This Just In: Block B’s Former Agency Head Found Dead!

stardom entertainment block b mr.lee suicide

Wow… I’m speechless!

A lot of you are probably aware of the problem Block B is having with their company.

They and their family blamed a “Mr.Lee” for stealing 70 million won, (about $63,000),  from P.O.’s dad and running with it.

Well, it’s been a few months, and it’s just been reported that this Mr.Lee has committed suicide in his basement!  He was found on May 20th by a friend.

It’s just so sad. I can see how he was pressured to do so… but now will we ever know if it was because he was a scapegoat for the company or if he felt guilty… I wish he could have persevered to show that the whole company was to blame, or to just pay his dues. Either way, he was the main target in this case, (though Block B was suing and trying to leave the whole company), and it’s sad that he didn’t have the strength to endure this trial. Because, even if he was guilty, his crime was not severe enough to die over! Even if the public was hating him, it would’ve blown over eventually!

For fans, it’s also hard not to wonder how the boys will take this. Hopefully they don’t blame themselves, after all, it’s only natural to sue if that much money was stolen.

I was not expecting something like this at all!

Our condolences to his family….



Some Korean netizens are saying Block B should disband and that they’re “cursed.” It is true that some are blaming Block B for this. However, we don’t know if that’s the majority or just a few snide comments. Don’t worry too much about the boys yet!



4 thoughts on “This Just In: Block B’s Former Agency Head Found Dead!

  1. I didn’t saw the comment itself, but i know the popular key word on portal Korean search website was like “Block B Murderer” , “Idol Murderer” and other word along the line.

    I sad for Block B, the kids have talent and they were unique, but I guess they have to pay the price to not be like the conventional idol. I hope the will overcome the situation in which they are right now. I miss them…like seriously. Each time I see a new picture or a tweet, I want them to comeback as soon as possible.
    I know it will be hard and they can’t do nothing as long as the lawsuit case is not over….

    • I agree… I really miss them a lot. I’m so worried that the stress is going to break up this group. They’ve done so well so far, so maybe there’s hope!

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