How to Date an Otaku Girl Japanese Movie Review

How to Date an Otaku Girl/Fujoshi Kanojo 

Japanese Movie

My Score: 6.5/10


Director: Atsushi Kaneshige

Cast: Shunsuke Daito Wakana Matsumoto Yuta Furukawa

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: When he asks her to go out with him, she warns him that she’s a Fujoshi (a woman who’s a fan of male x male relationships). He, not fully realizing what that is, tells her he doesn’t care….

Review: This was a cute little story. I think fangirls of any kind will be able to relate to this movie. (Anime fans will appreciate some little references to different shows). It actually reminded me of a few girls I know in real life who are like that. It was fun to see people getting so excited about something they have a lot of interest in.

The movie doesn’t just revolve around the otaku-side though. It was also about the insecurities that come with relationships and finding someone who accepts all of you. Halfway through the movie, it gets more serious and loses the otaku humor. I wish they would’ve brought more of it back before it ended because I felt the title of the movie was a bit misleading because of it.

The acting was pretty good. Daito impressed me with one of his serious scenes. I felt pretty touched during it. Wakana Matsumoto was good with the comedy side of things, but I’m not sure about her serious acting. She just didn’t show as much emotion.

Anyway, by the end, the movie had a very romantic feeling. If you haven’t already, it will make you wish you could find your true love.

Oh, and make sure you watch the after-credits! There’s a bonus scene.


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