The King and the Clown Korean Movie Review

The King and the Clown

My Score: 7.5/10


Director:  Lee Jun-Ik

Cast: Lee Jun-Ki Kam Woo-Sung Jung Jin-Young

Genre: Historical/Drama

Summary: Gong-gil and Jang-seng are traveling entertainers in 16th-century Korea. Since Gong-gil is so feminine, the leader of their troupe prostitutes him out to wealthy men. Jang-seng finally can’t stand it and stands up for the quiet boy, which ends up with the two of them running from the police.

Jang-seng decides to go where the big money is and they go to Seoul and end up being arrested for performing a play that makes fun of the king. The king ends up falling in love with Gong-gil, which causes Jang-seng to become jealous and worried, as the king can be childish and cruel at times.

Review: Where to start…? This was a good movie. I loved the costumes and culture. The characters were great; the acting was realistic, (this movie was Lee JunKi’s big break and he won awards for his acting here).

For a tragic movie, I was actually expecting to cry watching this, but… if you don’t like tear-jerkers, it’s alright. Unless you’re a very sensitive person, you probably won’t cry.

Also, if you really don’t like homosexual things, they don’t really outright say any of the characters are actually gay, so unless you’re really homophobic, then go ahead and watch it.

My Score: 7.5/10


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