Action vs. Punishment

Hey guys, Noh [Roh] Ji Hoon just released his MV for “Punishment” the other day… and I was immediately struck with how similar part was to another fairly well-known Kpop song that came out 4 months ago.

I don’t want to outright accuse anybody of plagiarism, but they’re just too similar to ignore.
I guess there’s always the possibility that the songs have the same creator, but if that’s the case, then I hope they can improve enough in the future so something like this doesn’t happen again.

And, okay, besides this one part, the songs are pretty different  from each other. However,  this part is just so obviously the same that it ruins “Punishment” for me. I can’t listen to it because I start singing “Action” when that part comes up.

Of course, this has no reflection on Noh Ji Hoon himself, since I don’t think he composed the song, but I really wish his company had cared a bit more for his big debut song. The song would’ve been so much better if they had spent a bit more time on that chorus!

I’m just really amazed that nobody else has been saying anything about this. Is it just a big hallucination on my part…?

What do you guys think:

(The part in question starts at 1:18 for “Punishment” and at 0:45 for “Action”)


4 thoughts on “Action vs. Punishment

  1. I think it sounds a little similar, but not to the point I’d say it was unoriginal. I don’t think he meant any plagiarism at all ^_^

    • I really disagree >.< The whole chorus sounds exactly the same as the chorus in the other song lol…. It's just the rest of the song that's different.

      I like Roh Ji Hoon, so I feel we fans should speak up when things like this happen so his company doesn't do it to him again :D If we say nothing, then they will think they don't have to work hard to make things original for him next time.

  2. Wow, it’s true~ I wouldn’t have noticed that, and I’ve listend to Action like a million times. OTL I guess when you just listen to the general song, it doesn’t sound the same. But when you listen to the choruses, they are the same notes. Omg. Now I won’t be able to listen to Jihoon’s song without singing Action…

    • Haha, sorry for making you have the same problem I have with that part of the song XD;
      Ah, but I wonder why the composer got so lazy with someone’s debut song… it just doesn’t seem fair :[

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