Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 6

Tae-pong and Sora seem to be getting closer, but at the same time, Tae-hyun is starting to fall for Sora as well.

Last Episode:

Tae-pong met his real mom, Chu Mi Zhu, after 18 years apart from her.
He was upset that she abandoned him and even his dad told him to stay away from her.
However, Sora got him to talk to and forgive his mom.

Episode Summary:

Tae-pong and his mother hug while Sora watches some distance away.

Afterwards, Tae-pong walks his mom back. He asks if she has a boyfriend and when she says no, he tells her to tell him first since she doesn’t have a good eye for men.

Chu Mi Zhu agrees, pointing out his dad. But then remembers how his dad cried with happiness when Tae-pong was born. She tells him to be good to his dad.

Before leaving, he asks if she’ll come see him compete. She tells him she can’t make any promises. He seems understanding, or he just chooses not to say anything.

In her hotel room, Chu Mi Zhu finds a note from Sora telling her to change into the warm pajamas she provided, before bed so she doesn’t get sick. Chu Mi Zhu is happy and surprised, though laughs at the style of the clothes.

Tae-pong has headed back to the beach. After standing there for awhile, he runs, yelling, into the water and swims out a ways.
However, Sora is also there. She watches, then blows a lifeguard whistle at him and tells him to get out since swimming hours are over.

Tae-pong complies and comes out of the water.
She tells him that she’s forgiven him for not keeping his promises and any other mean things he did that day and they shake hands.
Tae-pong gets a big grin on his face and pulls her towards the water. They play around and splash for awhile.

It’s the day of the competition and Tae-pong is late. Everybody seems to be worried except for Sora. Suddenly, he runs up to them. The other lifeguards make a towel wall for him to change behind.

The teams rush out on boats and the pairs jump in with the oxygen tanks.
The stop-watches are already running. Some teams don’t last long.

As the time passes 2 minutes, their team starts getting worried. There’s only enough oxygen in the tanks for 1 minute and the two o them are sharing.
Their team goes crazy when they finally pop up after 2:29 minutes, because that was the highest record.

Meanwhile, in the hotel office, Tae-hyun is talking with his dad about investors and such. His step-dad brings up the engagement to Joo-hee and tells him that they’re going to go ahead and make it official because it doesn’t make sense to delay it.

Tae-hyun’s expression shows that he isn’t prepared for that.

His step-dad goes on to say that Joo-hee’s dad might pull out of the investment if it’s delayed too long.
Tae-hyun agrees and tells his dad to make a family dinner for the occasion. Dad agrees then says he’s going to go watch the last half of the lifeguard competitions before leaving.

At the beach, their dad is really happy about his team, (and Tae-pong), winning. He tells the company to put on a party for the lifeguards.

The party is crazy, with a lot of spraying alcohol and drinking. Tae-hyun and Joo-ree are with the lifeguards.
They talk with the team leader about arranging a promotional event.

Tae-hyun glances at his brother playing around with Sora and announces that he’s leaving early.
As the couple leaves, Tae-pong notices and follows.

Outside, he confronts him and tells him to never treat his mom badly again. Joo-ree defends Tae-hyun, saying that it was done for Tae-pong’s sake. Hearing that, he scolds Joo-ree as well. The pair get offended by his words and storm off.

Sora comes outside and meets Tae-pong. They go back in together.

Later, Tae-pong’s dad meets Tae-pong’s mom.
They exchange some words and then the dad asks if she hates him. She says, “If there was hate, wouldn’t that be good?”
He tries to make an excuse for why he left her, but she tells him to stop.

He tells her that she was his first love and reveals that they grew up together. She tells him of course she was his first love since she was the only girl in the orphanage they grew up in… but that out of all the boys there, he was her favorite.

With this realization, he feels the need to apologize to her. She just brushes it off saying that she was able to travel and sing because of him leaving her, so she wasn’t that sad.

She thanks him for raising Tae-pong.
This moves him so much that he steps forward to hug her. However, she quickly puts her sunglasses back on and walks away cooly.

Tae-pong rushes into her hotel room to find that she’s gone.
There is a note for him, though.

It tells him not to be angry since she made no promises this time. She says it’s been 40 years and nothing she has done is successful, but after seeing him she felt like she did something good.
She also mentions Sora and tells him to thank her for her.

After reading this, Tae-pong runs out the door to find her, but it’s already too late.

That night Tae-pong has a fitful sleep as he dreams of his mom.

His friend YoungJin, who was sleeping beside him, wakes up from Tae-pong’s noises and notices the state he’s in.
Tae-pong has a fever.
YoungJin rushes to get water and medicine, stepping on numerous people in the process. (The way he cares for his friend is so touching ;o; Bromance FTW)

While warming up on the beach, YoungJin tells Sora about Tae-pong.
Afterwards, she goes to check on him.

When he won’t wake up at all for the food she brought, she gets concerned and puts her ear to his chest.
He suddenly moans for his mom and ends up grabbing her and hugging her to his chest.

She finally gets away, waking him up in the process. After abruptly telling him to eat the food and that if he doesn’t get well after eating it she’ll be angry, she runs out the door. She seems really flustered, and puts a hand to her chest to calm down.

Later, they’re walking together to run an errand.
Sora notices a new ride… The Viking. She really wants to go on it. After complaining that she has nobody to ride it with, Tae-pong tells her to come at 8pm and he’ll ride it with her since she made him food. She gets excited. (Haha… I bet he’ll be late like always, right?)

In the office, Joo-hee is on the phone looking for a certain document in Tae-hyun’s drawer. In the process, she runs into Tae-pong’s proposal for the sports center that was supposed to be given to his father, (the one that Tae-hyun was reading and driving with haha).

Reading it, she seems to think it’s really good.

That night, Tae-pong goes to meet Sora. YoungJin complains and wants to come with, but Tae-pong won’t let him.
So YoungJin calls Sora’s friend Min-jung.

When Tae-pong is almost there, he runs into Joo-ree, (of course), and she wants to talk to him.
He tells her that he has an important appointment and wants to talk tomorrow. However, Joo-ree doesn’t know the difference between business and private life and clings to him. She points out his proposal and tells him it’ll only take a minute. Looking at his watch, he follows.

At her motel, Sora is being followed by Min-jung, who wants to double date, though she thinks her friend is going with Tae-hyun, not Tae-pong.

YoungJin runs up to them and they ask where Tae-pong is. He tells them that he went to meet his girlfriend.
Sora knows Tae-pong is really going to meet her and looks flustered. But then YoungJin tells them that it’s a girl Tae-pong has liked since childhood and Sora’s expression changes.

Min-jung guesses that it’s Joo-ree, but YoungJin denies it, not wanting to spread any rumors. But Min-jung persists and he gives in.
Disappointed, Sora tells them that she’s leaving first, and walks away.

Not giving up her trust in Tae-pong just yet, Sora waits under The Viking with her phone. She looks hopeful and not unhappy. “He’ll come,” she tells herself.

But at the office, Tae-pong is on a roll telling Joo-ree all the details of his plans.
Joo-ree points out how late it is and asks him out to eat. Tae-pong jumps up and runs out the door, reminding her that he had an appointment.

She gives him a ride while Tae-pong tries unsuccessfully to get ahold of Sora by phone… he’s two hours late. Joo-ree tells him that the person probably already left, but Tae-pong says he’s sure she’s still waiting.

Sure enough, under The Viking, Sora is sitting there, almost falling asleep.

Tae-pong sees her and jumps out of the car. Sora stands up to scold him… but then Joo-ree comes out and makes things seem worse by apologizing for keeping him. Tae-pong tells Sora it was his fault for not remembering the time, trying to keep Joo-ree out of it.

Joo-ree makes a kind of snobby expression at Sora before getting back in her car and leaving.

Tae-pong tells Sora to come go on the ride now, but her mood has been ruined and she doesn’t want to anymore.
He tells her that Joo-ree just had something important to tell him. She reminds him that he made an appointment with her first and wonders if that even means anything to him.

He can’t reply and she then asks if he was late to the dance competition because of Joo-ree as well. She wonders if Joo-ree is really that great.

He gets irritated and goes on about how special Joo-ree is to him and everything. He says of course he’ll drop everything to see her if she wants him to. (I can almost feel Sora’s heart falling at this…).
He finishes by mumbling that he really wanted to have fun with Sora that night.

She stares at him and says she waited for him that long because she trusted him, but now she sees how stupid she was to do that. She walks away as he yells back to her. She ignores him completely.

The next day at work, he tries to apologize to her, but she just ignores him.

YoungJin notices them fighting again and talks to Tae-pong. He tells him that he’s actually done a lot of wrong things to Sora since he met her… like, keeping her from going overseas and ditching the dance competition. Tae-pong tries to dispute it, but knows YoungJin is right.

At the motel, the shop lady is talking to the grandpa about the debt again. She says everyone is worried that he only has 3 days left. He tells her he’ll have to go to Seoul to get some money back from a person he son gave a loan to once.

He says he’ll go tonight and come back tomorrow, then mentions that Sora’s birthday is tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Min-jung is giving Sora her birthday present early, since she can’t get a break from work on her friend’s actual birthday.
Min-jung then invites Sora to go sailing that weekend to find some cute guys, but Sora says she wants someone more serious. They talk about how Sora still hasn’t given up on Tae-hyun.

At the motel, Grandpa is trying to get Tae-pong to make Sora’s seaweed soup, (equivalent to a birthday cake in Korea).
He finally gets him to do it by telling him that he eats at their place all the time.

The next morning, Tae-pong’s alarm goes off really early, bothering all the other lifeguards at the dorm.
He goes to Sora’s house and makes the soup, cursing whoever invented it.

After setting it out, he falls asleep waiting for Sora to wake up.
When Sora gets up, she doesn’t even know why he’s there and scolds him a bit until he pulls the table out.

She’s pretty surprised to find that he made her breakfast.

He tells her to let her grandpa know that he did it. He even tells her not to wash up the dishes afterwards so Grandpa will see the evidence, haha.

Tae-pong gets up to leave, but she tells him that eating alone on her birthday is too sad and tells him to eat it with her. He agrees.

The soup is too salty, but she wants to eat it anyway. He smiles to himself.
He thinks it’s sad that she’ll have to work on her birthday since her grandpa isn’t there. She tells him her birthday is usually like that since it’s during the rush season. He invites her out for a drink after work, (I wouldn’t trust him to come lol).

She thanks him, but says she should stay at home.

But at work, the two of them trick YoungJin into taking care of the motel for her.

They tell him that they’re going to have some drinks on the beach for her birthday and ask him if he’s free. He says he has a lot of time and Tae-pong praises him. Then Sora tells him what time to watch the motel for her. YoungJin isn’t too happy, but there’s nothing he can do about it now. So, he tries to beat up Tae-pong instead, haha.

In the office, Joo-ree comes in and happily gives Tae-hyun the debt records for Sora’s motel.
With this, how can Sora and her grandpa refuse to sell the land to their company? Tae-hyun glances at it and says he knows. He gives her another task to make her leave and then he looks at the records alone.

On the beach, Sora complains about how hot she is. She asks if she can run into the ocean quick to cool off.

Tae-pong says, “What? That is so not right!” He tells her the difficult things he had to do when he was new. She tells him it’s just because he doesn’t listen so he needed a punishment.

At that moment, the team leader calls for Sora and tells her to go to the resort to check on some equipment. He tells her to clock out there if it gets too late. She happily leaves the hot beach. Tae-pong tells her not to be late for the drinks since he hates waiting for late people. (…no comment.)
She tells him not to be late himself.

Outside the resort, Tae-hyun is talking to some Japanese investors.
Sora sees the group and smiles, but then notices that one of the men seems ill.

Suddenly, he passes out and falls into the pool.
She and another lifeguard jump in and save him.

When he doesn’t respond, Sora searches him and finds a card that says he’s diabetic. Tae-hyun tells someone to get medicine from the medical center. Sora tells them to bring some juice as well and feeds him some candy.

At the Emergency Room, Sora find that her cellphone has water damage so she can’t call Tae-pong.

Tae-hyun tells her to go home, but she says it’s her duty to stay until the guy wakes up.
He notices she’s cold and gives her his suitcoat, though she protests at first.

On the beach, Tae-pong is getting things ready. He puts down some seating and takes out some snacks.

He even buys some fireworks. (I feel kind of bad for him, haha, but he deserves to be stood up at least once…).

At the hospital, Sora tries to use a payphone to call Tae-pong. She even asks someone to borrow their phonecard, but they say they ran out of money on it.

Before she can think of another solution, the guy wakes up and she has to go see him.
The doctor has positive news. Tae-hyun asks Sora how she knew the client was diabetic and she tells him that there was a guest at her motel with a similar situation once, so she knew all the signs.

Tae-hyun then offers to take her back.

On the beach, Tae-pong is now setting up the fireworks in the sand.

Joo-hee arrives at the hospital just in time to see Tae-hyun helping Sora into his car.
Angry, she speeds away.

Tae-pong is waiting by the fireworks. He lights a sparkler.

On the way back, Sora falls asleep in Tae-hyun’s car. Guess the Emergency Room was far away….

“Where is she?”

Tae-pong calls YoungJin and find that Sora hasn’t contacted him either. He has to go take over for his friend since he’s falling asleep.
He steps on the sparklers to put them out.

Tae-hyun has taken Sora back to her motel.

Tae-pong is lighting some of the fireworks alone, procrastinating to the last second. When that’s over, he leaves for the motel, irritated.

Tae-hyun is sitting next to Sora, letting her sleep in his car.
She suddenly wakes up to find that it’s 11pm. She complains, telling him that he should’ve woken her up. He gives the old excuse that she was sleeping so soundly that he didn’t want to.

She thanks him and they get out of the car right as Tae-pong walks up to the motel, (of course).
Sora is telling his brother that she was supposed to meet a friend and he apologizes. She tells him it wasn’t his fault since he didn’t know.

After his brother drives away, Tae-pong angrily walks up to Sora and asks why she’s with Tae-hyun all the time. He accuses her of wanting to be like Cinderella, since Tae-hyun is rich. Sora’s expression shows that he’s crossed the line.
Tae-pong makes it worse by saying, “A girl like you doesn’t look compatible with him”. Sora wonders what he means by “a girl like you” and walks away.

Tae-pong knows he said something he shouldn’t have, but is too angry to apologize.

Tae-hyun comes home to find Joo-ree waiting for him.
He tells her a client got sick and he had to go to the hospital with him. Joo-ree asks if he was alone, and this time he lies and says yes.

Joo-ree tells him to rest and gets up to leave, but then asks him where is jacket is. Not having an excuse, Joo-ree goes on to tell him that she’s starting a project with Tae-pong. She tells him they have similar ideas so it should work well.

After she leaves, Tae-hyun rushes to his desk to find his brother’s proposal. Of course it’s not there.

When he walks in the door to his dorm, Tae-pong finds all the lifeguards sitting around. They ask him if he heard what happened to Sora and he finds out why she was late. As soon as he learns it was because she had to wait for the guy to wake up, he jumps up and rushes out the door.

Sora is taking out her birthday cake alone.

Tae-pong comes in the lobby of her motel right when she’s going to cut her cake. She tells him to leave, but he grabs her hand and runs to the beach with her.

He quickly looks at his watch, then starts lighting the remaining fireworks. As they’re going off, he apologizes for all the mean things he’s done to her and wishes her happy birthday.

He then looks at his watch and sees there’s one more minute until midnight. He asks if she’s still angry and she says playfully that she is and asks for a present.
He tells her the fireworks were present enough. She says she wants a birthday present.

He says he’s never given anyone a birthday present before so it feels awkward.
She tells him instead of a present, she wants a promise that he’ll never make her wait again.

He tells her he doesn’t like making promises becauses they’re hard to keep. She tells him she’ll keep the promise and never make him wait like tonight again.

They start the promise, but she keeps making more actions to “seal” it and he refuses to do all of them. It ends with her jumping around at him to get him to finish it.

Opinion After Watching:

Wow, I hope Tae-pong makes that promise and keeps it because the way he’s always late without feeling sorry is not looking good!
He just really hates commitment, doesn’t he. I guess it’ll make it all the more satisfying when he finally only has eyes for Sora….

Joo-ree is getting a bit worse in character, but I really can’t blame her. Now it’s getting obvious that Tae-hyun really likes Sora more than Joo-ree.
I just hope Joo-ree isn’t going to try to move on to Tae-pong for her revenge. I won’t be surprised if she does, but it will really make things messier.


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