Formula 17: Taiwanese Movie Review

Formula 17

Taiwanese Movie

My Score: 8/10


Director: Yin-jung Chen

Cast: Tony Yang  Duncan Chin King

Genre: Romantic/Comedy/Gay Interest

Rated: PG-13

Summary: A gay virgin guy only wants to have sex with someone he’s in a committed relationship with, however, the guy he falls in love with is a player who’s unable to fall in love.

Fixing a broken shower makes people fall in love~

Review: This is basically a romantic comedy with no women in it, haha.

If you like watching gay films, but are tired of the drama and unhappy endings, or if you love yaoi manga, then you should definitely check this movie out!

Created by women (like the majority of the yaoi genre), this movie is cute and amusing. The comedy was done pretty well and I found myself smiling or giggling a lot.
Again, like yaoi, there are no women to be found and everyone seems to be gay.
I felt a few of the characters had the stereotypical feminine gay vibe going on, but since it was a comedy and not all the characters were like that, it didn’t feel like there was harm in it, (it was just subtly annoying sometimes). If you want something really realistic, then I guess you have to stick to the drama genres.

Main Character

Love Interest

But I really did like the characters.
The main character was  adorable and innocent. His crush was a typical male lead for any romantic comedy genre.
I think his friend was my favorite though; he was silly and cute.

Though the story-line itself wasn’t really anything new, I had to give this movie an 8 out of 10 for the combination of comedy and that really hot make-out scene, haha.

There’s no nudity or sex (it implies it, but doesn’t show it), so this would be acceptable for any teen that already reads BL manga.

Oh and FYI, there is a short bonus after first credits, so make sure you don’t turn it off right away.

Adorable Friend

The Friends


2 thoughts on “Formula 17: Taiwanese Movie Review

  1. I like your reviews a lot. I disagree a bit on this one, though. I didn’t think this movie had the weird “everyone is gay” vibe that say, the Takumi-kun movies have. Just seemed to me to be a community of gay guys that tended to party/work out/etc in the same places, which I think is pretty common. I thought the romantic interest was a bit different too, because it reality he wasn’t a player.

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