Artist Spotlight: Vanilla Unity

The artist this time is…

Vanilla Unity

Not many people seem to know about this Korean rock band, though one of their songs, “Tomorrow”, was featured in the soundtrack of the kdrama Princess Hours (or Goong).

They also have a song, “Unity”, in some DJMax games; DJMax Portable 3 and DJMax Technika 3.

They’ve been around since 2004. That same year, they won 3rd place in the K-rock Championship along with a newcomer award.
However, they didn’t release a debut album until 2006.

Original members of Vanilla Unity.

Out of the original members, only the vocalist is the same as when they first formed in 2004.
Wikipedia has apparently not been updated and is confusing quite a few people. Their official FB page has the names and photos of the new and current members.

I think most of the former members left around 2008, which is when the band “broke up”.
I guess Lee Sung Ju got some new people together to keep the band alive!

I don’t think all the former members left at the same time, though. If you look at the “Hey! Monster” MV from 2010, it seems they were in a transition. Lee Sung Ju, Jeong Hak, Nick, Jimmy Jang, and WonJang were the members during that time.

When they released their new album, “We Are Rising”, in September 2011, Jeong Hak and WonJang had been replaced by Damon Joe and Kim Min Seong.


Lee Sung Ju (Mr.Joo)
March 1982

Jimmy Jang

Damon Joe

Nicholas Yohan Duvernay (Nick)
(25 years old around Dec. 2011)

Kim Min Seong (Mind)

Former Members:

Lee Jeong Hak
December 1982

Kim Younghoon
May 1983

Kim Minseon
September 1976

Jo Seongjoon
September 1983


  • Nick is an English professor ulzzang.
  • Nick was seen in season 6 of Ulzzang Shidae.
  • WonJang, who played the drums in the “Hey! Monster” era actually seems to be HyunJin Choi of Vassline. (It’s just my guess, but I don’t think he was ever an official Vanilla Unity member. I think he was just helping them out until they got a new drummer.)



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