Moto Kare Japanese Drama

Moto Kare/My Ex

My Score: 6/10


Lead Actors: Domoto Tsuyoshi Hirosue Ryoko Uchiyama Rina

Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance/Drama/Slice-of-Life

Summary: A guy named Toji gets a new job… which ends up being difficult because of his boss. Things get better for him when he starts dating Nao, but suddenly, his ex-girlfriend shows up and he has to work with her. He never truly got over his ex, but she pretends she doesn’t know him. His girlfriend becomes jealous and paranoid while Toji doesn’t know what to do.

Review: The story had a “real” feeling to it. There wasn’t any over-the-top things and not much comedy. Some people might consider that slow and boring, but if you’re the type that enjoys a truly “slice-of-life” genre, then you might like this drama.

Ryoko and Tsuyoshi were romantic leads in Summer Snow, so I didn’t want to miss this drama, (especially since I had developed a big crush on Tsuyoshi).  However, this drama was really not up to Summer Snow’s level.

It wasn’t impossible to watch, but it just didn’t make me feel anything but frustration. It was hard for me to really accept either of the pairings and Tsuyoshi’s character was pretty wishy-washy or just… not very nice, haha. Basically, he can’t let go of his feelings for his ex, but at the same time, he refuses to break up with his girlfriend; he just keeps leading her on causing her to suffer. I also couldn’t really like either of the girls. Nao goes over-board a few times with her lack of self-respect and the ex-girlfriend was just mean for half the drama.

At least it was a consolation to me when Tsuyoshi said, (in a nutshell), that he didn’t really like Toji himself and would’ve treated his girlfriend much better.

The acting wasn’t bad. I think they all portrayed the characters well. For example, Tsuyoshi really was different as Toji than he was as Natsuo in Summer Snow. Ryoko was good at playing a tough-girl, which wasn’t a usual role for her. They were all convincing to me.

My Score: 6/10


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