Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 5

Ah… looks like someone is going to cheat soon!

Last Episode:

Tae-pong was supposed to meet Sora so they could practice for a competition. However, the opposing team showed up with an attitude and Tae-pong ended up getting distracted with challenging them to a video game duel.

Walking home irritated, Sora ran into Tae-hyun, who was on his way to meet his almost-fiance Joo-hee….

Episode Summary:

So, Sora is on the topic of practicing her breathing for the competition. She’s about to leave to do so, when Tae-hyun suggests that he helps her practice in the ocean, (even though it’s dark and a bit windy…).

Yup, he just completely forgot about Joo-hee!

Sora keeps pushing her limits. She wants to stay underwater for one minute and thirty seconds. When Tae-hyun questions it, she tells him that her partner won’t let her have the oxygen so she has to train hard to last as long as possible.

Back at the hangout, Tae-pong is on his way to meet Sora. He notices the time and starts running because he’s so late.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Sora has been in the water for almost two whole minutes! Tae-hyun starts looking pretty worried….

He finally gets so concerned that he rushes out into the water, calling for her. For a few seconds it looks like she’s really lost!
But suddenly she pops up beside him, (lol not out of breath at all, might I add).

She wonders what he’s doing in the water and he tells her how worried he was. When she finds out how long she was underwater, she gets really happy.

As they walk out of the water, Tae-hyun taking her by the hand, Tae-pong finds them. He stares and then demands to know what she’s doing.

Tae-hyun tells her that since her partner is there now, he’ll be leaving.

Sora walks up to Tae-pong and he asks her about her relationship to Tae-hyun. “I always see you two together!”
She tells him that Tae-hyun was helping her out because he, Tae-pong, had abandoned her again. He tells her that she shouldn’t involve an outsider because the competition is about the two of them.

She gets flustered and starts walking away. Tae-pong looks a bit pouty and asks where she’s going. She tells him that she’s leaving.
His attitude changes and he begs her to stay and practice.

As they play fight together, Tae-hyun turns around and watches them for awhile before walking away again, (bet he’s jealous~).

Joo-hee is on her cellphone outside, looking around for Tae-hyun.
She’s about to go back inside when she sees him drive up. Running to him, she sees that he’s wet. Without even asking for a reason, she tells him to come get dry and have hot soup.

However, he tells her he wants to rest instead, and cancels their dinner plans just like that.

As he loosens his clothes in his room, watching fireworks outside his window, Tae-hyun remembers the feelings he had towards Sora that night. “Seriously, Tae-hyun,” he scolds himself.

(I bet it’s only a matter of time before you can’t resist Sora, Tae-hyun….)

On the beach, the two lifeguard teams are training. As they run next to each other, Tae-pong teases them, thanking them for the drinks they bought last night for losing the video game fight.

The opposing team captain turns around and asks Hyuk for another competition. This time he wants volleyball. Hyuk agrees.

So the two teams start playing beach volleyball. (Sora cheerleading with a pot on her head… lol).

Tae-hyun and Joo-hee are walking together. He apologizes for breaking their date the other night and offers to take her to a really good restaurant this night instead.
She rejects the offer, saying she’s not in the mood to go out with him tonight.

They notice the volleyball game and go over to see what’s going on.

Tae-hyun asks if volleyball is one of the categories in the competition. The second-in-command lifeguard, (who likes Sora’s friend), tells him it’s not, but they want to do this for morale. Tae-hyun acknowledges this and tells them to win.

Soon, a few of the lifeguards get injured while playing the game, and they run out of back-up players, (really? lol that many?).
YoungJin suggest that the president, Tae-hyun, play. He rejects the offer at first, but when Joo-hee encourages it and the lifeguards start chanting for him, he agrees to play.

Unexpectedly, Tae-hyun is really good at volleyball, and soon their team is ahead.

Back at the hotel, Tae-hyun is about to go to his room to get cleaned up for a conference when he runs into his mom. She tells him his father took a fishing rod out, but she didn’t know if he was going fishing or doing something else. She leaves.

On the beach, the second commanding lifeguard is with Sora and Tae-pong on the beach. He tells them he’s giving them as much time as he can to practice.

They sit down with the oxygen tank and begin.

Sora doesn’t last very long. Tae-pong scolds her. She tells him she can’t hold her breath long because she’s scared that he won’t give her the oxygen in enough time. She feels “nervous and unsafe”.
He tells her to just trust him. She wonders how she can when his actions the other day showed her that he can’t be trusted. He almost made her drown!
They start arguing and play-fighting again like usual.

Sora’s grandpa is happily running up to them with some refreshments. At that moment, he sees Tae-pong raising the oxygen mouthpiece at his granddaughter and scolds him, telling him not to hit her. Tae-pong tells him he was just bumping her, not hitting. Sora grabs the snack from the plate right as Grandpa starts swinging at Tae-pong with it.

Tae-pong takes off running, so Grandpa starts taking his sandals off and throws them at Tae-pong, often hitting him on the head.

Tae-pong’s dad enters the beach with his fishing gear.
He suddenly notices his son being chased by the grandpa and he gets mad at Sora’s grandpa.

Tae-pong’s dad throws a block of fish food at Grandpa’s head. Like a coward, he hides behind a tree when Grandpa starts shouting and looking for the person who threw it, haha.

In the next scene, Joo-ree and Tae-pong are at a table together.
Joo-ree is showing him the plans for the tunnel slide idea he had. She says since it’s his first idea, she wants him to go over the plans for any mistakes. Tae-pong looks happy.

Suddenly his phone rings. It’s Sora. She tells him that an inspector is coming to check out the equipment. He tells her to do it herself and hangs up. When Joo-ree asks about it, Tae-pong shrugs it off like the call wasn’t important at all.

Looking at the plans, he suggests making it a couple slide. He then goes into a lot of details about how the slide should be like. Joo-hee seems really interested.
As Tae-hyun drives by, he sees the two of them smiling and talking to each other.

The lifeguards are carrying equipment to one of the vehicles. Sora has to carry a lot since Tae-pong isn’t there. Tae-hyun runs into her. She greets him, but he pretty much ignores her and walks away.

However, when she tries to go through the doors, she trips and drops the equipment. Tae-hyun can’t ignore that and rushes over to help her.
He piles the stuff back into her arms and turns to leave again. Sora stops him and asks if he’s mad at her. He tells her he’s just mad at himself.

She asks why. He tells her it’s because he knows he shouldn’t go in a certain direction, but he still goes anyway, which makes him mad at himself.

Sora doesn’t seem to really understand. Tae-hyun leaves, saying he has a conference.

That night, Tae-pong, Sora and her grandpa are outside their motel.
They’re eating a whole chicken for dinner.

Sora wonders why her grandpa keeps inviting Tae-pong over. Tae-pong replies that it’s because he has to live with a violent girl, so he is happy to see a charming, cute boy like him, (he makes a kind of aegyo/cutesy face, haha).

Of course it makes Sora mad and she play-fights him. Her grandpa mentions her birthday is in the summer and Tae-pong asks when. She tells him July 6th, (Cancer zodiac sign~).

Grandpa says that since Tae-pong is here alone, away from home, he should be able to come eat with them. He comments that his parents must be worried about him.

Tae-pong looks a bit guilty, (since, you know, his parents are actually there in town at that very moment), and reassures him that his parents don’t worry about him.

After the three of them have eaten everything, Tae-pong lays there, stomach hurting because he ate too much. Sora takes his hand and starts massaging it. He complains that it hurts, but he keeps looking up at her.

At the opening ceremony for the competition, (the one-on-one category had been canceled, btw), Tae-pong’s dad and step-mom are in the audience. Tae-pong’s dad sees his son with the other lifeguards and looks really happy, but then glances at his wife and settles down.
After a bit, he asks his wife where Tae-hyun is. She tells him he had to answer a conference call and complains that he works too hard.
It seems the dad feels like she’s comparing the two brothers.

A woman is driving down the road, she stops someone and asks for directions to a hotel. She notices the event going on at the beach.

Meanwhile, as the teams get ready, Tae-pong and the opposing captain exchange some banter.

The mysterious woman comes over to the competition to have a look. “Oh. I thought it was something big,” she says to herself and she turns to leave.

Tae-pong notices her and seems to recognize her. He’s staring at her so much, that he doesn’t notice that the race has started.

Look at Joo-hee’s face! LOL

He runs to his team, but is so distracted by what he saw, that he trips and does poorly.
The woman walks away.

The woman is now checking into Tae-hyun’s hotel.
She claims that she made a reservation, but the clerk can’t find it.
Tae-hyun steps into the lobby and notices the issue. She sees him and realizes that it’s his hotel.

She seems a bit defensive, saying she is here on vacation. “Why? Can’t I stay here?”
Tae-hyun asks if there are any rooms available. The clerk says no. Tae-hyun says she’ll have to find another hotel. (He’s smiling politely, but it seems he’s happy that she can’t stay there).

At the beach, Tae-pong did so badly in the competition that he made the team lose that category. His step-mom looks kind of disgusted, everyone else is irritated as well, except for his dad. As soon as the boat is on land, he jumps out and runs away. Sora chases after him, but he just doesn’t listen to her. He’s too preoccupied with finding that woman.

As Sora turns to go back, the woman Tae-pong is looking for stops by in her car. She stops Sora and asks her if there are any cleaner motels around. Sora gets excited and takes her to her family motel.

In the motel room, the woman inspects and questions. She comments on the price; Sora tells her it’s a bit high for the tourist season. She questions the cleanliness of the sheets; Sora tells her they’ve been changed that morning, but she’ll change them again if she wants. She criticizes the size of the room; Sora offers to move her to a slightly bigger room with an ocean view, which is more expensive.

The woman declines the room change.

Sora leaves and the woman jumps onto the bed and happily sighs about how comfortable it is, haha.
She suddenly jumps up and calls her people, asking why her room at the other hotel wasn’t reserved. She tells them to cancel her appearance because she’s now in a bad mood. After they reply, she says “But I’ve used up all the money, what am I supposed to do?” She listens some more than says, “Okay, I know.” and hangs up.

At Tae-hyun’s hotel, his mother is complaining about the defeat of their team. She wonders why her husband even sponsored the event. He tells her that sometimes people will make mistakes, so she shouldn’t be so upset. She storms off, leaving her husband with Joo-hee.

Joo-hee comments that she must not be in a good mood and suggests something to cheer her up.

At Sora’s motel, the woman comes into the lobby and tells Sora to help her with something. She has Sora iron a sequined dress for her. Sora marvels about who would wear such a thing in a beach area. The woman tells her that she’s a singer. Sora is surprised.

She tells Sora that she’s supposed to perform at Tae-hyun’s hotel that night. Sora is excited and says she’s never met a singer. The woman says, “Really? You must really be a country girl then.” (words that Tae-pong often says, hehe).

Sora asks if she sometimes appears on TV. The woman tells her that real singers don’t appear on TV. Sora thinks that sounds true, haha.

The woman says her name is Chu Mi Zha and that she’s famous. Sora seems a bit skeptical and Chu Mi Zha calls her out, accusing her of not believing. Sora says that’s not it. She tells the woman that it’s just that she talks like someone she knows. The woman says, “Really? Is there someone who bluffs and is in their own little world like I am?”

Sora giggles.
At that moment, Min-jung calls her name and opens the door. Apparently Sora was expecting her to come. Min-jung steps out to wait for Sora.

At the hangout, YoungJin confirms what we all knew; the woman is Tae-pong’s real mom.

Tae-pong was telling him that he saw her. Apparently, Tae-pong hasn’t seen his mom since he was 8-years-old. Tae-pong says he’s not really sure it was his mom, since he doesn’t have any photos of her.

Sora shows up with Min-jung. Her friend runs over to YoungJin.
YoungJin tells her that they’re in the middle of an important discussion to try to get her to leave them alone, but Min-jung sits downs and says if it’s important, then more people should be there to offer input.

Sora, still mad at Tae-pong for losing the competition, tries to pull her friend away, but instead, gets pulled into a seat by Min-jung. Her friend starts telling the boys about how Sora is tired from the guests at her motel.  They start talking about Chu Mi Zha and how she’s going to sing at Tae-hyun’s hotel that night.

Hearing this, Tae-pong gets up and runs out the door.

At the hotel, Tae-pong’s dad and step-mom go and sit down in the audience of Chu Mi Zha’s concert. They don’t seem to know who exactly is singing, but decide to check it out since they’re there.

When they see who it is, they seem really shocked, but settle back in their seats.

In the back of the audience, Tae-pong comes through the door.

Chu Mi Zha sings and walks up to the audience. She throws a rose at Tae-pong’s dad, (probably just to make the step-mom mad). When she goes back to the stage, the step mom grabs it away from the dad.

Tae-pong just stares at her from the audience.

After the concert, the step-mom meets with Chu Mi Zha in the dressing room. They start insulting each other.
Chu Mi Zha accuses her of thinking she’s trying to steal her husband. Step-mom calls her weak and worthless. Chu Mi Zha asks, “When am I going to hear you call me “big sister” Step-mom gets really flustered and insulted over that and shouts at her.

Chu Mi Zha keeps her cool and reminds her that she was once married to her husband. The step-mom attacks her, but gets shoved out the door, right when Tae-pong is meekly walking up to it.

Step-mom sees Tae-pong and calls to him. He looks uneasy. Chu Mi Zha looks at him, knowing who he is.

He helps his step-mother up and takes her away while Chu Mi Zha watches, speechless. She sees the vest he’s wearing, with the words “Lifeguard Team” on the back and looks away slowly.

Meanwhile, the dad is scolding Tae-hyun over letting Chu Mi Zha perform at their hotel. Tae-hyun tells him that they didn’t have time to look it over properly before accepting the performance, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let it happen.
The dad tells him to make her leave before Tae-pong finds out, (but he’s a 26-year-old adult… shouldn’t he be able to know?).

Anyway, their talk is interrupted by the step-mother’s wailing as Tae-pong helps her through the door. Tae-hyun rushes to her and she falls in his arms.

The step-mom wails and cries about Chu Mi Zha. She tells her husband to get Chu Mi Zha out of there and says that the woman told her she was having an affair with him, which of course he denies. Then she wails about how she hates her father for telling her to marry Tae-pong’s dad, “This type of marriage never should have happened!”

(Wow, she’s really over-reacting….)

The dad looks at Tae-pong. He asks if he saw her and he tells him that he did. His dad tells him not to see her again and to avoid her if she tries to find him. He tells his son that his relationship with his mom ended 18 years ago.

At the bar, Min-jung is talking with YoungJin. Sora tries to get her to leave, but is ignored. Min-jung compliments his dancing and wonders if many girls are after him and Tae-pong. He tells him that when the two of them get together and dance, the girls fall down like paperdolls.

Min-jung asks him how many he’s dated and he tells her that he and Tae-pong aren’t like that. They’re the type that wants to find the right girl. Min-jung teasingly accuses him of lying.
Sora tries to get her to leave again, but her friend tells her to just leave on her own. YoungJin agrees and waves at Sora to leave.

At the outside area of the bar, Chu Mi Zhu is getting drunk, talking to the bar tender about how sad love is.
Sora finds her and Chu Mi Zhu drunkenly falls onto her.

Sora takes her back to the motel and helps her into her room and onto her bed. She notices the unhealthy instant food the woman has been eating and seems to feel sorry for her. She turns back and covers her with the blanket.

Remembering that Sora said Chu Mi Zhu was staying at her motel, Tae-pong walks over and stares at the building for awhile. He doesn’t go in, though. He turns and starts walking away.
Sora notices him as she takes the garbage out and just assumes he wanted a snack. She still mad about how badly he did at the competition that day.

The next morning, Chu Mi Zhu is awakened by Sora’s bad singing.
She looks out the window to scold her, but Sora tells her to come eat some bean sprout soup, (a hangover remedy).

Sora’s grandpa walks over and sings a bit with Sora. Chu Mi Zhu laughs and comes down to eat with the grandpa.

Sora asks the woman if she likes the food. Chu Mi Zhu puts on her usual airs, saying that she’s used to eating a small American-style breakfast, but continues to eat a lot.

She asks Sora if she’s on the lifeguard team. Sora tells her she is, and they get on the topic of the competition. She tells her grandpa to come watch her. He asks when Tae-pong will compete. Chu Mi Zhu listens in. Sora says that he’s competing with her.

She then complains about how he made them lose the competition because he was distracted the other day. Chu Mi Zhu mumbles that he must have just had to use the bathroom. Sora says that’s not it and complains again about how he didn’t even apologize to anyone for it and has just been pouting.

Chu Mi Zhu tells her that he must have apologized but nobody accepted it, so that’s why he was pouting. Sora curiously asks if she knows Tae-pong. Chu Mi Zhu tells her she doesn’t know him, but that men are all the same so she understands the way he is.

Grandpa smiles and tells Sora to forgive Tae-pong because he’s kind, but Sora replies that Grandpa thinks everyone is kind. She continues to complain about Tae-pong, saying that he has no manners and is too confusing.
Chu Mi Zhu gets irritated and leaves, complaining about the food.

At the competition, the opposing team taunts Tae-pong a bit, but he ignores him.
His own team worries about him a bit as well.

Grandpa and Chu Mi Zhu come and sit in the audience. Grandpa calls to Sora and Tae-pong to cheer them on. Tae-pong turns and sees his mom watching. He turns away.

This competition is saving a mannequin from drowning.
Grandpa and Chu Mi Zhu cheer enthusiastically in the audience.
Sora and Tae-pong’s team does well, so they get to advance. Tae-pong’s team forgives him for failing the other day and he’s back to smiling instead of pouting now.
They all happily surround Tae-pong and the others.

However, when he gets out of the group, he sees his mother standing in front of him.
She asks to talk with him, but he ignores her and brushes her off.

Sora tries to follow, but YoungJin stops her. When Sora wonders why, he seems unable to decide what to tell her, but finally lets her know that Chu Mi Zhu is Tae-pong’s mom. Sora is surprised. YoungJin tells her to pretend she doesn’t know and runs off after Tae-pong.

He tries talking to Tae-pong and asks whether he misses his mom. He wonders why he won’t talk to her. Tae-pong angrily pushes him to the side and tells him to mind his own business.

At the motel, Chu Mi Zhu is in her room putting make-up on.
Sora knocks on the door and offers to help iron her clothes again. Chu Mi Zhu accepts.

As Sora irons, Chu Mi Zhu knows that she really just wants to talk. She tells her to say what she wants. Sora kind of apologizes for bad-mouthing Tae-pong that morning.

But Chu Mi Zhu tells her that he’s only like that because he learned it from her. She starts getting teary-eyed and says it’s her fault for saying she’d return and then didn’t until now.
As Sora leaves the room, Chu Mi Zhu tells her to let Tae-pong know that she’s leaving after the performance and won’t ever come back to bother him again.

At the lifeguard cabin, Tae-pong is laying on the floor. YoungJin comes in and tells him that someone is outside wanting to talk to him. Tae-pong gets mad, thinking it’s his mom, but it’s Sora. She comes in before he can do anything about it.

She tells him the message his mom gave him and tells him to go see her so he won’t regret it in the future.
Tae-pong gets irritated and shouts that she’s not his mom. He says his mom is dead so that woman must be mistaken.

Sora gets irritated too and tells him at least his mom takes responsibility for his bad manners. She tells him his mom feels really bad for not keeping her promise of coming back sooner and then leaves.

In the hotel office, Tae-hyun gives money to Joo-ree. He tells her to change the performance for Chu Mi Zhu’s time slot.
Joo-ree tells him that’s difficult for such short notice. He tells her to do it anyway and then tells her to report any little thing that goes on in the hotel from now on. She wonders if she did anything wrong and he tells her that he was his fault, not hers.

He tells Joo-ree that Chu Mi Zhu is Tae-pong’s birth mother.

In the dressing room, Chu Mi Zhu is getting ready to go on stage. She seems happy to be forgetting her problems with the performance.

Joo-ree walks in and greets her as the program director. Chu Mi Zhu is friendly and a bit enthusiastic about the performance. Joo-ree looks a bit guilty as she tells her that it has been canceled and hands her the money, (really? why didn’t they take care of this sooner…?).

Chu Mi Zhu gets angry when she realizes that Tae-hyun canceled it. Joo-ree stands in her way, trying to keep her from seeing him, but she gets shoved to the floor. Chu Mi Zhu rushes to the elevator and up to Tae-hyun’s office.

Joo-hee is asking the front desk if they saw her in the lobby. She’s scolding them for allowing her up to the president’s office when Tae-pong walks through the door and overhears his mother’s name being discussed. He dashes for the stairs.

Chu Mi Zhu walks into Tae-hyun’s office and shouts at him for canceling her performance.
He answers in his infuriating manner whether the money wasn’t enough for her. He asks if she wants to use Tae-pong to get more. Sarcastically, she tells him it wasn’t enough and he responds by taking out another envelope of money and handing it to her.

She asks him what he’d do if she didn’t take it. She tells him she’ll be back even if she takes it, then sarcastically says “like you said, Tae-pong is a way of making money”… just as Tae-pong walks in the door, (of course).

He gets really angry and tells her to leave. She tries telling him that he misunderstood, but he won’t listen and he drags her out and throws her to the ground before telling her to never come back and storming out.

That night, Tae-pong takes his anger out on a punching bag outside.
Sora comes to him and asks if he saw his mom. She tells him that she can’t find her anywhere and it’s after midnight.

He says he doesn’t care and turns to leave. Sora gets upset and tells him that he’s not the only one who’s hurt. He tells her she doesn’t understand.

She talks about how her dad promised her that he’d come back with a really big fish before he died at sea. She said she didn’t get mad when he didn’t keep his promise because there was nothing she could do about it… she can’t see him to forgive him or not. She starts crying as she scolds him.
He feels bad seeing her cry and tells her to help him look for his mom.

Meanwhile, his mom is sitting at the beach alone. She says, “That’s right… life isn’t anything special,” and drinks some alcohol.
She thinks about Tae-pong and how much he’s like her. She thinks that she just wanted him to have a stable life and since she’s a drifter, she thinks he wouldn’t have been happy being with her.

She knocks down one of the bottles. It rolls to the water and she chases it.

At that moment, Sora and Tae-pong have just arrived at the beach looking for her. Tae-pong sees her running into the water and thinks she’s committing suicide. He starts running as fast as he can and he grabs her, with Sora looking on. He yells at his mother, “are you crazy?!” She sees that it’s her son and is happy.

But, because they’re so alike with their bad tempers, they start arguing with each other. He tells her that she should live a better life since she’s living without him and she calls him a jerk and says she felt free without him. She reminds him that he said he wouldn’t show up even if she was dead and tries to push him away.

Tae-pong starts almost crying and grabs her in a back hug. “Mom! Mom!” he calls, causing her to stop. He asks her why she didn’t keep her promise. She tells him that she just didn’t want him to see her like this. She turns and hugs him back.

On the beach, Sora watches them, probably happy for them, but at the same time, wishing she could be able to reunite with her dad.

Opinion After Watching:

Wow, a lot of women were shoved to the ground in this episode.

First, Tae-pong’s mom throws Tae-hyun’s mom down, then she throws Joo-hee down. Then, she herself gets thrown down by Tae-pong!

So violent o_o

…On another note, I liked the dresses shown. Tae-pong’s mom had some pretty ones, as did Joo-hee :D

I’m glad Tae-pong and his mom are re-united. I think it’s cute how alike they are.
I just wonder what his dad is going to say about this….


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