Sprout: Recap Ten

Ozawa makes Souhei give up on her.

Last Episode:

Souhei seems to be falling for Miku even more, but refuses to let Ozawa go.
Ozawa gets really upset, seeing that Souhei is just trying to love her and she runs away.

The next day, Souhei gets a phone call that Ozawa never went home after their fight.
Worried, he briefly tells Miku where he’s going and hurries away on his bike to look for Ozawa.

Episode 10 Summary:

So, Souhei is riding his bike quickly, then takes off running when he comes to stairs.

He remembers telling Ozawa that he’ll always be there with her.

He runs to his soccer friends, but they don’t know where she is ¬†either.
He runs to the school, and can’t find her there.

Finally his friends tell him a security guard said he saw a girl earlier. From the description, it seemed to be Ozawa.
So they narrowed down the place where she might be.
They ask Souhei if there’s any special place nearby that she might go.

After a second, Souhei takes off running. “Even though I said we’d always stay together…” he thinks to himself.

Miku is on the phone with Hayato talking about Ozawa.
She tells him that Souhei said they had a fight and Hayato remembers seeing Souhei and Miku sitting together and laughing the other day.

Souhei finally finds Ozawa.
He runs over and hugs her, then asks what she was doing.
She doesn’t hug him back and doesn’t look excited to see him or anything.

Ozawa calmly tells Souhei that she was waiting for him and didn’t think he’d find her.
He tells her she shouldn’t run off without saying anything like that.

“But you found me,” she replies.
He hugs her again and she slowly hugs him back, but looks kind of thoughtful.

Miku goes to Hayato’s work and tells him that Ozawa was found.
She sits down to order a drink and comments about how Souhei must be relieved. Hayato stares at her, then says, “So the one you were worried about was Souhei.”
Miku seems a bit flustered and tells him it isn’t like that. Hayato gives her a look and walks away.

Ozawa and Souhei walk the area he found her in, which is a temple.
Apparently it was where they had their first date because Souhei wanted to express thanks for Ozawa accepting him.

They remember their first date there.

Souhei took awhile praying and Ozawa comments about it. He tells her he wasn’t wishing, but thanking since his wish came true. She asks what his wish was and he tells her he wished that she would go out with him. They smile at each other.

Back to the present time, they wish again.
Souhei asks Ozawa what she wished for.

After a pause, she tells him that she wished her previous wish would be forgotten.
While walking away, Souhei asks her what her previous wish was and she tells him she wished that she and Souhei would be together forever.

Souhei whirls around and asks why she took that wish back.
Ozawa calmly looks at him and tells him they should break up.

Miku is saying goodbye to Hayato. She asks when they’re going to have their Tokyo Tower date since summer is almost over.
He acts a bit distant and tells her he’ll call her later. She kind of smiles and nods, but looks concerned.

Souhei is following Ozawa, telling her she shouldn’t decide things on her own like this. He says he’ll work hard so she’ll like him again.
Ozawa starts looking like she’s going to cry and stops walking. She tells him he doesn’t need to work hard.

Getting ahold of herself, she looks at him and says she doesn’t want him to force himself to do anything.
He says he wants to stay with her no matter what, even if he does force himself.
Ozawa tells him that she doesn’t want him to do that because it’s not the real Souhei if he does.

Forcing an understanding expression on her face, Ozawa says it seems Souhei was just trying to keep his promise to her, that they’d stay together. She could tell his feelings had changed, but knows he was trying to hide it because he didn’t want to betray her.

Ozawa turns away from him and tells him it’s stupid to do that.
Attempting to smile, she says she did like that about him though.

Then she says she didn’t think she could live without him… but now she understands and is standing on her own feet alone.
That’s why she’s okay now.

After a little sniffle to control her emotions again, Ozawa says, “Our time together wasn’t a waste, right?”
Souhei looks upset but manages to say it wasn’t. Ozawa says she’s glad.

Souhei says her name, then tells her he’s sorry.
Tears start falling from Ozawa’s eyes… she can’t hold back her feelings anymore since it’s really goodbye now.

Souhei clenches his fist, since there’s nothing he can do.

After awhile, the sun is now setting and Ozawa tells him they should part with a smile.
Souhei tells her it’s impossible for him to do that.

Ozawa replies that this is the time to force himself and he says she’s right. He smiles a little, but can’t keep it up for too long. It falls as soon as she leaves after saying goodbye.

That night, Miku comes home and sees Souhei near the door lost in thought.
She asks him if Ozawa is alright. After she reminds him that he said he found her, he tells her that she’s okay.

The otaku steps out and Souhei makes some distracted small-talk with him and then runs into the house.
Miku and the otaku can tell something is up with him.

Later that night, the otaku brings Souhei a handful of games and tells him he should play them when he wants to clear his head.
He says he didn’t pick out any romance ones for him and mentions that Souhei is like his best-friend character in one of his games… his “friend” pretends to be alright after breaking up with his girlfriend, just like Souhei is right now.

Souhei looks at the older boy and the otaku says he apologizes if he’s wrong.
After a pause, Souhei accepts the games.
The otaku says if Souhei was an adult, he would’ve treated him to a beer instead. Souhei asks him to listen to him instead.

In the background, Miku sees them sitting together, but stays back and eavesdrops on them.

Souhei tells his friend that he loved Ozawa a lot in the beginning.
Ozawa stayed near him when he had troubles. Even so, he couldn’t do anything… in the end he hurt her, even though he promised he’d always stay with her.

Souhei says he wasn’t lying when he promised that… it’s just that he thought he’d never change.
The otaku looks at him and tells him that if people don’t change, they can’t move forward. In order to change, we get hurt and hurt others. We take in that pain and overcome it… and that’s what the adventure is.
In other words, that’s life.

Souhei starts crying.

The next morning, Miku and Souhei run into each other on their balconies.
Miku suggests going somewhere together and inviting the others too, like the otaku.
Souhei smiles and asks why all of a sudden.
Miku turns away and apologizes. She admits to eavesdropping the other night.

Souhei tells her he’s fine.
Miku leaves when he has to take a phone call.
It’s his mom.

Souhei’s mom wants him to move back home.


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