My Darling Is A Foreigner: Japanese Movie Review

My Darling Is A Foreigner

Japanese Movie

My Score: 7/10


Director: Kazuaki Ue

Cast: Mao Inoue Jonathan Sherr

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Summary: A Japanese girl is dating a language-geek foreigner. Are their problems normal for a couple, or is it because he’s not Japanese?

Review: This movie fits the simple romantic-comedy genre. There’s slight drama, but it’s mostly romance and comedy.

Apparently it’s based on the manga “Darling was Gaikokujin”,  (which I heard is awesome), but since I haven’t read it yet, I’ll review on the movie alone. (BTW, the manga is based on the manga-ka’s own experiences!)

Right away I thought the intro was cute and interesting… it kind of had a light “When Harry Met Sally” thing going on; asking various couples about their experiences together.

Soon into the movie, we run into a side character… a typical foreigner playboy, just in Japan to play around and hit on women. I think most people watching this movie will cringe during this part. Luckily, that part doesn’t last long and it jumps right into the main characters officially becoming a couple. We don’t see how they initially started dating –  the movie starts at their third date.

Mao Inoue was as good here as she is in her other works. I think her acting style really fit her character here; she has that kind of down-to-earth vibe.
Jonathan’s acting was really good compared to the usual foreign actors used in Japanese and Korean films and dramas. His character, Tony, was pretty cute. Since I know a guy that’s almost exactly like him, his role was pretty believable in my eyes, (though I feel the actor was probably a little too fluent for the role, haha).

When I read the plot, I thought it was going to be all about how foreigners are clueless and probably have a lot of stereotyping… however, it was soon apparent that the problems they faced were typical in any relationship, and that him being a foreigner had little to do with it. I enjoyed that part quite a bit.

Oh,  if you haven’t read the manga yet, you will most likely enjoy this movie. According to the other reviews I’ve read, most of the people who read the manga first were pretty disappointed in this movie…!


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