Miss Ripley Korean Drama

Miss Ripley

My Score: 6.5/10


Lead Actors: Lee Da Hae Park Yoo Chun Kim Seung Woo Kang Hye Jung

Episodes: 16

Genre: Crime/Romance/Drama

Summary: Miri is a girl without a lot of luck. After working in a shady Japanese bar as a hostess of sorts, she escapes from her employer/boyfriend and gets away to Korea with fake ID papers. She becomes increasingly greedy and decides to stop at nothing to gain what she feels life robbed her of.

Meanwhile, two rich and powerful men fall in love with her. With no conscience, she doesn’t waste time in using their attention for her own gain.

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Review: This drama is loosely based after a woman named Shin Jeong Ah who forged her graduation papers in real life… and who also used a man of power to get what she wanted. The name “Miss Ripley” is based after Ripley’s Syndrome, in which a person delude’s themselves that their lies are real.

Well. Miss Ripley’s Miri is a criminal… at first I felt sorry for her, but then I realized just how criminal she really was. However, I couldn’t really hate her and I did understand why she did the things she did. She was so desperate to escape her bad life, that she decided once she would start lying, she would go all out and let nothing stop her. It was really interesting watching how easily she could lie and see how far she could go with it. Though… I found myself wondering if she was a sociopath or something since she could lie so easily without a second thought.

I was impressed with the acting. The last real drama I saw Lee Da Hae in was My Girl so I was expecting some kind of overly exaggerated comedy-type acting. Miss Ripley is not a comedy… there was nothing funny in it, (though I probably smiled quite a few times, heh). I did think it was a bit annoying how in every episode she’d do a scene where she’s all wide-eyed and breathing strangely in shock, but other than that, she was good. Yoo Hyun’s stepmother also really stood out to me in her acting. It was so believable to me. Miri’s friend Moon Hee Joo… well I liked her in the beginning, but I was also suspicious since I am used to the rival-friend girl character that always seems to be in dramas. However, in this case, the main character is the rival-friend-! So Moon Hee Joo became lovable… until I got annoyed with how much she let herself be pushed around, (though I can understand why it happened. Haha, they even got her zodiac sign right for her personality…).

The ending was good as well. Even though some parts could be easily predicted, the other plots distracted you enough so that you completely forgot to even think about it until it was about to happen… and when it did, it was satisfying. Some people might not like the whole ending, but for me, it worked well. I mean, this drama isn’t a romance.

Another reason to watch this drama is the male leads. They’re all endearing in some way… yes, even the criminal ex-boyfriend was pitiable in his love for Miri, especially in the last episode he was in. Yoochun’s – yeah, Yoochun from JYJ – character Yoo Hyun was adorable. I loved seeing him as a more innocent and pure character. And, though I usually really don’t go for older men, the ajusshi that Miri dated first, played by Kim Seung Woo, was so sweet and also had an innocent/pure vibe to him as well.

However, like I said before, I don’t think this drama is really a romance. And even though it kind of markets Yoo Hyun with Miri as a couple, I don’t really believe that Miri loved either of them, and she both played them pretty equally.

Basically, this is a crime/thriller kind of drama that’s about the exploits of a con artist and the men who fell in love with her.

My Score: 7/10


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