Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Five

A terrible secret about Joo-wal is revealed!
This episode also contains Lee Jun Ki crying scenes~

Arang came back as a human as her funeral was being held.

She only has three months to find out the truth of her murder or she will be sent to the worst hell there is.

She dressed up as a guard to attend her funeral, but was almost recognized.
As she ran away, Joo-wal helped her escape from Eun-oh, who was angry with her for not staying home.

Joo-wal and Eun-oh face off.

Episode 5 Summary:

Eun-oh is walking away, wondering whether Joo-wal really recognized Arang or not.

His servant meets him and finds out that Eun-oh really isn’t leaving like he said he would.
He accuses him of having a secret girlfriend and Eun-oh denies it with an annoyed expression.

His servant asks him if there’s anything else he’s keeping secret from him.
Eun-oh pats him on the shoulder and says to come to the office when he can and then takes off running.

Joo-wal is walking alone, thinking about Arang smiling at him and how his ring reacted.

Eun-oh runs to his office, sees Arang’s shoes at the door, and finds her sitting where he left her.

Like a brat, she plays dumb, saying she never left, haha.

He rushes around trying to find the guard clothes. Without thinking, he lifts up her skirt.

When he finds her legs bare, she screams and slaps him.

In shock, Arang apologizes and Eun-oh is frozen.

He comes to and says he feels the same and changes the subject to what they were talking about before the funeral.

When Eun-oh finds that Arang left his mother’s hairpin in the underworld, he becomes really angry and says some really mean things. He calls her an evil spirit, and empty shell, and that she doesn’t know how people feel.

Arang looks upset and keeps reminding him that she’s a real person and the hairpin was just a thing.

Standing up, Arang tells him he must have been a horrible son.
He stands up, asking what she just said.

Arang tells him that his words can stab people and he must have used them on his mother before.

In retaliation for the mean things he said to her, Arang tells him that his mother must have run away because she was so hurt by the things he says.

Eun-oh becomes furious, and almost crying, he shouts at her and runs out the door, (at least he’s not physical towards her with his anger…).

Glancing back to where Arang is, Eun-oh starts running. He runs and runs and finally stops and repeatedly hits a tree, upset.

Still in the office, a few tears fall from Arang’s eyes.

Eun-oh remembers when he was a child.
He wanted to see his mother, but his father wouldn’t allow it.

His mother refused to move when he came to see her as well.

He remembers telling his mother that it would’ve been better if he had never seen a mother like her before she disappeared.

His fist now bloodied from punching the tree, Eun-oh sinks down, crying.

Now dark, Arang sits alone, reflecting.

Joo-wal sits in his house, looking at a drawing of Arang from that day.

Eun-oh sits on the same cliff all through the night.

Meanwhile, in his house, Joo-wal opens a small box with that ominous music playing again.
He takes out a black cloth.

Eun-oh finally heads back home.

He takes a deep breath and opens the door to find Arang still where he left her.

When she turns, he sees dark circles under her eyes. Surprised, he asks why she’s like that.

She tells him she couldn’t sleep and asks if she really looks that bad.
He starts laughing but Arang doesn’t look amused.

Eun-oh comments on her attitude yesterday and she tells him it’s because she was tired.
She suggests that they both apologize, but Eun-oh repeats what he said in the first episode about how he doesn’t say sorry.

Arang tells him to just forget what happened then.

After a pause, Eun-oh tells Arang that the hairpin had belonged to his mom.
Arang is surprised.

She says she doesn’t remember how she got it, but that she may have just picked it up somewhere.
He tells her that his mother may have given it to her, or that she may have taken it by force.

He suggests that they join forces to solve both their problems.
Arang wonders how it will help solve her problem if she knew where his mother was.

Eun-oh tells her his mom disappeared the same time she died, so maybe she’d know something.

Realizing that this was the real reason he had been helping her, Arang seems disappointed and irritable.
She points it out to him and he says he told her before that he wasn’t a considerate person.

Arang leaves the room and thinks that after he finds his mom he’ll just leave and forget about helping her.

The City Hall men are being happy that Eun-oh is going to leave soon, though one has some doubts.
They see Arang and ask her why she’s walking around the place.
She tells them the magistrate said she could and that they should be guarding the courtyard instead of hanging about, gossiping.

They recognize her as the guard they were chasing the other day.

Eun-oh argues with his servant about staying.
The City Hall men overhear.
Eun-oh gathers them and tells them that he really is staying and that they should allow Arang access to the grounds.

He lies, saying she’s his master’s daughter.

Apparently, by “master”, he’s talking about a man in the mountains who taught him martial arts.

During that time, his servant was searching all over for him, so when he hears that Arang is supposedly the daughter of that old guy, he gets more angry about it.

Then, in a small scene, it shows Lord Choi being angry that Eun-oh is staying.

Walking on the streets, thinking about how business is bad, the shaman sees Eun-oh’s servant ranting down the street.
She sees him as a target customer and follows.

The shaman sits down next to him and tricks him by guessing obvious things.
She asks to read Eun-oh’s future for him. (Apparently his birthday is October 8th, FYI haha).

After counting on her fingers, she tells the guy that Eun-oh will not live long. She says, “After meddling in the affairs of others, he’ll go to the underworld and never return.”

She then laughs while the servant looks upset.
When she tells him he’ll be able to relax now, he grabs her and starts shaking her angrily. She tricks him again and runs away.

That night, Arang sits alone in her room thinking about what Eun-oh said about finding his mom.

She decides that she was the one who tricked him into helping her in the first place, so she should take his offer to join forces.

Stepping out, she finds how late it is and holds her head, feeling human symptoms.

She finds Eun-oh pacing in the courtyard and tells him she’ll help.

He smiles in relief but tells her he knew she’d decide this.
He tells her to make an official promise about it.

Eun-oh takes out two peaches, (some pun on peaches and righteous promise I guess lol), but Arang is afraid of them, remembering her ghostly life.

He tells her she’s human now so they won’t hurt her.
She slowly takes it and is really happy when she’s not hurt by it.

Arang takes a big bite and likes how it tastes.
Eun-oh laughs at her reaction.

She then suddenly asks him when he became a Mama’s Boy. She wonders if he was all obsessed with his mom even before she disappeared.
Eun-oh is speechless. Arang skips away.

Joo-wal has gone to the woman in the shed. It seems her doors open and close on their own.
She asks if he’s prepared and he says yes. She tells him she has a good feeling about “this one”.

Alone in the dark, he appears to pick up a small knife.

Arang is sleeping in her room while Eun-oh paces outside.

He thinks about his mom again… how he ran to her telling her how kids at school bullied him for being the son of a servant.

She lists the titles of a bunch of relatives and tells him they all died today… the same day… leaving her all alone.
She says it was all the fault of “that guy” and that she’s going to get revenge someday. She yells this, holding Eun-oh’s shoulders before fainting.

Remembering this, Eun-oh cries.

It’s the full moon.
A shadowy figure jumps the wall and runs through the courtyard.

He enters Arang’s room and looks at her sleeping.

He bends over her and raises the knife.
At that moment, Arang moves in her sleep and talks about peaches.

Eun-oh is heading into his room.

The masked figure stabs Arang just below the shoulder, causing her to awaken with a gasp.

Eun-oh seems to have heard it, and turns back.

Arang sees the figure, though her sight is blurry.
She relaxes as if she died.

The figure puts the knife away, raises Arang, and places a seal below her ear. The seal disappears.

In heaven, the Emperor plays a chord on a gayageum, (string instrument).
The King asks why he did so and the Emperor tells him that, “it’s started”.

The King wonders if it was right of him to start this with the Emperor and picks up a book.
The Emperor looks kind of sad.

Eun-oh goes to check on Arang, but finds her gone.

He assumes she just left for various reasons of her own, but then sees blood on her bed.

Eun-oh goes out and follows the trail of blood, but her capture is on a horse and way ahead of him.
Eventually the trail disappears and he can do nothing but yell out for her, (using her nickname, “memory-loss” of course).

The capture takes her into the foggy forest.
The black cloth Joo-wal was looking at earlier is tied to a tree nearby, (pretty sure it’s him somehow being controlled with the moon).

He takes her to a building and lays her down.
Then he takes off his mask, revealing that he really is Joo-wal.

Leaning down, he looks at her and slowly touches her face.
But then he quickly stands up and leaves.

Outside, he remembers when he was younger and a woman in black came and put that weird ring on his hand.
She tells him that his new name is Joo-wal.

She says whenever it’s the full moon of a leap year, he must bring her a girl with a pure soul.
His ring will react when he comes into contact with one.

In the present time, this woman comes to him.
She takes off her veil and…

…sure enough, it’s Eun-oh’s mom!
(Did I predict that or what? Haha. Bet she’s either possessed by something evil or she’s just trying to get that “revenge” somehow).

She asks Joo-wal if he sealed this girl’s soul properly and he says he did.
She tells him she can’t wait to see her, especially since she has the soul of a newborn baby.

She licks her lips and heads towards the building.
Joo-wal does not see happy about this at all, but apparently can’t defy her.

But when Joo-wal opens the doors, Arang is gone!

Arang runs through the forest, clutching her wound.

The woman looks at Joo-wal angrily and asks how this happened.
Stuttering with fear, he says he was sure he put “the corpse” there and runs out to find Arang.

In the forest, Joo-wal starts panicking because he can’t find her.

Out of the forest, a hand suddenly grabs Arang.
She freaks out, but it’s just Eun-oh, looking very worried.

Now feeling safer, Arang collapses.
She tells Eun-oh that she was stabbed.

He asks who, but she isn’t sure.
She tells him that the capture thought she was dead and he  dumped her in the mountains.

Arang goes into shock and passes out before he can get any other information from her.

Eun-oh carries her to his room and puts her on the bed.
He wonders to himself what’s going on.

Meanwhile, his demon-mother is waiting for Joo-wal.
She plays with a purple ring on her finger and quickly turns it around when Joo-wal enters the room.

When he tells her that she escaped, she slaps him, cutting his cheek with the ring.

Joo-wal stutters in fear, but she slaps him again and tells him he’s useless.
She says she must have a soul today.

He tells her it won’t happen again.
She says, “Again? Next leap month?” She reminds him that when she first got him that as long as he brought her a soul during this time, she’d give him everything he wants… position, money and all that.
She asks if he wants to return to being a sickly little kid again and keeps calling him a “useless bastard”.

Joo-wal falls to the ground.

She walks out the door, leaving him to remember his horrible childhood; eating disgusting cow slops while others laughed.
(So this is what Lord Choi was talking about the other time when he said a fake will always be a fake).

The next morning, Eun-oh wakes up and checks on Arang.

He looks at her stab wound, then at her.
“What are you?” he asks, shocked.
Her wound is healing by itself quickly.

Meanwhile, Eun-oh’s servant runs into the shaman again.

He goes to chase her, but is suddenly accidentally doused with water by some random person.

As he shakes his hair, it become slow motion… and he loosens and opens his wet shirt.

The shaman gulps and stares.
She stares after him, struck by a new crush.

Eun-oh is talking to the City Hall men. He’s getting extra clothes for Arang… but since even her old maid left, there’s only female detective clothes for her to use.
He asks about the mountain and they tell him it’s evil and nasty so nobody lives there.

They tell him there’s an old rumor that ghosts live there. People are so scared, they don’t even use any of that land for tombs.

Eun-oh takes the clothes and walks away.

After he leaves the clothes in the room and puts her shoes by the door, Eun-oh walks outside and right into his servant.

His servant sees Arang’s shoes by Eun-oh’s door and eyes him suspiciously.

Eun-oh tries to divert his attention by asking him where he was all night, but his servant rushes past him and sees Arang sleeping in his master’s bed.

Eun-oh manages to get him out before his wakes Arang.

His servant asks him if he slept with Arang and Eun-oh absent-mindedly says yes. His servant is outraged and threatens to tell his father.

But Eun-oh just looks at him and tells him to follow.
They go into the mountains, which are still foggy in daylight.

Eun-oh looks around for clues.
His servant is still going on about Arang, saying his dad will never let him marry the daughter of some crazy mountain martial artist.

They find the suspicious building.

Eun-oh goes in and sees the place where Arang was… there’s still blood.
His servant follows and tells him that he wants to leave. He says it’s horrifying and feels like ghosts are there.

Eun-oh disagrees… he says there are no ghosts even though the yin energy is so thick there.
He tells his servant to find anything suspicious in the building, but his servant goes outside to wait.

Inside, Eun-oh thinks about the circumstances.
Arang couldn’t have any enemies and he thinks it’s strange that only Arang would be allowed back as a human.

But then, in a corner, he finds his mother’s hairpin.

With a distressed expression, Eun-oh wonders why it’s in a place like this.


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