Hitori Shizuka: Japanese Drama Review

hitori shizuka

Hitori Shizuka

Japanese Drama (2012) Episodes: 6
Genre:Mystery/Crime/Action My Score: 6.5/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: A 16-year-old girl runs away from home and gets involved with various crimes. Each episode is a different mystery involving her, but each episode has a different main character.
Lead Actors: Kaho

hitori shizuka japanese drama 2

Review: This drama is based on a book by the same name by Honda Tetsuya. The title is a word play as “hitorishizuka” is both a kind of flower and means “Shizuka Alone”.

Hmmm, the drama was interesting, but at the same time, kind of confusing. Each episode is a different mystery, and they were easy to figure out, but I couldn’t tell what the common theme was between them besides that Shizuka was always there.  I couldn’t be sure what she wanted or if she even had a goal. Besides that, I couldn’t even tell what was so special about her. I kept expecting some hidden meaning or secret to everything.

hitori shizuka japanese drama 3

By the end of the series, I realized that there wasn’t really anything like that. It was simply telling the story of Shizuka, kind of like a slice-of-life mystery. But even then, Shizuka is still mysterious. This is because it’s an outside-looking-in story. We don’t really get to know a lot about Shizuka from her own perspective, and even if we do, there’s not much depth to it. We just learn about what happened through the other characters.

The episodes were kind of slow, but the action/suspense scenes were really good. I also think they should’ve cut out the scene with Shizuka’s dad and the police cover-up. They hardly had anything about that so I think it was unnecessary to show. The ending could’ve been wrapped up a lot better as well. The majority of the last episode takes place 15 years after she runs away again, but they don’t label that like they did with previous episodes. However, the last few minutes were somewhat touching and I did like that.

If you like mystery/crime genres, then give this one a try. It’s only 6 episodes!

Warning: Disturbing violent scenes.

hitori shizuka japanese drama 4


2 thoughts on “Hitori Shizuka: Japanese Drama Review

  1. Hitorishizuka was a rather hard watch for me to get through but like you said, the moments of suspense were impressive! I think it is less about figuring out the mystery and more about seeing Shizuka through different perspectives.

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