New Korean Music Videos: 12, April 2013

Here’s the new weekly article showing off the newest Korean music videos. I listed the last article like this as “Kpop”, but realized that I’m showing indie and hip hop as well, so I’ve changed it to the broader, “Korean music.”

Categories are very loose. I’m not that great at classifying music, so the categories are just there to give you a general idea before listening.

First, here’s the overview:

  • Zion T – Babay
  • Moment – Smile Just Like That
  • 15& – Somebody
  • Pure – I Still Love You
  • Jay Park – Joah
  • 40 – Sing The Spring
  • Dringe Augh – Sea
  • BTOB – Second Confession
  • Gain & Hyungwoo – Brunch
  • Amado LeeJaram Band – 선택 (Decision)
  • Seo In Guk – With Tears or With Laughter
  • MIB – Nod Along!
  • Nameless – You Told Me To Be Happy
  • G.Na – Mind Sync
  • Akan – Half Picture
  • Shayne – Cherry Blossom Ending (Busker Busker Cover)
  • TETE – Floral Rain
  • From The Airport – Timelines
  • VenEZ – 마지막승부2013 (Redux Project No.1 – Showdown)
  • RAINBOW99 – Dad
  • LudiSTELO -루디스텔로
  • Seo In Guk – Fly Away
  • Nylon Pink – Monster

Zion T – Babay ft. Gaeko
Category: Hip Hop/R&B
Zion T’s voice is amazing. Like his groovy style or not, you have to admit it. I love the feature of Gaeko.
The video, which shows a tale of crook and cop, is really visually interesting and strange like Primary’s style. It’s really worth watching if you want to see something unique and different to usual MVs.

Moment – Smile Just Like That
Category: Indie
Wow, this is such a pretty song! Relaxing and lovely. The lyrics are kind of sad and seem to be about accepting the end of a relationship.

15& – Somebody
Category: Kpop
This is a cute parody of TV singer contests like American Idol, (in particular, the Korean versions where these two girls were discovered, Star King and Survival Kpop Star). And of course, JYP steals a cameo like he often does with artists in his company, haha.
Though I found the chorus to be pretty repetitive, I enjoyed the sound of the rest of it.

Pure – I Still Love You
Category: Kpop
Rookie group debut! The video is the dark/brooding type.
The song is pretty decent and I could see it growing on me.

Jay Park – Joah
Category: Kpop
Sweet and happy song with a nice beat. The MV is Jay Park being cute with a girl.

40 – Sing The Spring
Category: Ballad/R&B
Really easy-listening, relaxing music with a beat. The MV is kind of boring, unless you’re a fan of EXID, as it features a former girl from that group (Haeryung)… or if you just like a relaxing spring feeling with a pretty girl.

Dringe Augh – Sea
Category: Indie/Folk
Relaxing. I really love the accent in the singer’s voice.

BTOB – Second Confession
Category: Kpop
I never really got to know the members of BTOB, but it’s one of the Kpop groups that I just really loved all their songs. This one seems a bit more… cutesy. I still liked the rap parts, and the song wasn’t bad, but it was kind of different from their other songs. People who like boys doing aegyo, (cutesy things), will love the MV!

Gain & Hyungwoo – Brunch
Category: Kpop/Easy Listening
Oh a springtime dating song! This duet is lovely. The MV makes me want to go on a date right now, haha.

Amado LeeJaram Band – Decision
Category: Indie/Rock
Kind of jazzy, mostly easy-listening, but has some louder parts thrown in. The video is kind of strange. It shows a group of friends in a car together, alternately lip-syncing. Besides a random part in the video, for the most part, they all look pretty morose.

Seo In Guk – With Tears or With Laughter
Category: Kpop/Ballad
A relaxing kind of song. The MV features Seo In Guk trying to forget a girl, (played by Goo Hye Sun, known from Boys Before Flowers).

MIB – Nod Along!
Category: Hip Hop/Kpop
“Most Incredible Busters” is back. The MV was kind of confusing. It had death and a tragedy feel, but then suddenly there were shirtless guy scenes, and then one of them riding in a car with special cartoon-like effects. I just couldn’t tell what was going on, but it’s still nice to look at, haha. The song is good, but I wish they made a MV for “Mess” instead. This song wasn’t bad, and I loved the rap parts with those vocals, but I just think “Mess” was better. So go check out that song if you like MIB!

Nameless – You Told Me To Be Happy
Category: Ballad
This seems to be a co-ed ballad song. It got really powerful and nice near the end.
The MV was okay. It was kind of long, (5 minutes!), and nothing much happened besides the two people remembering happy memories and missing each other. I did like the scene where they dropped the little origami figures into the drink at the bar, though I hoped they didn’t drink it after that, haha!

G.Na – Mind Sync ft. Huh Gak
Category: Ballad/Kpop
Hmmm, a nice ballad. I think Huh Gak’s voice goes well with G.Na’s. However, I feel Huh Gak sang more than she did even though he was only supposed to be featuring him. Oh well, it still sounds nice!
G.Na features in the MV in a cute girly style.

Akan – Half Picture
Category: Ballad/Kpop
Wow, she has a rather unique vocal technique.
The MV is just another break-up video with some flashbacks and stuff, (sigh).

Shayne – Cherry Blossom Ending (Busker Busker Cover)
Category: Kpop/Ballad
Shayne was discovered after participating on an American Idol-like show. I really love his voice and he nails this song.

TETE – Floral Rain
Category: Indie

From The Airport – Timelines
Category: Indie
Kind of a strange sound. Check it out if you want to hear something different! The video seems experimental as well.

VenEZ – 마지막승부2013 (Redux Project No.1 – Showdown)
Category: Rock
Bear with the first minute of tuning up, the rest of the song is a pretty good rock song, (that guitar!), though it has a bit of an old school sound.

Category: Indie/Instrumental
Another experimental-type MV. I really don’t know how to describe the music since it’s not something I’ve listened to in the past, haha.

LudiSTELO – 루디스텔로
Category: Indie
The MV is really simple and low-budget, but perfectly captures the feeling of the song. The music is almost instrumental, but has background vocals. I kind of wished it was longer.

Seo In Guk – Fly Away (short version)
Category: Japanese
Pretty ballad. Seo In Guk has some nice sad expressions in the video.

Nylon Pink – Monster (Big Bang Cover)
Category: English
I like Nylon Pink because they combine girl rock and Kpop. Some of their covers are better than others, but I feel they should get some more recognition.


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