A Dream Comes True: Korean Movie Review

a dream comes true korean movie

A Dream Comes True

Korean TV Film (2009) Director: Jang Yong-Woo
Genre: Comedy/Melodrama My Score: 6.5/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: A nightclub comedian gains the responsibility of taking a young boy to his mother after the boy’s father dies in an accident. Along the way, they meet a dancer at another cheap nightclub. Together they search for the missing mother.
Cast: Cha In-PyoChae Geon, and Kim Hyo-Jin


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Review: Well, this is a TV film. One in a series of seven. That being said, it was pretty good for a TV movie.

The story is really simple. It’s mostly just the trio looking for the lost mother. Nothing too exciting happens until the end, when criminals suddenly appear. Even so, it was somehow never boring. It’s definitely not a must-watch, but it’s a sweet and somewhat amusing story that’s a good time-killer.

Since it’s a TV film, there were some low quality scenes. For instance, we know the dad is going to die right away from the summary. I was picturing something dramatic and moving… and realistic. That whole scene wasn’t any of those things. It suddenly happened, the kid didn’t even seem sad, and I couldn’t react properly. I felt more like laughing than crying. I understand that it wasn’t the main point of the movie, but that scene, (and one or two others), could have been done better.

What was the main point of the movie? The title makes it kind of obvious. At some point in the movie, the characters talk about dreams and how some people can reach them and others don’t. Two adults with no dreams left band together to fulfill a child’s wish. There are some really cute scenes.

a dream comes true korean movie 1

For me, the highlight of the movie was Cha In-Pyo’s acting. Even though he was a deadbeat character, he was still likable. The female lead was pretty good as well. I liked her depressed smiles.

The kid was adorable, but… well, when he was supposed to be sad, it looked like he was going to start laughing. His character was unbelievably mature too. His father was killed in front of him and he was only really sad about it in one scene. After that, he seemed completely normal, besides the fact that he was extremely well-behaved. Maybe he was still in shock?

Make sure you keep watching the end through the credits. It was almost too cheesy, but they saved it in time, haha.

a dream comes true korean movie 2


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