a few “LOL” moments. It seemed very true-to-game, unlike other movies based on games. I don’t know if it was the color saturation or what, but something gave it a slightly strange look… it didn’t feel like real-life because of it. I’m thinking it was done on purpose to give the movie a game-feel.

The acting was good, I mean, I thought the main characters were pretty much like they were in the game. It’s always a little different seeing anime/game characters portrayed in real life, though.

Overall, the movie was worth watching. Check it out if you like mystery-type plots or are into Phoenix Wright games!

ace attorney movie


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