ToGetHer Taiwanese Drama

ToGetHer/Superstar Express

My Score: 6.5/10


Lead Actors: Rainie Yang Jiro Wang  George Hu

Episodes: 12

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: Momo is a kind of shut-in girl that only has eyes for an anime guy. Due to various events, she becomes landlord to a has-been superstar named Mars. They start getting close, but as Mars starts to get his fame back, Momo rejects him because of it.

Review: Jiro Wang is probably my favorite Taiwanese actor, and almost anything Rainie is in ends up being good. The story-line was good and there was originality in the script. However, this drama didn’t live up to the expectations I had.

The idea behind the story was fairly original; a girl who doesn’t want the guy she loves to be a star, but then realizes she’s a star too in a certain way. It started out funny and interesting. Unfortunately, for some reason, it got a little boring somewhere along the way. There were still some interesting factors, but it lost that certain something it started out with. I’m not sure if it’s because Jiro and Rainie just didn’t have enough chemistry or what, but it was missing something.

For the “love rival” role, there was Momo’s childhood friend… who happened to be stuck with an 8-years-old’s brain though he was actually the same age as Momo. For most viewers, it was a little too strange to handle. I felt sorry for him, but because of his condition, the situation felt a little awkward. I have to admit though, it did give a different kind of drama to the show that other series usually don’t have.

ToGetHer wasn’t so boring that I couldn’t finish it, but I don’t think it’s something I really would want to watch again. (There are quite a few people that love this drama, however, so if you want to take a chance on it, go ahead!)

My Score: 7/10


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