Sprout: Recap Twelve – FINAL

sprout 3

A year later… Things get resolved.

Last Episode:

Miku finally realizes she loves Souhei only and not Hayato. She promptly breaks up with him, though Hayato is very understanding and kind about it.

Souhei decides to go back home to his mother. He doesn’t want to keep avoiding her and he wants to grow up more.

Episode 12 Summary:

sprout japanese drama

It’s now been a year. It’s summer again.

Miku heads to school.

sprout japanese drama 1

A boy confesses to Ozawa but she turns him down. In the doorway, watching at a distance, Souhei’s two friends watch and are happy about it. The one friend tells the other he should go confess next, but he refuses.

sprout japanese drama 2

Miku and her friends pass  by Souhei and Hayato. They briefly greet each other, but keep walking.

sprout japanese drama 3

At soccer, Souhei is announced as the new captain. Hayato’s little brother is now on the team too.
The manager girl comes and greets them, and then leaves… just to show us that there’s no hard feelings between them I guess.

Miku and her friends are walking nearby. They talk about how Miku doesn’t want a boyfriend because she can’t forget her “fated person,” in other words, Souhei. Miku remembers the hand holding incident from the first episode, then they all look towards Souhei playing soccer on the field.
Her friends talk about how Miku believes that she will end up with her fated person eventually… and that it’s good to have an eternal first love.

sprout japanese drama 4

Miku starts walking and says she doesn’t believe that anymore. She doesn’t think she’s fated to be with Souhei.
Her friends look shocked. As they walk, Miku says that’s the reason she and Souhei won’t end up together at the end.

Below, Souhei notices Miku walking with her friends on the path above. He stops and stares. His friend notices. After, Souhei’s two friends talk about how they think Souhei likes Miku, and speculate about how that’s probably the reason he broke up with Ozawa.

sprout japanese drama 5

Miku goes around thinking of Souhei.
She’s surprised to see Souhei’s bike in front of her house.

The family is having a get-together with the former boarders. Apparently, the otaku guy was the one who invited Souhei over, which is why nobody was expecting him.

Miku smiles.

Souhei is right here.

Miku’s dad talks about how it’s the first time Souhei’s been over since he moved out.

Even if it’s just that… I’m happy.

Souhei notices his wind chime hanging up and comments about it. They’re happy.

Even so, he still has to leave afterward.

sprout japanese drama 6

Alone outside, getting his bike, Souhei looks towards Miku’s house. Suddenly, she comes running out and he looks surprised, like his wish came true. She offers to walk him to the corner.

As they walk, Miku wants to talk, but can’t remember everything she wanted to say. The only thing she can think of is how Souhei became team captain at soccer, but that doesn’t really turn into a conversation. They’re at the corner before they know it. Standing there, it looks like they both want to say something, but are unable to.

They say goodbye and Souhei rides away.

We can’t go back… to the summer when Souhei was here.

sprout japanese drama 7

Later, (next day, days past, don’t know), Miku and Ozawa run into each other. They go and hang out, remembering the sleep over they once had. Suddenly Ozawa looks at Miku with purpose. She smiles and asks Miku if she still likes Souhei. Miku smiles, shocked that Ozawa knew.

sprout japanese drama 8

At the same time, Hayato is asking Souhei why he isn’t going out with Miku.

sprout japanese drama 9

Miku tells Ozawa that she never really liked Souhei. She says since he moved out, they’re just like classmates, nothing more.
Ozawa smiles and says Miku’s bad at lying.

sprout 1

Souhei is telling Hayato that he doesn’t like Miku either. Hayato kind of snickers and says he doesn’t have to lie anymore, (after all, it’s been a whole year). He looks at Souhei openly and tells him to confess to Miku.

Ozawa tells Miku that back then, she wanted to be Miku… but now she doesn’t. To explain, she says Miku has stopped time since last year, and speculates that Souhei has done the same.

Souhei is telling Hayato that it’s okay the way it is. That he thought he’d be with Ozawa forever and it didn’t work out, so he thinks Ozawa wouldn’t be happy if he went to Miku.

And when Ozawa asks Miku if she’d be okay with Souhei dating someone else, Miku tells her with a smile that it’s Souhei’s decision if he does. Ozawa’s smile fades. “You’re one to talk,” she says. “Why do you think I broke up with Souhei?”

The exact same conversation happens with Souhei and Hayato. Souhei says he’d be fine with Miku dating someone else. But while Ozawa begs Miku to move forward, Hayato punches Souhei in the face. Finally showing some more emotion, Hayato shouts at Souhei, asking him how he thought he and Ozawa felt when they broke up with the other two.

sprout 2

Ozawa begs Miku to go out with Souhei so she can move on. Hayato tells Souhei to go out with Miku so he won’t regret breaking up with her.

Souhei and Miku finally agree and run to find each other.

Flashbacks ensue.

At the front stairs of the school, Miku slips and falls. As she sits there, looking at her knee, a hand is stretched out to her, just like the first day of school when she met her “fated” one.

sprout 3

Slowly looking up, she sees it’s Souhei.

She stands and they hold hands. With emotion on her face, Miku tells Souhei that she likes him… that’s she’s always liked him.

Souhei looks subtly surprised. He says her name, then pulls her into a hug. He tells her that he likes her too.

sprout 4


sprout 5

sprout 6

They smile and Miku narrates that it’s the first time their love for each other overlapped.

Music plays and it shows hands being held, a sprout slowly growing, and random places at school.

They go to Miku’s house and announce they’re home.

My fated one.

The end.

sprout 7


4 thoughts on “Sprout: Recap Twelve – FINAL

  1. My dear Hayato ended up alone. *tear* But I suppose it’s ok, because when I think of Sprout I will always remember Hayato but no so much Souhei. (yeah I’m biased.) Ozawa definitely redeemed herself by the ending. She showed that she had the maturity to move on, and she showed her love for Souhei one last time by giving advice to Miku.

    I hope to see the cast of Sprout in future dramas. I don’t remember the name of the actress for Miku, but most recently I saw her in a supporting role in the xxxholic live action. Anyways I’m mainly hoping to see her or Jesse Lewis in some new dramas. *w*

    • Haha, I’m biased to Hayato too :D

      I don’t really think Ozawa needed to redeem herself though… I mean, I’d be pretty upset if someone was after my boyfriend too lol

      Yeah, it’ll be nice to see Jesse Lewis in a drama again!

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