Kdrama Hana Kimi – “To The Beautiful You”

So, Korea is finally making their version of Hana Kimi. It’ll be called “To The Beautiful You”. SM Entertainment is producing it so there are a lot of SM idols being featured in the drama.

The original plot was about a girl in America who idolizes a guy in Japan who’s famous for the high jump. She wants to meet him, so she transfers to his school… which is an all-boys school. There, she gets into various problems while disguised as a boy. Of course, in this version, she’ll be transferring to a Korean school instead of a Japanese one. I don’t know if they’ll be making any other tweaks to the story or if they’ll try to keep it as accurate to the manga as possible.

Sulli of f(x) is going to play the lead female role.
Minho of SHINee is going to play the lead male role.

Various members of EXO are going to be in it, though most of them will just have cameos (EXO-M might be exchange students in the drama). I’ve heard that Kai and D.O. will have bigger roles.

Kwanghee from ZE:A will also have a role in the drama

Here is a trailer:

Many people are upset that Amber of f(x) isn’t going to be the lead female. She really has the tomboy image down and I know ever since her fans saw her they thought she’d be perfect in a role like that. However, it has to be taken into account that Korean is a second language for her and she’s still learning it. Sulli also has acting experience, while Amber does not. Therefore, it wouldn’t be practical for Amber to take such a big role in such a popular drama. I’m pretty sure she would’ve declined it if it was offered to her.

My expectations? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that it’ll have a different feel to it than the Japanese version. I don’t think it can ever replace the Japanese version, but people that prefer Korean dramas over Japanese dramas will probably think it’s better (of course).
Personally, I don’t really like Korean versions of Japanese manga, but I’m going to give it a chance when it airs. Maybe it will surprise me… especially if Nakatsu is portrayed well since he’s my favorite character.


4 thoughts on “Kdrama Hana Kimi – “To The Beautiful You”

    • There hasn’t been an official statement on it yet, but I don’t think it’ll be likely since he has other things going on at the time of filming.

      If he does have a role, it’ll probably either be small or just a cameo.

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