Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap Four

There wasn’t too much of a cliff-hanger in the last episode.
Tae-pong and So-ra seems to be getting closer though.

Last Episode:

Joo-ree’s dad was lost at sea, but Tae-pong and So-ra went out and found him.
The guy was brought back alive, however, Tae-pong was put on temporary relieve from his lifeguard duties for ignoring Captain Hyuk’s orders of giving up search.

On the beach, So-ra tells Tae-pong that her father had died in a sea accident.

He cheers her up by initiating a race to retrieve a soccer ball. Whoever loses has to do a favor for the other person.

Episode Summary:

So, So-ra and Tae-pong are in the middle of racing to the ball, which leads them in the water.
Tae-pong wins.

“You have to help me with something!” he exclaims in victory.

Afterwards, he walks So-ra home. Something he never has done before. He tells her he’s doing it since it’s so late, but then he messes it up by implying that he can’t leave her alone because he feels bad about what she said about her dad. She elbows him in the gut and he complains about how he’s hungry.

She tells him she’ll make some BiBimBap for him because she has to get rid of some vegetables anyway, (riiiight). He’s happy and plays around with her. At that moment, Joo-ree, who Tae-pong has a crush on, appears. He greets her and rushes over. So-ra looks a bit surprised about it.

So-ra stands there alone while she watches Tae-pong tells Joo-ree that he’ll walk her home. Then, Tae-pong tells So-ra that she can go home without him since her house is near, and he leaves with Joo-ree.

Of course, So-ra feels bad about it. It’s a really bad feeling when a friend suddenly dumps you to leave with another person….

She makes BiBimBap alone, angrily. Her grandpa asks if he can have some and she says she’ll eat it alone and die because she’s so irritated about what happened.

Meanwhile, Tae-pong is happily walking along with Joo-ree. They talk about how he saved her dad and he tells her that he’d do anything to help her. Apparently he’s always been saying that to her since they were younger. Tae-pong says it’s a promise and he’d die to keep a promise… which is why he doesn’t make promises easily.

Wow, but Tae-pong is a nicer guy than others I’ve seen in dramas, because he also tells Joo-ree that So-ra helped out with finding Joo-ree’s dad as well. He tells Joo-ree how So-ra found the island that her dad was stranded on. He compliments So-ra a bit and Joo-ree asks how he knows her and notes how she runs that local motel. Tae-pong tells her about how So-ra works in the lifeguard kitchen, which is how he became friends with her.

As Tae-pong drops Joo-ree off at the hotel and leaves, Tae-hyun notices.

When Joo-ree walks past him, he grabs her arm and asks if she’s “acting this way” because he wanted to give up on looking for her dad when the guy was lost. He apologizes to her, but says he’d make the same decision again because it was the right thing to decide at the time.

Joo-ree is still mad at him. She tells him she knows it was the right thing to do, but that she wishes Tae-hyun could be more comforting like his younger brother, Tae-pong.

In the next scene, it’s day and Tae-hyun is complaining to Captain Hyuk about a newspaper article. The article tells about how Tae-pong saved Joo-ree’s dad. Since her dad is a rich CEO, it got more attention.

Tae-hyun is irritated because he thinks it looks like the lifeguard team can’t do their job, since Tae-pong saved the CEO alone when the lifeguard team had given up.
Hyuk explains that it was what they had to do at the time, since the area has special currents in the water, which makes conditions dangerous. Tae-hyun commands him to hire a native from the area, who knows the waters, to solve this issue. He then points out So-ra for the job.

In the lifeguard kitchen, Tae-pong comes in to ask So-ra what she’s making for breakfast. She doesn’t look happy because of last night. He tells her he didn’t eat that night and kept thinking of BiBimBap.
She asks him who Joo-ree was.

Tae-pong tells her that Joo-ree is a long-time friend. So-ra asks if he’s only friends with her. He confirms that he’s just friends with Joo-ree, though his expression looks a bit sad about that fact.
The rest of the lifeguard team enters the kitchen at that moment and Tae-pong leaves to go sit down.

The team acts a bit standoff-ish to So-ra. When they’re all eating, they start talking among themselves. They mention the news article and complain about how the cook gets to join the lifeguard team. (I thought they liked her…? >.<) Tae-pong asks them why they’re complaining about someone who saved a person’s life.

So-ra doesn’t seem to even know what’s going on. She’s called to the office by Hyuk.

Captain Hyuk thanks her for her help in saving Joo-ree’s dad. He goes on to ask if she has a lifeguard license.
She tells him that she actually does have one. While doing various things, she happened to get one. So-ra tries to guess why he would ask her that. “Is somebody saying things because I saved someone without a license?” she asks.

Hyuk tells her that’s not the case. He asks her if she would be a lifeguard and explains that they need someone who knows the local waters well. She tells him she was just lucky that time, but Hyuk tells her to think about it because his boss thinks she would be a great asset to the team.

At her family motel, Joo-ree meets So-ra’s grandpa. She asks for So-ra and he tells her that she’s not home yet.
While Joo-ree waits for So-ra, she overhears her grandpa talking about the debt situation on the phone. She rushes out of the building and calls someone on the phone. She asks her person to find the financial records for So-ra’s motel and to even find out if they have any debts to the bank.

So-ra’s friend Min-jung is running errands for So-ra. She’s almost to the lifeguard kitchen, when she sees all the lifeguards leave the building. She hides behind a tree to watch like a creeper.

In the kitchen, So-ra tells her friend about how her boss wants her to be a lifeguard.
At first her friend thinks it’s weird, but then she remembers the hot lifeguards she saw and tells her to go for it. This way, she’ll be able to meet those lifeguards easier. To convince So-ra, she tells her that it’ll help her out with her future business to gain this kind of experience. When that doesn’t work, she tells her she’ll make more money than working in the kitchen. More money means she’ll be able to go to Australia sooner!

So, So-ra walks along the beach, shadowing Tae-pong. What he does, she does… though he doesn’t know it.

When he sees her, she asks him if being a lifeguard is fun.

He tells her it’s a dire responsibility and then rants about the things people do that make lifeguards nervous.
Then he tells her that lifeguards make quite a bit of money. “How can they treat people like us that way… only giving us $1,000 a month.”

So-ra seems amazed at the amount of money and then looks like she’s thinking about taking the job.

That night, So-ra and her grandpa are playing a game of Gonggi to pawn off motel chores. Tae-pong comes over with drinks and tells So-ra to leave her grandpa alone, haha. She refuses, but when her grandpa tells her he hurt his back the other day, she removes a few chores from his list.

Tae-pong tries to get her to bring them a snack, but she ignores him and goes into the motel/house.

Her grandpa confides to Tae-pong that he thinks So-ra is hiding something from him since she’s suddenly trying to get him to do all the motel chores. Tae-pong tries to get him to drink with him, but Grandpa wants to play Gonggi with him.

The next morning at work, Tae-pong is tired from staying up all night with So-ra’s grandpa. When he tells his friend why he’s tired, he can’t believe it. Tae-pong can’t really believe himself either, haha.

So-ra comes up to them. She goes with them to the beach and Hyuk announces to the whole lifeguard group that she’s now going to be a lifeguard.

The other lifeguards don’t think she’s worthy. They question her ability and remind Hyuk that they’re the best national swimmers. Hyuk tells them that she knows the waters better than they do, so she will be useful and he ends the discussion.

Hyuk asks for a volunteer to teach her what needs to be done. The lifeguards start whispering among themselves. To put her in her place, they decide to pick on her. Tae-pong hears them. Worried for her, he volunteers.

So-ra doesn’t realize what the others would’ve done to her and thinks Tae-pong is just out to get her.

He makes her do somewhat milder forms of newbie chores and she just won’t believe that newbies do anything like the things he’s making her do. For example, while he had to blow up flotation devices with his mouth as a newbie, he makes her do it with a small pump. She still complains because she’s convinced that he’s picking on her.

So-ra stomps off and runs into Hyuk. She tells him that she’d do better in the emergency room and he gives her permission. He then tells her that they’re giving her a party that night.

That night, So-ra and her friend Min-jung go to the beach bar where the party will be held.
Inside, the lifeguards are all drinking and having a good time. Min-jung comments about how they’re all handsome. So-ra says she hasn’t noticed and wonders if it’s because she’s been stuck to “someone else”.

Suddenly, So-ra notices that Tae-hyun is there. He looks around and then steps outside for his phone.
She follows him and startles him by yelling “Rar!”

Tae-hyun tells her that he came because he heard there was a lifeguard party going on. So-ra tells him it’s because she joined the lifeguards. She goes on to say that she didn’t want to join, but since Hyuk’s boss wanted her to, she did anyway. Tae-hyun seems really happy… and no wonder, since he is the boss she’s talking about!

At that moment, Hyuk comes out and addresses Tae-hyun as “Boss”. Tae-hyun looks like a deer in headlights. He quickly turns to So-ra to see what her reaction is.

There’s a weird light bursting from the background effect on each of them, lol….

Then the two of them are at a table together and Tae-hyun is telling her that he didn’t mean to deceive her. She acknowledges that she said things she shouldn’t have and seems apologetic. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to feel awkward around him because they’re friends. She seems surprised. He tells her that since they share a camera, they must be friends. So-ra knows that’s not the real reason they’re friends, but she accepts his feelings.

So-ra then asks Tae-hyun if she can get any bonuses with her job. She tells him she can’t ask Hyuk because he looks too scary, and she does an impression of the captain, causing Tae-hyun to laugh.

So-ra’s impression of Hyuk.

And then Joo-ree walks into the bar and sees Tae-hyun with So-ra.
Joo-hee’s smile turns into an irritated expression. She sees Hyuk and asks him why So-ra is there. When he tells her that Tae-hyun told him to hire her as a lifeguard, she does not look happy.

Joo-ree goes over to their table and interrupts their conversation to introduce herself. She also thanks So-ra for rescuing her dad. Then, she turns to Tae-hyun and tells him they have to go greet other people too. When he stands, she puts her arm around his, signifying to So-ra that he’s taken, and they leave.

So-ra looks like she’s sad, but trying to hold it in.

Meanwhile, at the lifeguard party, they’re all getting Tae-pong’s friend, YoungJin, to dance for them. He catches the attention of a bar employee. The employee asks a lifeguard who he is and he says, “A new employee, Suh YoungJin. He fools around a lot and is really annoying.”

So-ra’s friend Min-jung walks over and sees him dancing. Looks like she has a crush on him now!
But then the lifeguard from before, who doesn’t like YoungJin, notices Min-jung and seems to be interested in her.

Tae-pong is running to the party. He was the last one at work, so he’s pretty late now.
The other lifeguards have started picking on So-ra, though she doesn’t realize it yet, since they tell her it’s just a test to become a lifeguard.

They put a snorkel and mask on her and are about to pour alcohol down the tube, when Tae-pong appears and says he’ll do it in her place. When they protest, he tells them that he didn’t do this “test” either, so there shouldn’t be a problem. The others look irritated, but then snicker at him and allow it.

They put the snorkel and mask on him and start pouring alcohol down the breathing tube. So-ra looks a bit surprised when she finds out what’s really going on.
After a bit, he starts getting wide-eyed and pats them to tell them to stop. They don’t, and he ends up falling over in the seat. The lifeguards look down on him and tell him to know his place.

So-ra looks at them and tells them she’ll do it. They get her ready. This time, the lifeguards seem shocked because So-ra keeps drinking like a beast. She drinks until there’s no more on the table. They want to get more, (wtf, do they want her to have alcohol poisoning???), but some of the others say it’s just a waste of alcohol, so they give up.

Tae-pong marvels at what she did as he walks her home.
Suddenly, she falls down.

Since she’s unable to walk, he has to carry her home. However, since she’s not passed out, he has to deal with her bouncing all around on his back. He tries to make her get off, but she clings to him, so he gives up and just carries her.

The next scene shows Tae-pong and Tae-hyun’s dad arriving at the hotel with Tae-hyun’s mom.

The mom asks Tae-hyun how his brother is doing. He tells her that he seems to fit the job and she turns to the dad and tells him there was nothing to worry about.
But their dad is not happy. He says he talked with Joo-ree’s dad and felt really bad about what happened to him. He blames it on how Tae-hyun is too busy with both the hotel and resort and tells him that if he had let his brother help out with the hotel, it never would’ve happened.

The mom says that Tae-pong has no hotel experience so how could he possibly help out. The dad ignores her and tells Tae-hyun to call his brother over for dinner.

At the lifeguard office, Joo-hee is telling Hyuk about a competition for the lifeguards against some difficult opponents. She tells him that the lifeguard team’s reputation can be repaired by winning. Hyuk tells her that winning doesn’t mean someone is the best. Joo-hee tells him she is still hoping it will go well.

The lifeguards are lined up and the competition is being explained to them. Next week, there will be a competition for four days. The first day is a one-person competition. The second day is an endurance competition. The third day is a self-talent one. The fourth day is for the whole team.

Tae-pong’s friend, YoungJin is excited and asks if there’s a prize for the self-talent competition, but is told that there will be no dancing. He looks disappointed.

The newest members are picked to do the endurance category. Tae-pong and So-ra  protest right away, (though you know, isn’t YoungJin a newest member too…?). Tae-pong wants a male partner and So-ra doesn’t like it because she doesn’t want to share an oxygen mouthpiece with a guy. Of course, they’re ignored and they go to practice.

They get one oxygen tank, which is enough for one person to last 5 minutes. The team that lasts the longest under deep water wins. So-ra tells him it sounds easy. Tae-pong says it’s dangerous if their breathing isn’t in sync.

They pretend they’re underwater. So-ra grabs the mask and tells him to wait. He starts timing, and after only a small amount of time, taps her and reaches for the mouthpiece. She motions to her watch and refuses. Tae-pong breaks the practice by exclaiming that she has to give it to him if he asks. She tells him that it hadn’t even been 10 seconds.

The lifeguard in charge comes up and is nice to So-ra, but hard on Tae-pong, (I’m assuming it’s because he likes her friend Min-jung). He tells her to practice in the pool. Tae-pong thinks it’s suspicious, but answers his phone before explaining further.

He tells the person on the phone that he’ll go meet them and he tells So-ra that they should quit for today. She asks him who he’s going to meet, (I wonder if she’s thinking about Joo-ree?), and he asks why he has to report that to her. She says it’s because he’s canceling practice for that person. Tae-pong replies that she’s the problem, so she can practice by herself.

At dinner with Tae-hyun, their dad asks Tae-pong about work. He offers to switch him to another department if he’s having trouble. Tae-pong tells him that he wants to stick with it until the end of summer, to show that he can finish something he’s started.

His dad tells him that’s fine, but to also take time to learn business from his brother. Tae-hyun tells their dad that it’s difficult because of summer, but that when there’s time, he’ll teach him step-by-step.
Their dad turns to Tae-hyun now and tells him to stay sharp with the resort project. He also comments about the nearing engagement, saying that it would be a good marriage.

Tae-pong jumps in and pretty much shows that he doesn’t like Joo-hee being thought of as a business deal. Tae-hyun looks at his brother and warns him to watch what he says. Their father also scolds Tae-pong.
At that moment, Joo-ree arrives with Tae-hyun’s mom. The mom shows a pretty good relationship with Joo-ree by telling the others how Joo-ree picked out her outfit.

The mom asks Tae-pong how he’s doing and tells him that he looks healthy. Tae-pong looks uncomfortable and ignores her when she asks him questions. His dad scolds him but the mom assures him that it’s okay and says it’s a great day because the whole family is there together.
She keeps referring to herself as his mother, but Tae-pong kind of rolls his eyes about it as though he doesn’t accept it.

Alone afterwards, Tae-pong confronts Tae-hyun, warning him that he better not just use Joo-ree. His brother responds by asking how well he even knows Joo-ree. “What do you think you are to her?” Tae-hyun asks Tae-pong. He also tells him that he’s in no position to butt in since he’s only friends with her. Tae-pong is unable to reply and they leave angrily.

In her room, So-ra is telling her friend Min-jung that her “fated lover” from before, is actually her boss. Min-jung is really excited by this.
So-ra changes the subject and tells her to come with her to the pool tomorrow because she’s in charge of it and she needs to practice with Tae-pong there.
Then, they get on the subject of Joo-ree. Min-jung wonders how Tae-pong knows such a classy woman. So-ra doesn’t think they’re in a special relationship and seems disinterested.

However, Min-jung tells So-ra that the reason he was late to the dance competition was because he was with Joo-ree. So-ra is surprised and  becomes very interested. Min-jung wonders whether the two like each other, but So-ra says it’s impossible for a great woman like Joo-ree to care about Tae-pong in that way. Min-jung wonders if So-ra is jealous.

At the pool the next day, Tae-pong and So-ra practice. The lifeguard who’s interested in Min-jung is there to time them, and while he does, he steals glances at Min-jung, who’s lounging in a chair.

Tae-pong and So-ra start arguing right away. They keep fighting over the mouthpiece. The lifeguard scolds them and tells them that if they argue, it’ll just get worse for them.
When the two go back underwater, he goes and sits next to Min-jung and tries to make small-talk with her. He straight-forwardly asks if she likes movies, and she tells him no. She likes men who can dance.
He cutely assumes she’s joking, but she tells him she’s not.

He backs down in thought for a few seconds, then asks if she wants a coffee, but she rejects that as well.

He tries for juice, but she changes the subject to Tae-pong and So-ra. He tells her that they’re okay on their own. So she accepts, saying she needs to go to the counter anyway, and they leave the pool area together.

Underwater, So-ra goes back up after fighting with Tae-pong again, but he follows her to the surface to push her back under.

At the cafe area, the lifeguard is just about to ask Min-jung on a date when Tae-pong’s friend YoungJin enters the area. She lights up and fixes her hair when she sees him. She greets him, but he ignores her and talks to the lifeguard.

Apparently, YoungJin is partners with that lifeguard for the competition. Min-jung says she’ll be sure to watch him. The other lifeguard lights up as if she’s talking to him, but she’s only looking at YoungJin, who’s ignoring her. He’s looking for the pool to watch Tae-pong practice. Min-jung jumps up to take him there. The other lifeguard is all smiles as he follows the two… it makes me feel sorry for him.

In the pool, So-ra is trying to swim to surface again, but this time, Tae-pong grabs her arm and forces her to stay underwater as he looks at his watch. So-ra passes out. (Omg Tae-pong… you were the one who said it could be dangerous! Jeeze!)

He lifts her out of the water, onto land, calling her name. Tae-pong starts giving her CPR when she doesn’t respond.

Suddenly, she wakes up and slaps him.

At that moment, their friends are walking up and they see what happened. So-ra rushes away with Min-jung while the guys check out the damage she did to Tae-pong’s face.

YoungJin tries to get Tae-pong to go back with him and the other lifeguard afterwards, but he wants to stay and scold So-ra. (Does he really have the right to do that…? Yeah, he saved her, but he was also the one who drowned her.)

Min-jung sends So-ra off and goes back to work. So-ra sees Tae-pong waiting for her and shoves him out of the way to get on the scooter. He demands an apology and in response, she tells him to think about what he did. She tells him that he tried to kill her. He replies, if she had trusted him, it wouldn’t have happened, (Wut. She passed out man!)

They get on the subject of the mouth-to-mouth he gave her and he finds that she’s mostly angry about that. He teases her about it. She responds by calmly telling him that he’s crazy and she drives away without him.

Meanwhile, Tae-hyun is touring the resort area with Joo-ree, his mom, and his dad. They get on the subject of the mountain water slide ride and Joo-ree tells them that Tae-pong had come up with the idea for the slide’s design. Tae-hyun’s mom looks irritated. The dad seems proud.

While the dad and Joo-ree walk to see another area, Tae-hyun’s mom pulls Tae-hyun to the side and tells him to never let Tae-pong do anything with the hotel. She tells him that Tae-pong is like his mother and is trying to make the dad like him.

Tae-hyun says he knows, but she keeps going on.

We learn here that Tae-hyun isn’t blood-related to the dad or Tae-pong. He was adopted when the dad married his mom.
His mom tells him that even if he’s not related by blood, he still has the right to demand things from his step-dad. She implies that his step-dad got rich and successful because of her. Tae-hyun has had enough and gets her to stop ranting.

On the beach, So-ra is ignoring Tae-pong. He stops her and tells her to quit being mad since they have to do the competition together. She refuses to make up with him and walks away. He takes out his radio and tries talking to her through that.
He tries to get her to practice with him again but she refuses. He tells her he’ll wait for her until she comes, no matter how late it is.

Tae-hyun’s mom and dad are done with the tour for the day. Joo-ree escorts them back, but makes a dinner date with Tae-hyun first.

Tae-pong and YoungJin are playing a racing video game against each other. YoungJin loses and so he has to buy the drinks. However, YoungJin points out that Tae-pong has to meet So-ra that night, so Tae-pong can’t drink. He tells him that it’s better to drink when he’s meeting her. YoungJin gives in and agrees to buy.

While walking on the beach, the lifeguard team meets their opponents for the competition. The opponents are giving them attitude. Apparently, Hyuk worked with their captain in America. The opponent captain makes a comment about a certain incident that Hyuk was involved in, but spares no details about what happened.

Tae-pong and YoungJin see them and run up. Tae-pong doesn’t like the guy’s attitude and wants to fight. Hyuk holds him back at first, but the other captain agrees to a duel. They’re just about to fist fight the other team when YoungJin steps in and asks the other captain if he’ll regret it.

The next scene has So-ra looking for Tae-pong on the beach with the scuba equipment and it’s now dark. She calls him but he doesn’t answer.

We then see what happened between the teams.
Tae-pong is video game racing a member of the other team. Both teams are really into the competition.

Tae-pong wins the game and is then challenged by the other team’s captain. He accepts, but tells him it has to be quick since he has an appointment. He adds on the condition that if he loses, the captain has to buy all the alcohol.

At her house, Joo-ree is happily getting dinner ready for Tae-hyun. She calls him and he tells her that he’s almost there.

However, as he’s driving, he notices So-ra walking down the road. He stops to talk to her.
She tells him that her partner broke their appointment so she’s looking for him. Tae-hyun comments that he always seems to be doing that.

So-ra tells him that she needs practice and doesn’t think they have much hope in beating the other team She tells him that she’s getting better though, and he looks amused as she tells him how long she can hold her breath now. So-ra tells him to spread his fingers out and put his hand over her face so he can tell if she’s breathing or not. Then she makes him count. He only makes it to four before she exhales… she blames it on lack of concentration.

She makes him do it again, and as he counts this time, he slowly lowers his hand and watches her face. He remembers dancing with her and you can tell he’s falling for her.
Tae-hyun only makes it to ten this time before she exhales. This time, she blames it on not being in water.

As she turns to leave, he calls out to her.

Opinion After Watching:

Oh man… looks like Tae-hyun is turning into a cheater pretty soon! Poor Joo-ree… the least he could do is break up with her. But it’s more painful because it seems like he doesn’t even realize he’s in love with So-ra now. He just wants to be around her!

I also can’t believe Tae-pong… almost drowning her and not even feeling bad about it and then just forgetting another appointment like that. Jeeze. He just doesn’t really think about her feelings at all.

But anyway, I can’t wait for more character development :D


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