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Based on a manga of the same name

Episodes: 10 (?)
Genre: Romance/Slice-of-Life
Currently Airing: Saturdays
Actors: Yuri Chinen  Aoi Morikawa Jesse Lewis 

Watch At: dramacrazy.net

Impressions Before Watching:

Hmmm, well I’m not sure what this drama is really about besides two highschool students living under the same roof, but a lot of people are liking it a lot already, so I figured I’d give it a try. Usually, I like the read the manga version first, if it’s translated, but I don’t really have time to do that at the moment, so I’ll start it later and compare them in the end-of-drama review.

Episode Summary:

So, a few minutes in and the drama has a gentle feeling to it.
A girl is shown running across a baseball diamond towards school while glancing at her watch. Once at the front steps, she pauses and looks down towards a spot near the bottom. She then looks at her hand.

Flashback scene to 3 months ago at the entrance ceremony for the highschool.
She’s sitting on the front steps on the school and looks like she’s in pain.
Suddenly, a hand reaches down to help her up. She sees that the figure is wearing a boy’s uniform, but her vision is too blurry to see his face. She takes his hand and he slowly helps her up the stairs to the nurse’s office to lay down. She sees him talking to the nurse, but still can’t really see anything but his back.

Back to the present, she is still looking at her hand. Thinking to herself, she refers to him as her fated person and her first love.
The bell rings and she runs into the school. There, her friends talk to her about the guy, showing us that she’s been looking for him. They wonder how she will be able to find him since she couldn’t see him, but she tell them she’ll find him by remembering the feeling of that day.

“Girl, you couldn’t even see his face!”

Skeptical, her friends ask her what she’s going to do if she doesn’t find him before they graduate. Miku, the main character, looks a bit concerned. As they go to the next class, Miku again looks at her hand, showing how obsessed she is with that situation and tells herself with a smile that she will definitely find him since they’re fated to meet.


On the way down the upper hall, Miku notices a boy and girl near the lockers. The girl has her arms thrown around him and they kiss. Miku gulps, but doesn’t look away from the scene.
Well, of course the boy notices her staring at them, but he just stares back… all the while never hugging the girl back.

ooo voyeurism~

I’m either a bad boy, or I just can’t say no.

Miku looks away, looks back, and then heads to class. She doesn’t really seem disturbed by it… maybe more curious than embarrassed.
I’m thinking, yeah, they’re going to end up together right? Haha… bad boys always seem to win in these stories….

Next scene, Miku is walking with her friends, when suddenly some boys run up to them calling her last name. They ask her if she knows a boy named Souhei.
She doesn’t know him, even though he’s supposedly really popular with all the girls in the school, according to her friends. :|

According to the boy, Souhei was asking about Miku. They conclude that he must have a crush on her and wants to confess.

In the next scene, she’s walking down the same hall as before and stops to look down at the locker area where she saw that couple making out earlier. As she’s stopped there in the hall, a boy walks by, then stops. He addresses himself as Souhei and she braces herself for a confession.

“Hey, I’m Souhei~”

OMG is he going to confess?!

However, he just bows to her and tells her that starting next week, he’ll be in her care.

It’s then the opening song for the drama… which leaves a strange impression on me, haha. Basically it’s just the characters all running in swimsuits along the beach. These scenes always feel awkward to me and I can’t help but think of the actors instead of the characters. I keep imagining the director telling them to start running and try to look like they’re having as much fun as possible, haha.

Whoo! We’re sexy teens running along the beach for no reason~!

Sitting at home with a yellow popsicle, Miku has a flashback to the dinner table. Her dad is telling her that he quit his job and their family is going to earn extra income by renting out some rooms in their big house. At first she assumes it’ll just be one extra person, but then he tells her that three are coming; one highschool boy, one college guy and a college girl.

“I’ll get to spend more time with my family now, since I quit my job!”

While she was opposed to one person, she can’t stand the thought of three extra people. She lists the annoyances, like sharing the bath.
Her mom, in a matter-of-fact way, tells her that Souhei’s parents got divorced and his mom lives far from his school. That’s why he’ll be living with them.
Miku doesn’t care about the reason and complains some more.

“No~~! My comfort means more even though I don’t earn income for my family!”

Back to the present scene, two boys come to see her while she’s sitting outside with her popsicle on her balcony. It’s Souhei and… to her surprise… the boy she saw kissing that girl near the lockers. He’s introduced as Katagiri Hayato. Hayato bows and, though he seems quiet, he doesn’t seem like a bad person. When Souhei asks if they know each other, Hayato denies it.

“Hi! Take care of me :D”

Though Souhei is very friendly, she doesn’t act friendly towards them and complains when Souhei uses her first name. He doesn’t pay attention and tells her to call him by his first name too. He then bothers her further by borrowing her scissors without asking.

“My scissors! Those were MINE! D:<“

In the house, opening boxes, Souhei again asks Hayato if he knows Miku. He mentions that Hayato knew her name when he told him he was going to her house earlier. Hayato pretends not to remember.

Just cuz I know her name doesn’t mean I know her… (though it’s obvious I do know her).

They’re interrupted by a scream coming from outside. Everyone rushes over and a college girl runs into the house saying a strange man is following her. Miku runs to call the police, but it turns out the man is just the college guy, named Naoharu who’s going to be living there too. The college girl seems pretty flirty as she introduces herself as Kiyota.

A creeper?!

Souhei takes charge and introduces Miku and Hayato. Miku doesn’t seem to like it… probably because it seems like it’s more his house than hers, but I’m pretty sure that’s just his personality.

Oh, it’s just a nice guy :D

Then the college guy’s bag falls over to reveal that he’s an otaku.

Nope, it’s an otaku….

At dinner that night, (where, I feel the need to point out, some out-of-place background music was playing), the college girl leans over to Miku and asks her which guy is better… the cute Souhei or the cool Hayato. Miku says neither. Kiyota looks towards Naoharu and add, “Or, the unexpected otaku type?”. Naoharu notices the two looking at him and he winks. Miku shudders and exclaims there’s no way she likes him. Kiyota giggles.

“Let’s gossip about boys~”

Later, they’re all having a lot of fun doing fireworks, but Miku acts anti-social and won’t join in when Souhei asks her to.

I refuse to have fun with these home-wreckers around. >:[

Next morning, Miku get embarrassed when she runs into a shirtless Souhei on the way to the bathroom. Things get worse when she opens the bathroom door and finds Naoharu on the toilet….

Good morning~

Yeah… I wouldn’t want to see some guy on the toilet either….

Walking to school, she tells Souhei not to walk with her. In a typical Shoujo-storyline, groups of girls are pointing out how Souhei is talking to her and start talking about them. Miku hears and runs away.

In class, we see a girl called Ozawa walking dreamily down the sidewalk. The girls talk about how they gave her a nickname because they feel annoyed when they look at her. Miku runs to Souhei and tells her to act like he doesn’t know her and not to tell anybody he’s living at her house. She tells him that she doesn’t want people to talk behind her back and call her annoying. Souhei smiles and agrees, though he says he doesn’t understand her reasoning.

Ozawa. She annoys other girls because she’s nice.

Back at home, Miku freaks out after a series of incidents; Souhei has used “her” cup, Kiyota is found eating her popsicle, ander  Naoharu has broken her grandma’s wind chime.
At the dinner table, her parents try to make everyone feel better, but Miku makes it even worse when, in front of everybody, she quietly accuses her dad for her troubles and runs away to her room to cry.

Broken wind chime… :(

Souhei feels bad and rides his bike all the way back to his house and brings back a wind chime from his own house. Miku and Souhei sit outside together and as she’s getting up, she slips. Souhei reaches down to her and as she grabs his hand, she remembers the feeling of being helped at the entrance ceremony. She is convinced that he’s her “fated” guy.

It was only a matter of time before somebody out there would help her up again….

The next day, Miku apologizes to her dad.
But then, Ozawa comes by her house to pick up Souhei.

He introduces Ozawa as his girlfriend.

“Yeah, that’s my girlfriend! :D”

Impressions After Watching:

Well, it’s a pretty easy-going series so far.
I found it was a pretty typical shoujo-type story. Nothing really unexpected happened, just a slow slice-of-life with romance. I hope some more conflicts are going to happen. I mean, I hope I see something new in this storyline, though right now, I don’t really have much expectations ^.^;;

Also, the acting wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really anything special either.
The casting… well I can’t see Hayato as a player at all. He has too much of an innocent vibe for it to be believable.

I’ll stick with it, but for now, I feel like there’s too much hype for this series.

Episode Fanart:


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