Another Kpop Plagiarism Case?

Many people around he net have been accusing  ‘LOEN TREE’ of copying a well-known 80’s song.

More specifically, that the song sung by IU and Fiestar, “Sea of Moonlight”, is copying a part of the song “Take On Me” by A-Ha.

Some fans won’t back down, saying it was not a copy, but was just inspired from the other song. Some acknowledge the copying but go on to say it’s okay because, “it isn’t the whole song, so who cares?”

However, others say it’s the exact copy of the tune, just using the alternate notes, which is the same as plagiarizing:

In any case, A-Ha fans have contacted the record company and we’ll see whether they take action or not. If they do, I personally doubt ‘LOEN TREE’ will win the case. (IU fans should rest assured that the singers won’t be in trouble unless they were the ones who wrote the song.)

I guess there is a small chance that it will turn into a case of buying rights to a melody without letting the public know.
(It has happened before in the past, like when Michael Mind Project’s “Ready or Not” had the same tune as SHINee’s “Ready or Not”. It turned out that it was used legally, but since the public didn’t know, they freaked out. I mean, how many YouTube MV’s actually list the full song credits?)

However, if it really was stolen, I find it unfortunate because, in my own opinion, the 80’s melody didn’t really fit the song anyway…. They could have avoided a lawsuit AND made their song sound better by leaving it out, haha.

Here is the song in question, “Sea of Moonlight” sung by IU and Fiestar:

and here is the 80’s song, “Take On Me” by A-Ha:

What do you think?


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