Artist Spotlight: LED Apple

The artist this time is…

led apple

LED Apple

LED Apple is an idol rock band like FT Island and CN Blue. While those two bands are under FNC Music, LED Apple is under STARKIM Entertainment.

The “LED” used to stand for “Logic Egoism Delete,”, (which became the title of their first album), but since that didn’t really make any sense, they began referring to it as a LED light, and promoted the tagline “shining as brightly as LED whenever performing” instead. Supposedly, it also pays homage to Led Zepplin, which some of the band members view as a role model, but… I’m kind of skeptical about that haha.
The “Apple” part is just referring to their freshness, since, you know, people consider apples to be fresh.

led apple 2[source]

Their debut was in  October 6, 2010 and instead of coming up with a new song, they remade a popular old one. Baek Ji-young’s “Dash,” had a whole new sound through LED Apple’s rock concept.

Even though they are considered and idol rock group, (they don’t write their own music), they give an indie vibe. This may be attributed to the behind-the-scenes feelings of the recordings of the covers they post on their YouTube for their “Music Note” series.

Their most notable video and song might be “Birthday Killer,” which was intended to address the impact anti-fans have on celebrities.


youngjunYoung Jun
May 11, 1990

hanbyulHan Byul
July 4, 1990
Joined: Before CODA
Main Vocalist/Lead Rapper
(3rd Former Leader)

hyosukHyo Seok
April 27, 1993
Joined: Before Niga Mwonde

kwangyeonKwang Yeon
June 12, 1993
Bassist/Sub Rapper

kyuminKyu Min
August 10, 1993
Joined: Before Niga Mwonde
Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Maknae

Former Members

January 22, 1991
Former Vocalist/Rapper
Left: After Logic Egoism Delete
Because of tuberculosis (supposedly still with the company).

October 1, 1989
Former Vocalist
Left: After Logic Egoism Delete
Reason unknown/Personal.

August 3, 1988
1st Former Leader/Drummer
Left: After Logic Egoism Delete
Reason unknown/Personal.

November 22, 1989
2nd Former Leader
Joined: Before Niga Mwonde
Left: After Niga Mwonde
Reason unknown/Personal

January 18, 1991
Former DJ, Keyboardist, and Sub Rapper
Joined: Before CODA
Left: After Run To You
Health Reasons


YouTube | Facebook

Extensive Info | LEDApple Fan Confessions

Q&A Interview In English (Sponsored by GURUPOP, led by Hanbyul)


  • Along with the amount of members leaving the group, new ones were also brought in. Therefore only two of them have been with LED Apple the whole time, (Young Jun and Kwang Yeon).
  • 3rd former leader, Hanbyul, (who gave up leader position because he didn’t like the responsibility), was born in Australia and so, speaks fluent English. He also knows French and Latin. He’s actually a dental student, but auditioned while taking a break from studies.
  • For those who like to hear Hanbyul talk, he has a mini series called “Blah Blah” on their official YouTube channel.
  • The band had a reality show called “Led Apple Entertainment” where they had a fake company and recruited trainees for it.



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