Chuseok Special: Modern Hanboks


So, this weekend is the Chuseok holiday in Korea….

Chuseok is a harvest holiday and foreigners compare it to Thanksgiving.
Basically, the family all gets together at the house they grew up in and pay respects to their elders and hang out together.

I hear there are a lot of rituals involved, such as bowing to the elder, cleaning family graves, and setting up the ceremonial table for honoring ancestors. The food on the table is set up a specific way as well. (Click here for more info.)
People also make songpyeon, which is a rice cake filled with something sweet.


But this article is mostly about hanboks… specifically modern or “fusion” hanboks~

Here are some pretty modern hanboks for you to enjoy.

And if you’re interested in buying one, (maybe for prom or another special occasion), here is a website you might like –  (I’ll be posting my favorite designs by them as well as celebrity hanboks!)













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