Nichkhun Driving Under The Influence?

So, Nichkhun from 2PM decided to drive while drunk. In Korea, the Blood Alcohol Content limit .050%. Nichkhun’s tested at .056%.

Not only was he driving under the influence, but he also rear-ended a motorcyclist with his car  at an intersection. Thankfully the motorcyclist wasn’t killed, but he did gain injuries on his leg, arm and ears.
According to the news, the accident happened around 3:30AM in Gangnam. After the accident, he supposedly went home because everything was so minor. The accident was considered to be minor and he was only over the limit by a small amount.

JYP Entertainment issued an apology statement to allkpop:

“This is JYP Entertainment. Around 2:30AM this morning, Nichkhun who is an artist under our agency had attended a dinner with the entire JYP family present, following a rehearsal for a JYP performance. After having about two glasses of beer, Nichkhun was driving back to his dorm which is located on the same block as the location the dinner took place. On the way, Nichkhun was involved in an accident with a motorcycle at an intersection in the neighborhood.”

They continued, “His blood alcohol level was measured at 0.056%, and his license has been suspended. Nichkhun himself and our company are well aware that we were careless, and for this we would like to apologize. Furthermore, we will earnestly oblige to any follow-up investigations that may be necessary. Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize.” [allkpop]

Nichkhun himself gave an apology. [source] Since his Korean language skills are limited, he simply wrote “I’m sorry”.  It’s unfortunate that he wouldn’t say more. Maybe he’ll have a better opportunity in the future.

EDIT: Nichkhun has just apologized through his Twitter –

“I would like to write this letter of apology for such an irresponsible act. To the injured person, his family, the people of Korea, my fans, JYPE family and staffs, 2PM members, and all the people this situation has affected. I have betrayed the ones who have given me their love and support, the love and support I don’t deserve with such behavior. I feel the need to take some time off to re-think about my action and myself, to make myself a better person and never again repeat the same mistake. I am truly ashamed that I have disappointed so many, and I am deeply sorry.” [source]

What are my thoughts?

Ah, I didn’t expect this from Nichkhun… I like the guy! He’s my bias in 2PM!
But this is just another reality check that idols are only human.

I know some of you are in denial over Nichkhun being a role model. I’ve heard a lot of people saying he’s only an entertainer. Well, I’m sorry, but if you’re famous, kids are going to look up to you. And if kids look up to you, you are in fact, a role model. If you don’t want to be an influence on people, then don’t become famous because being a role model isn’t something you choose to do or sign up for.
Kids are going to look up to people they think are cool; people they want to be like. You can’t tell them who they should or shouldn’t like… well you can, but they’re not going to listen. They’re not going to suddenly find some old, intelligent, author guy cool just because you say they should.
So, just accept that entertainers have an influence on kids and that Nichkhun – whether parents, you, or he likes it – is, in fact, a role model.

But… it seems that Nichkhun likes to be a role model. He likes to stand up for things he believes in. This is why I think he probably feels pretty disappointed in himself.

And he should feel that way. After all, if he wants to be a role model, he has to be more careful. To be a role model, he needs to have consequences for his actions or other kids might think it’s okay to go a little over the limit if they want to.

Because even if they just go a little over the limit, look what can happen! …And it’s a well-known fact that most car accidents happen near the home. If the motorcyclist had been going a little faster, he could’ve died.

So far, his consequence is losing the support of sponsors and being kicked out of advertisements. I don’t know if anything more will happen to him besides losing his driving license.

I don’t really know about this “apology” from JYP Entertainment, though… it feels like they’re excusing the situation or trying to make it lighter by saying, ‘oh, but he was near his house’ and ‘oh, but he only had two beers’.
Really, JYP Ent…? Those things don’t matter. Everybody knows that car accidents often happen near your house. Actually, according to a report, 1/3 of car accidents happen within a mile of your house. [source]. Also, two beers?

In JYP Ent’s statement, they say the party started at 2:30AM. The police report says the accident was at 3:30AM.
According to several online sources and calculators, two beers during the course of an hour, for just a male body weight of 100lbs would, unless there’s abnormal circumstances, give a BAC of .040%. I’m sure Nichkhun weighs more than that, so the BAC would be even lower.
I feel a bit suspicious…. But since I’m not an expert, I can’t really say I’m right on this for sure.

But, in any case, drunk is drunk. If you feel tipsy, you don’t drive. Period.

If he was really at a party with all of JYP, then I think they should be saying sorry that they didn’t look out for him better instead of using excuses like I just mentioned.

After reading this statement from JYP and seeing how the police considered everything to be minor offences, I doubt we’ll have to worry about him being kicked out of 2PM, though he was edited out of an ad for Caribbean Bay. Good thing he wasn’t the one chosen to go solo this year, though. I bet that would’ve made the situation a bit more serious.

Block B vs Nichkhun Fanwar:

Hmmm, I know there’s going to be some gloating among Block B fans, since Nichkhun helped their controversy spiral out of control a few months ago. I’m a BBC (Block B fan) myself, and as such, I want to recommend BBCs to limit their feelings to their personal blogs. I know it’ll be hard not to make jabs about this… I’m actually struggling against doing so myself… but try to be the mature ones. Not all Nichkhun fans agreed with him during the Block B scandal, so it wouldn’t be nice to hurt them in the process.

UPDATE: If you’re on tumblr, make sure you tag any rants with “Block B Rant” instead of “Block B” since a lot of BBCs don’t want to see negative things in that tag. 

In conclusion, I don’t think we should make light out of this situation. Nobody should be excusing him or saying they feel sorry for him because he brought it on himself. However, I don’t think bashing him is right either. Many idols make mistakes and this was a mistake many people would make.
Also, what if your idol is next? These mistakes pop out of nowhere, so you should have more compassion for fans of Nichkhun.


29 thoughts on “Nichkhun Driving Under The Influence?

  1. //But this is just another reality check that idols are only human.//
    If anyone could think like that, the life of kpopper will be easier >__>

    • Yeah, too many people like blaming others… I think the majority of people hating on him right now are just people who were anti-fans before this happened >.<

      • Looking at the comment on allkpop yes those bashing comment come from haters i can’t denied that. I guess you know how kpop fan tend to be…really scary when they stand for or against something/one…

      • Yeah, I think most fandoms have those zealous fans, (like that whole thing happening with the Twilight fandom right now, or even hardcore fans of Justin Bieber).
        But I wonder if it gets as crazy as Kpop fans get sometimes. The only other fandom I’ve been in is anime, but since that doesn’t deal with real people, the fans don’t get quite as bad lol (though I’ve seen fights there too).

      • Nah anime people are way more mature that kpop fan, I use to be an anime fan too. Yes sometime you will have some butthead bashing on character, but it will never be hardcore as kpop, cause you don’t really have fandom like the E.L.F, Cassies and other. the only fan that I know that can behave like they suppose to is the fan from the first idol generation ( H.O.T, ShinHwa, etc) most of they are over 30 and have a life, I thing they rather take care of their family than lose them self in explanation on why their bias is better than all the other…

      • I don’t think it’s just a maturity thing, haha… there are a lot of immature people who are fans of anime. It’s just that they can always fall back on “this is what the author/artist intended”… like, there’s more acceptance of canon pairings because we know it’s the way the artist wanted it. There are fights about alternative pairings and all that, but since the characters aren’t real, it’s not as serious. :D The artist always has the final say.

        I think when it comes to real people, fans get crazier because they feel they know the person after awhile, (since idols do sell personality and all that). Like, they’re friends with them, or that they matter to the idol by supporting them. They end up feeling responsible for the idol’s success, and enjoy it because they feel a famous person needs them.

        I actually became a fan right when the first generation idols were starting to disband :D (But you read my About Me, so you’d know that) XD So I’m just a few years younger than those fans.
        Hmmm, I think while the first generation was still new, they got pretty crazy too. For example, when Seo Taiji and Boys broke up, they had to leave the country because the fans were too crazy and were likely to hurt them because of it.

        But yeah, older fans aren’t as crazy because they have a life and are more emotionally secure and all that. I mean, we still can get into it and admire the idols we like, but the things they do don’t affect us as much XD;
        Even when ShinHwa came back, I think the feeling from old fans was just more of enjoying a nostalgic feeling than being an all-out fangirl/boy.

      • OMG fanon paring in anime can be hell. I remember a couple years ago a whole war comment start on an anime website that I go ( Advanced Anime) They were fighting over Cloud/Tifa and Cloud/Aeris paring…

        I’m really into kpop only since the beginning of last year, but I saw a lot of video since than and each time I’m just impress by how first idol generation fan are. Like when ShinHwa did their comeback the fan were cheering while the performance, not yelling

      • Yeah, I’ve seen fanwars about pairings back on the Funimation boards 10 years ago, and more recently on DevART XD People can get so riled up! Back on the Funi boards I even got into a fangirl fight over Hiei from YuYu Hakusho hahaha… those were some crazy times that I’m embarrassed to remember XD;

        Ah, I think that might be because there weren’t as many Kpop fans yet. I think with more fans it’s easier to get into a mob mentality. Like… I wouldn’t be as into Kpop if my younger sister wasn’t really into it to fan over it with :D
        So, the longer Kpop has been around, the more hyped-up fans there are, and so, the more of those fans being in a crowd, the more the casual fans catch the crazy vibe during concerts as well, haha.

      • I will never get why people fighting over fictional character nor I will get why they do it for real people…

        True at that time kpop was know mostly only in Korea now with the media everyone can see and hear it and bring more fan. I knew what kpop was cause one day someone that I met online was a language freak, but I got the real interest into it, by myself. My sister even find weird that I have only one real english song….

      • I don’t know for other people, but for me, it’s because I’m so competitive XD If it’s anything I have an interest in, I have an impulse to try to be an expert about it, even if it’s a useless thing like an anime character haha. >.<

        Ah :D I got into Kpop because I'm a language freak XD

      • OMG I know what you mean!!! Even if I have no clue about an anime sotry line I will still know all the characther name and their background story XD

        My dad give me his love for music, I pretty much like any kind of music and sometime I tad to me more addict to a particular style. Like two years ago my favorite group was Breaking Benjamin and Linkin Park and now it’s ShinHwa and Super Junior…..

      • Exactly! XD haha

        Oh, my dad too, except he’s more of a hipster and makes fun of me if it’s too popular =_=;;; lol
        I went through a music revolution when I was teen… like, as a kid I’d listen to anything my dad gave me, but then I’d only like 50’s-70’s rock when I was 12, only country music at 13, only light rock at 14.
        Then at 15 I got into everything haha… heavy metal, punk, jrock, kpop, mandopop, thai music, anything I could get my hands on :D Now I’ve kind of stuck with any type of Korean music because my little sister is into it ^.^

      • I wonder what my dad would say if we knew that the only kind of music I listen is a music that I can’t even understand…
        I didn’t had a music revolution cause even when I was into a certain kind I still continue to listen other kind…until now.

      • Ah, I was just exploring my own tastes at the time since I had been so influenced by my dad before that :D When I find something new, I just get obsessed with it for awhile XD;

      • I’m pretty much like that too…
        I have book on Freemason and a bunch on the WWII and just beside you have the one about Serial Killer, yes I do have weird interest, but I’m curious by nature

      • Yeah :D When I’m interested in things like that, I even write essays for myself about them XD
        Hmmm, I guess that shows a little bit in some of the articles on this site too, though…. lol

      • I would like to write like this too, but I still struggle with my sentence structure and my vocabulary. …

      • Is English your second language? :D Most of your sentences are really good, but once in awhile there are just some little mistakes that I usually see people make when English is their second language…. if it’s not and you’re a native speaker, then I’m sorry XD;;; Haha.

      • I’m not a native speaker, I’m French-Canadian, but since I pass more time on English website, I wrote more in English, cause of that sometime I struggle with my own language XD .
        I think I have more trouble with my sentence structure or sometime I probably doesn’t use the right word. Since I didn’t start to learn English in my toddlers years, I will probably always make mistake, but now that I have more reader, It push me to read before posting ^^’

      • I hardly noticed though :D
        I’m jealous… I wish I was more motivated to learn a second language! >.< Hehe

      • Nowadays in people living in Quebec doesn’t have the choice to learn it. Back in the time they start to learn it in middle school now they start in elementary school.
        You need motivation when you start to learn by yourself. When you take lesson you don’t really have the choice to fellow it even if you are not motivated ^^’

      • I wish the US was more like that >.< I hate how schools only care about English.
        We have the option to learn another language, but that doesn't happen until after middle school so it's harder to absorb it.

      • It’s not cause they only care about English, it cause now the language that you need to know it’s English. Back in the time when France was more powerful, the language that people needed to know was French and before that it was Latin…It always depend of which country rule the economy I guess

      • I guess…. :D
        But I often feel that Americans have an elitist attitude and being exposed to other cultures and languages at a younger age would help correct that.

        For example, my sister and I were pretty shocked when we showed some of her friends some Kpop MVs. Her friends said some pretty racist things. It wasn’t even that they just couldn’t understand the language; it seemed like they were looking down on Koreans in general. It was pretty upsetting. I mean, I’ve heard and seen things like that happen before, but from friends as well?

        I think my younger sister has a better outlook towards it because I exposed her to all types of Asian music since she was 7, so it felt more normal and acceptable to her. Since the language wasn’t “weird” for her, she is now able to be open-minded about cultural things she learns about the country as well.

        Since China is getting more powerful and the internet is exposing us to more cultures, I feel it’s important for kids to be brought up thinking about other cultures and not just their own :D I think learning another language could be a good way to go about that.

        …But I mostly just want to learn because it would be fun ^.^ Haha.

      • I get what you mean. Some people ( mostly the one living in the countryside) are like that to and people from Quebec still have difficulties with some part of the Canada

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