New Korean Music Videos: 8 June, 2013


Lots of really good songs this week!

Henry debuted as a solo artist, MBLAQ and Rainbow came back, among other things


  • Bumkey – Bad Girl
  • Kim Ye Rim – COLORRING
  • One Way – Beautiful Day
  • Henry – Trap
  • LC9 – Just a Dream
  • Broken Valentine – Aluminium
  • San E – Rap Circus
  • MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
  • Rainbow – Sunshine
  • Boys Republic – Party Rock
  • Andamiro – Waiting
  • 2BiC – Return
  • Gray Way – Brand New Day
  • Feverdogs – 경성별곡
  • Mogavi – Butterfly
  • Ryuki – XOXO (Kiss & Hugs)
  • Lips Bite with Band Mona – Love You All
  • Laydown – Noiseday
  • RaonJaena (라온제나) – Boxer
  • Hong Hyuck Su – Drama
  • Han Heejung  – 흙
  • Lunafly – Innocent and Young

Bumkey – Bad Girl ↓↓↓
Category: R&B/Jazzy

I could listen to this all day! You can really tell that Primary produced the song, since it’s so smooth.

Kim Ye Rim – COLORRING ↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic

Ah, I just can’t get over her voice! So unique and beautiful. As for the MV, I wish I could read Korean lol.

One Way – Beautiful Day ↓↓↓
Category: Alternative (R&B/Hip Hop?)

This MV… LOL! I love the song. It’s a really nice song to listen to when you’re relaxing or just in a good mood.

Henry – Trap ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

His whole album was a lot better than what I was expecting. I mean, it has a different sound than most stuff SM Entertainment has been releasing lately, so it’s refreshing. While a lot of his songs on this album sound strongly of “teen pop,” I have to say, I still loved it all. This particular song is one of my favorites and I’m glad they chose to promote it.

LC9 – Just a Dream ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop/Hip Hop

This is a cover of Nelly’s song, (obviously lol). It sounds really good… and wow… there are so many good-looking guys in this group, now that I can see them properly. (How can I pick a bias?!)

Broken Valentine – Aluminium ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Great-sounding vocalist, wow. This definitely needs more views.

San E – Rap Circus ↓↓↓
Category: Rap

Wow… I’m pretty sure he’s dissing JYP and the idol industry in general. It’s more apparent if you read the lyrics. He swears a lot here, so if you’re sensitive to that, you might want to skip it.

MBLAQ – Smoky Girl ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

So classy! The only thing I don’t like about it is the repetitive chorus, but that’s so common in pop music that it’s not even a big complaint, haha. It’s great to see MBLAQ back with such a good song.

Rainbow – Sunshine ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Rainbow is back with the aegyo. Some parts are kind of over-done to me, but others are genuinely cute and kind of funny (2:47 for example LOL). I wish some of the MV was outside to give a more summer feeling.

Boys Republic – Party Rock ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Well, while the song itself didn’t stand out too much, (too much auto-tune), the MV was strange enough to be entertaining and memorable. I really liked the MV!

Andamiro – Waiting ft.Double K ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop/Alternative

The MV is pretty unique. Actually, I think the song is as well. I really liked her previous song “Hypnotize,” and it’s good to see her back.

2BiC – Return ↓↓↓
Category: R&B

Awesome vocalists. They never seem to let me down… their songs are always enjoyable to listen to. This song is nice and relaxing.

Gray Way – Brand New Day ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Oh another good rock vocalist! I like his expressions… he has a good attitude.

Feverdogs – 경성별곡 ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

I like the sound of this song. There’s something subtle about it that I can’t put a finger on… something about the tune, haha.

Mogavi – Butterfly ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

Nice female vocals with a rock sound. Not sure I understand the MV though, haha.

Ryuki – XOXO (Kiss & Hugs) ↓↓↓
Category: Alternative Rock

Wow, it looks like confused EXO fans clicked on this MV because of the name… (EXO’s new album is “XOXO”). lol.
Anyway, this song sounds pretty good. I like how the high notes he puts in his vocals. FYI, Ryuki was a part of the [former] band, Papain.

Lips Bite with Band Mona – Love You All ↓↓↓
Category: Acoustic

Soothing. I don’t know if the MV contains clips from a movie or something, but it reminds me of summer nights.

Laydown – Noiseday ↓↓↓
Category: Rock

A relaxing rock song. I like it more towards the end, when the sound grows.

RaonJaena (라온제나) – Boxer ↓↓↓
Category: Alternative Rock

Another relaxing song with a cute MV.

Hong Hyuck Su – Drama ↓↓↓
Category: R&B

Beyond the bad grammar, I love the sound. I wish it was longer… Hopefully it’s just a longer teaser and we’ll see a full version next week, but I don’t know if we should get our hopes up.

Han Heejung – 흙 ↓↓↓
Category: Indie

Typical indie feel for an MV. Kind of random, haha. The end has a couple bloopers.

Lunafly – Innocent and Young ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop

Must be for fans, since it’s a behind-the-scenes style MV. The song is pretty nice, though!


7 thoughts on “New Korean Music Videos: 8 June, 2013

  1. Of course, I love LC9. They are bunch of pretty faces and a new twist on Nelly’s Just A Dream is good. I love Henry’s Trap as well. So SM Entertainment work! LOL. One song I love the most is 2BiC. I love it! The song is so relaxing and I could listen to it again and again :)

  2. From the list I watched
    Henry – Trap: Of course since the day they announced his solo debut, i was looking forward to this and i curse a lot when the mv got delayed. But the wait was worthed seriously, I’m so proud of my little Canadian. Finally SM see his talent. The song is addictive and the video his really well done. At least he doesn’t only dance in a box. I know it was to add a sure value to the MV, but I’m sure Taemin and Kyuhyun wasn’t necessary. Not that I hate it, I mean Taemin is sublime in it but I’m sure Henry would have be able to do all the work all alone

    San.E – Rap Circus: I don’t know if he is really dissing anyone in it since I didn’t read the translation yet. But one thing is sure is try to stay away from what he use to do. I have the feeling that Rap Circus ( and Big Boy) is closer of what he really are.

    MBLAQ – Smoky Girl: I like the song it’s a nice R&B song but not one of their best. I still really enjoyed the mv tho they look so hot in it.

    Rainbow – Sunshine: Welcome in a world of fake agyeo. I don’t mind it normally. I enjoy Girl’s Day, Apink and Secret and Sistar agyeo side but it’s doesn’t work with Rainbow their agyeo look forced in the mv. They really try to hard to act cute and it’s doesn’t work with me.

    Boy Republic – Party Rock: I like the mv concept but the song just reminding me Teen Top without their dance skills

    I’m planning to watch LC9 Nelly cover sometime today or this week, gonna comeback with you on that. But I’m pretty sure they did a nice job. Sadly people focused on MaMa Rida mv rated 19+ and not on their vocal talent. The kid have talent that,s why I’m looking forward for the cover.

    • Yeah, I was never really into Super Junior, so I didn’t know what to expect with Henry’s solo debut. I’m surprised at how different it sounds from usual SM Ent. stuff! I agree that Taemin and Kyuhyun weren’t really needed. I hardly noticed them in the song, honestly haha.

      I don’t think all of San E’s song is a diss… maybe diss is even too strong; I probably should’ve used a different word instead, haha. This line stood out,
      “I’m ashamed, my own decision to join a zoo… Be tamed so more people can watch the circus. But one’s nature couldn’t be hidden, I’m a wild lion.”
      Then again, maybe he’s referring to the way he’s always been and saying he’ll be himself from now on?

      For me, I’ll always like MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah” the best XD

      For LC9, that MaMa Beat MV was just so action-packed, I could hardly see any of them! And since it was so distracting, I hardly remember the actual song. I mean, it was a memorable debut, but it was hard to focus on them as a group. XD

  3. The first kpop group that I encounter, was Super Junior so I know a bit of their work and the way henry was treated. In the song itself I didn’t really notice them. It’s only when I saw the music video that i realize they were signing XD

    I think he is referring to how the thing was before. being in JYPent was probably hard, he probably need to do what the big boss say. Now he can do the music he really want.

    To me it’s Mona Lisa XD

    I watched LC9 cover of “Just A Dream” ( in fact I watch it two day ago but each time I try to comment my WP apps on my phone kept crashing >_>)
    The kid have talent, ti bad people will remember the MV. I like MaMa Beat only cause I listen to it by itself and cause I watched the dance version and some performance… i think they did something like this cause of B.A.P….
    I really like King and J.Hyo voice and funny fact the only part that I didn’t fully understand was E.den rap part even if he is the English speaker of the group ( he is Canadian) I had the feeling he was rapping with the mouth full…

    • Yeah, their set was BAP’s set, and they even smashed a car like in “Warrior” lol
      LOL that’s funny that E.den is hard to understand even though he’s Canadian XD It’s kind of like the awkward rap at the end of NU’EST’s “Face” XD

      • They try to do something big to not be drown in the flooding kpop debut, but they will not be noticed for the good reason

        lol ya kinda like that part of face that everyone need the lyric to understand cause they get shit of the rap…

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