Artist Spotlight: Younha

The artist this time is…



Younha is a piano-rock Korean artist, who debuted in Japan and then moved on to promote in Korea.
She’s somebody that everyone who listens to Kpop should know about.

Younha is really an inspiration.

When she was younger, she really liked Japan. She watched Japanese dramas and listened to the music. Eventually she started to dream about being a singer in Japan, singing next to her favorite artists, (sound familiar to some of you? Haha~).

So, she taught herself Japanese and began auditioning.

She went through a lot of auditions – about 20 of them.
Apparently many rejected her just because they didn’t think she looked pretty enough, not because of her talents.

Finally, around 2004/2005, when she was about 16 years old, a Japanese drama producer heard one of her demo tapes and chose one of her songs as one of the tracks for the drama Tokyo Wankei ~Destiny of Love~.
It seems like two of her loves had come together… singing and dramas!

In 2006, she released the single “Audition/Time 2 Rock” in Korea and it was a success.
Younha returned to Korea in 2007 and did very well with her promotions.

After that, she went back and forth between Japan, releasing songs for both countries.

She now runs a radio show on the side called Starry Night where she interviews various Korean artists.


  • She was chosen to sing for a few anime as well, including Bleach, Jyu Oh Sei, and Kiba.
  • She started learning to play the piano when she was about 4 or 5 years old. This is because her parents were musicians themselves.



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