7 thoughts on “Block B DC Showcase Recap!

  1. Aaaaah you were in my city!!!! Too bad I couldn’t attend their concert *sobs*… Glad you had fun! You must come back again! I’m sure they are bringing in more kpop group to the city ^^

  2. Yeah, it was an amazing concert!! Actually, I’m the fan that was on Team Turnup with the Zico hair XD I didn’t know that P.O did that! That’s really cool! Thanks for mentioning that!

      • Haha aww I wish I could have seen/heard it! I was too confused trying to figure out who called my seat to notice XD Me too. I was going to do a full cosplay but just sided with the hair. It was kinda sad Zico didn’t really say anything to me about it haha. It was really a surprise to be able to. About your statement that the people were called were close, I had a Block C ticket that had no interaction with them and there were some other fans that were close to me. There were a lot of closer fans called though~

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