Dark/Disturbing Korean Music Videos

she's gone gdragon disturbing Music videos

Murder, suicide, abuse, or just any other darkly themed MV’s.  Not necessarily sad or scary, but ones that make you feel disturbed. I felt like some of these were a bit too much to be a music video, (especially when they’re Kpop videos)… but of course, I still liked some of them anyway! Haha.

Here are the MVs that made me almost speechless after watching (arranged from least to most disturbing):

  • Song Ji Eun – Going Crazy
  • AB Avenue – Women Know
  • Dal Shabet – Hit U
  • A.Kor – But Go
  • G-Dragon – She’s Gone
  • BAP – One Shot
  • Qwala – Stimpack ft. New Champ
  • Bang Yong Guk – I Remember
  • VIXX – Voodoo Doll
  • E.via – “Insanity Love” Crazy Fate
  • MYNAME – Baby I’m Sorry
  • FIX – She’s My Girl
  • Leessang – Ballerino ft. Ali

Song Ji Eun – Going Crazy
It seems like a normal ballad-type pop song… until you realize she’s committing murder. The worst part is when she gets out the gasoline!

AB Avenue – Women Know
At first it seems like just a kidnapping scheme of a woman who can’t let go… but then things get more serious.

Dal Shabet – Hit U
Another girl who became a murderer… except this one goes on a spree! Sure, they “edited” it by making the blood more pink, but there are still holes in the guys she shoots.

A.Kor – But Go
Dark and violent, but cute girls! Hahaha. I mean, one of the guys is chained and bleeding, and another has a stitched mouth. Who came up with this concept?

G-Dragon – She’s Gone
This one never gets old for me. What other idol will make a rap about being a psychotic stalker-killer and then dress up to act it out?
I like this original concert version more than the edited together MV because there’s more suspense when he’s chasing her.

BAP – One Shot
Okay, so BAP has always been on the hardcore side. I mean, in their debut song, they pretended to shoot their youngest member. Well, in this MV they take it a step further with another member…. it was really an “I can’t believe a boy band did this!” kind of feeling for me, haha.

Qwala – Stimpack ft. New Champ
So, what do underground rappers do for fun? Part of the disturbing factor is how unexpected it is when it happens and how it seems more realistic since it’s lower-budget.

Bang Yong Guk – I Remember
The violence… the sound effect of the splattering blood & brains as someone is shot in the head….

VIXX – Voodoo Doll
The stabbing, sewing, puncturing skin… makes me a little squeamish.

E.via – “Insanity Love” Crazy Fate
It seems pretty normal until the middle. Then there’s a messy kiss that contains thick, oozing blood.

MYNAME – Baby I’m Sorry
Okay, so BAP killed off one of their members in their MV… what would happen if a boy group killed them ALL off…?

FIX – She’s My Girl
What a way for a rookie group to get attention…. The second most disturbing MV I’ve seen yet.

Leessang – Ballerino ft. ALi
The most disturbing one ever. Just like the one by FIX, but with better effects… why… just… why…?


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