Sprout: Recap Eleven

sprout jdrama 9

Miku finally ends it with Hayato.

Souhei is thinking about going back home….

Last Episode:

Ozawa broke up with Souhei.

Hayato seemed to be distancing himself a bit from Miku.

Souhei’s mom told him to come home.

Episode 11 Summary:

sprout jdrama

So, Souhei’s mom tells him he has to come home. Miku overhears and looks shocked. Souhei sees Miku’s expression and tells his mom he’ll call her back later. Miku asks about it as soon as he hangs up. Souhei tells her that his mom isn’t forcing him back; just asking.

Miku is all, “Oh okay. So, you’re not leaving, right?” Souhei says he has to think about it and leaves for his room.

A tomorrow without Souhei. I haven’t even thought about it.

sprout jdrama 2

Later, Souhei goes and finds Hayato, who’s playing soccer with his younger brother. Souhei tells Hayato that he broke up with Ozawa and Hayato wonders why. Souhei remembers how Ozawa told him his feelings weren’t there anymore. He reminds Hayato that because of his parents, he doesn’t believe in forever anymore, which is why it probably didn’t work out between him and Ozawa.

Then Souhei tells Hayato about how his mom wants him to come home. He mentions that his mom was crying on the phone. Souhei tells Hayato that after breaking up with Ozawa, he realized that he’s been running away from reality. Hayato’s expression is unreadable.

Meanwhile, Miku’s friends notice that she’s distracted about something. Miku denies it, but is actually preoccupied with the thought of Souhei leaving.

sprout jdrama 3

Ozawa meets up with Souhei happily to give him back his stuff. Souhei was the one who called her out, but she doesn’t mind. He asks her how she’s doing and she talks about how she feels more free now. She wishes him luck on soccer and they leave on good terms.

While changing for soccer, Souhei’s two friends wonder why Souhei and Ozawa broke up. They only know Souhei says it’s all his fault. As you know, one of them likes Ozawa, so the other tells him he should make a move on her, but he says it’s not a good time.

sprout jdrama 4

Outside the door, the creepy manager girl overhears.
She watches Souhei, who’s on the field, and faintly smiles.

Later that day, she gets Souhei alone and mentions his breakup. She says she can’t stand to see him smile when he’s gone through that, but he tells her it’s easier for him to do so. He tells her he’s fine. Suddenly, she says his name and kisses him.

She tells him she likes him. Taken aback, Souhei stands up and bows, rejecting her. He leaves.

sprout jdrama 5

At home, Miku looks into Souhei’s room.
On the balcony, she talks on the phone to a friend about how she’s not sure about love. Her friend lists the common symptoms.

Souhei suddenly announces he’s home, (with a big smile), and Miku looks flustered. She manages to welcome him back though.

There is… only one love.

sprout jdrama 6

Later in the day, Souhei goes to the garden to greet Miku’s dad. Her dad tells Souhei he’s trimming the plants so they can grow bigger. He offers the clippers to Souhei so he can give it a try.

In the kitchen, Miku is with her mom. Her mom casually tells Miku that Souhei is going to be moving out next week, while it’s still summer vacation. Of course, Miku doesn’t look exactly happy to hear this.

sprout jdrama 7

Souhei is going to be gone.

That night, Souhei stands on his balcony and looks towards Miku’s room.

sprout jdrama 8

Miku is in her room looking at a photo of her and Hayato.

Even though I meant to overwrite love with love...
“So my love is Souhei.” A tear falls on the picture.

sprout jdrama 9

The next day, Miku and Hayato go walking outside of town.
She plucks up her courage and almost shouts to announce what she wants to say. Hayato knows what’s coming and gently looks at her. Kindly, he tells her that they should break up. “That’s what you wanted to say, right?” he asks. Miku nods, finding it hard to look him in the eyes.

sprout drama 1

Hayato tells her that he doesn’t regret it. Tearing up, Miku tells him he was the first for so many things, like holding hands and going on dates. He was the first one to do all that with her. Hayato closes his eyes and faces the sky.

sprout drama 2

“I’m glad it was Hayato,” she says. Hayato smiles his reserved smile at her.

spout drama 3

Later, Miku’s family and the other boarders have a goodbye dinner for Souhei.
Souhei stands to say a few words and acknowledges that he came there to run away from things going on at home. He says his mom was so tense after the divorce, it was hard to get along with her. Souhei wanted to board at that house forever, but since he heard his mom’s voice over the phone, he changed his mind. Since she’s family, he must face his mother.

Miku’s mom wonders if he’ll be alright and Souhei says he has to go back and grow more. Miku’s dad nods and smiles knowingly.

sprout drama 4

The otaku boy starts tearing up and gets teased. The family starts eating happily, except for Miku. She tries to look happy too, but keeps glancing at Souhei.

sprout 5

That night, Miku puts on abrave face and goes to offer Souhei some barley tea while he sits alone by the back door.

As they sit together they notice the wind chime and comment that summer is ending. Miku wants to give the wind chime back to Souhei but he tells her to keep it and put it up again next summer. Miku agrees.

But Souhei won’t be here then.
This close distance… this atmosphere… and this house with Souhei. It all ends today.

sprout drama 6

With those thoughts, Miku’s expression saddens and she takes Souhei’s arm and places it across her knees. She bends her head down, and with a tearful voice, asks him to just lend her his arm. Souhei looks at her sadly.

Don’t go. Please don’t go.

…And so the summer with Souhei comes to and end.

A year passes…..


4 thoughts on “Sprout: Recap Eleven

  1. <3 <3 <3 HAYATO FOREVER! Even though Miku doesn't choose him, I still choose Hayato! HEHEHE.

    Ah this recap brings back all of the warm and nostalgic feelings that I had when I watched Sprout. *w*

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