Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Fourteen

A lot of things go down in this episode!

Last Episode:

Eun-oh sneaks into the demon-woman’s house and takes a jar back with him. He can’t open it and the shaman knows nothing about it.

The Jade Emperor admits to the General that Eun-oh is going to eventually replace the General.

Eun-oh tells Arang he can’t suppress his feelings for her when she’s looking towards Joo-wal.

Episode 14 Summary:

First, I’m using a new screenshot program, so please excuse the way the cursor got in the shots all the time >.< Haha…. I’m still not used to it yet.

So, Joo-wal comes over to the office and asks Arang to go somewhere with him again.

Eun-oh is already in a bad mood, and it doesn’t get better when he sees Joo-wal.
He walks up and says he can’t allow Arang to leave with him and tells Joo-wal to get lost.

Eun-oh grabs Arang’s hand and drags her away.

That night, Arang sits alone in her room thinking.

Then she goes out and sees Eun-oh. She tells him that a relationship between them is still not possible.
In return, she says she’ll try not to make trouble for him.

When she turns to leave, Eun-oh says it’s different this time. He’s not going to just stand back and accept that these are her real feelings.
He says he knows these aren’t her real feelings.

She turns and asks him what he wants.
She says no matter what, it all comes down to him staying here while she leaves.

Arang starts walking away, but Eun-oh runs over and back hugs her.
He says he’s going to do this… he’s going to hug her if he wants to, and tell her things if he wants to.
He’ll think about what comes next when he happens.

Arang slowly pulls his arms away from her and leaves.

The next day Arang walks through the market thinking about what happened.
She remembers Eun-0h’s words about doing what he wants and she thinks that it will just hurt him more in the end.

Arang wanders over to Lord Choi’s and thinks it’s strange that the ghosts are still missing.

Suddenly Joo-wal steps out.
He sees her and looks kind of panicked. When Arang tells him she’ll leave quickly, he stops her.

They go off alone and she apologizes for Eun-oh’s behavior the other day. He tells her she shouldn’t apologize for Eun-oh’s feelings.

Then the tells her he actually had something to tell her the other day.

Eun-oh then confesses to her.

He says he thinks he can live differently if he has her heart.

Arang seems a bit taken-aback and wonders why he said this so suddenly.
He tells her it isn’t suddenly. It’s just that he now has realized what he needs to be doing.

Arang tells him she’ll pretend she didn’t hear his confession and turns to leave.

Joo-wal calls out after her, asking if it’s because he was engaged before to the previous magistrate’s daughter.
Arang stops and turns around.

Joo-wal says he’s never had any feelings for Lee Seo Rim.

The shaman is looking for an even older book from her family to find out about the jar.
The servant calls outside, asking if she’s home.

The shaman is angry with him.
She yells at him for making cheerful Arang lose her spirit and wonders what he said to her.

He says he was just looking out for his master and the shaman asks if his master is the only person in the world. She says he wasn’t even thinking about her when he blabbed to them, which has hurt her position.

The servant says he is feeling regretful about it. He says Arang is going to return soon and leave his master all alone.
The shaman is shocked to hear that Arang is going back.

Arang walks along alone.

She thinks about Joo-wal’s confession and her past self’s love for him.
She’s sorry to Lee Seo Rim for not having any heart left to give him.

Arang goes to see the shaman.

She asks her to please hurry since there’s not much time left.
The shaman says she found out that Arang is going to go back soon. Arang nods.

Then the shaman gives her love advice.

She tells Arang that it’s part of life to leave someone alone and that Arang shouldn’t waste time.
She says if she loves Eun-oh, she should give something to leave with him.

The shaman says humans live off of sadness and memories. She says it becomes a human’s strength.
So, leaving him with nothing is worse.

Meanwhile, the demon-woman has noticed that one of her jars is missing.
She starts freaking out, wondering who could have possibly have entered her hideout.

She goes and tells Joo-wal.

Joo-wal has no idea, but then suddenly remembers Eun-oh being on the scene that night.

The demon-woman can tell he has something in mind and calls him out on it.
He tells her he thinks the magistrate did it, since he found the bone tomb and talisman before as well. Joo-wal mentions how Eun-oh came to see Lord Choi and she jumps on a person to blame.

She goes to Lord Choi and yells at him for ruining everything.
But she’s startled when Lord Choi doesn’t act afraid of her.

He tells her he knows who Arang is… that she’s the immortal body she’s been looking for.

She asks how he knows that.
He says he’s curious what she’ll do when she finds out who Arang really is.
The demon-woman asks if he’s trying to negotiate with her and he smiles.

In her cave, she summons three demon-reapers and tells them to bring the missing jar back quietly with no commotion.
Then she wonders what kind of human could enter through the door to her cave.

The demon-reapers go through Eun-oh’s house looking for the jar while Arang and Eun-oh sleep.

After they enter his room, he wakes up, but then closes his eyes again.
However, when they enter Arang’s room, Eun-oh suddenly opens his eyes and sits up, worried.

When the demon-reapers sense Eun-oh coming, they all disappear quickly.

Eun-oh storms to Arang’s room to check on her.
When he finds her safe, he closes her doors and sits down in front of them.

In heaven, the General remembers his confrontation with his sister.

The Emperor sees him and calls out to him.
He goes over and tells the General that he doesn’t blame him so he should just focus on doing his normal job.

The General asks what will happen if his sister isn’t stopped.

The Emperor says she’ll continue to kill innocent people, and will become more powerful after obtaining Arang’s body.
The General asks why he used such a dangerous bait, but the Emperor says he had no choice. If he doesn’t try, she will eventually destroy the earth as well as heaven.

The General says there’s no way she could get that strong. The Emperor says it wouldn’t be because of her strength, but of the collapse of order.
They talk about Eun-oh and how he will probably try to prevent Arang from being taken by the demon-woman. The General isn’t convinced. The Emperor tells the General that he can’t do anything anymore concerning the demon-woman.

In the morning, Arang is confused to find she can’t open her door.
Eun-oh is leaning against it and wakes up when she repeatedly pushes on it.

Eventually, Arang shoves the door hard and they both fall over.

Eun-oh asks her where she was all day yesterday and wonders if she’s trying to avoid him.
He tells her that doesn’t work, since he tried it himself. Then he says he’s not going to take back his words from the other night. Instead, he’s going to wait, since Arang is the type who does things when she wants to.

Then he pretends he was sitting in front of her door all night just to say those words.

After a bit, Arang tells Eun-oh that she’s worried about the ghosts they hired since they’ve vanished. She thinks they were cleared out like the other resident ghosts at that house.

They conclude that there must be someone there besides Lord Choi and Joo-wal because they would’ve figured out she was a ghost if they had that kind of power.

Arang says Joo-wal wouldn’t have confessed to her if he knew she was a ghost.
Eun-oh is almost upset, but Arang tells him she rejected Joo-wal too.

Then they wonder if the person behind this is a servant in that household. Eun-oh says he’ll look into it.

Eun-oh asks a city official about the servants there.
He says there’s only four and that they go home at night. Only Joo-wal and Lord Choi are there at night, to his knowledge.

Suddenly another official bursts in saying there’s a mess they have to clean up before the magistrate finds out.
Eun-oh asks what is going on.

A large group of men are outside, wanting to be hired as a patrolman.
The city men wonder how it happened, since they only posted one notice about it.
Eun-oh tells them to hire all the men.

Once the men are hired, the city officials try to get Eun-oh to think they’re not good enough by saying the men are all skin and bones and won’t be able to do the job well. Eun-oh says if that’s the case, they should be fed well.

Then he goes over to the men and tells them there are only three things to do.

They must obey the magistrate’s orders, they must protect the office and town, and they must not be afraid to stop any unjust action they see happening. As long as they do these things, they and their families will never go hungry. The men all cheer.

Eun-oh says there’s one more thing… he will always have their back.

Then he hires his servant to train them.

Suddenly, Arang walks by and all the men stare at her.
Eun-oh tells them to pay attention and tells them to ignore her from now on. They should pretend she’s a ghost.

As Arang leaves the grounds, her old seamstress sees and recognizes her.

The woman is brought to Lord Choi.

After some cajoling about how Arang looks so much like his almost-daughter-in-law, the woman finally admits she looks exactly like Lee Seo Rim.
Lord Choi laughs in victory and calls to his henchman.

He tells his henchman to take the woman back, but secretly signals to him.

As the henchman takes her back, he pulls out a knife to get rid of her.

Lord Choi goes to the demon-woman, who gives him a talisman to burn and eat to cure his disease.

The lord anxiously asks when she’ll get rid of Joo-wal and Eun-oh.

She says she will soon.

In return, the lord tells her who Arang is.
He tells her to remember when Joo-wal was engaged to the previous magistrate’s daughter. They were going to become in-laws since that magistrate was so picky, but they canceled it when the demon-woman became enraged by it.

The demon-woman gets impatient.
He tells her to remember three years ago in the mountain when her usual ceremony went wrong… that girl was Joo-wal’s fiancĂ©e.
She’s also Arang.

He says her body was just discovered.

The demon-woman looks shocked.

Lord Choi says he paid well enough now, right?

Alone in her cave, the demon-woman smiles, thinking that Lord Choi did pay well indeed.

Now she knows what Arang wants… she wants to find the one who killed her and get revenge.

She finds Joo-wal waiting for her. He wants to know what to do about Eun-0h.

The demon-woman tells him that it doesn’t matter anymore. She knows what Arang wants so he can take his hands off the whole matter.

Meanwhile, Dol Sae, the servant, is training the men.

He sees the shaman enter the gate and gets distracted. He waves to her, but then realizes the men are watching, so he pretends he was just stretching and then does a punching move.

Then, to show off to the shaman, he tells the men to practice fighting all the time. He tells them to all come at him at once.
The shaman does not look impressed.

Dol Sae throws all the men that come to him, but when he looks to the gate, the shaman isn’t even there anymore.

The shaman is reporting her findings to Arang and Eun-oh.
She says, according to her legendary grandmother’s book, it’s a jar for holding souls.

Arang asks if they can open it.
The shaman says they can. She tells them not to be afraid… the coldness is only because there’s a soul inside. She guesses it’s an ancestral spirit of Lord Choi, so she thinks they shouldn’t open it because it wouldn’t be courteous to wake up a sleeping soul like that.

Eun-oh tells her to just open it anyway.
So she gets up and attempts it.

She recites a spell over it and black wisps appear, then she respectfully opens it.

A demon-reaper comes out, scaring Arang and Eun-oh.

It starts fighting with Eun-oh. When it sees Arang, he knocks him down and grabs her. He demands that she give him her body.

Eun-oh goes over and pulls him away. They fight some more.

Eun-oh finally grabs his fan and cuts the demon-reaper with it, causing it to disappear.

Dol Sae bursts in and tends to the shaman, who was knocked out in the scuffle.

In her house, the demon-woman senses what happened.
She’s shocked that Eun-oh had the power to banish her demon-reaper.

The soul of Eun-oh’s mother struggles to get out of the body.

After struggling with it for awhile, the demon-woman wonders how the woman can have the strength to try and push her out of the body. She tells herself to endure it a bit more until she can take over Arang’s body.

Looking after the shaman, Arang wonders why the demon was after her body.
She remembers the bundle of souls in the cave… how they said she would be in big trouble if she’s what they though she was.

Worried, Arang wonders what she is.

Dol Sae is trying to figure out what happened to put the shaman in that state. Eun-oh won’t tell him. He leaves to look after the shaman.

Eun-oh wonders what the identity of Lord Choi is if he can even make demons.

Then he takes out his fan and wonders if his master knew this was going to happen, but then he thinks that’s impossible.

Arang comes in and says the shaman is doing alright. Eun-oh asks if Arang is okay too and she says she is.
Eun-oh asks what the demon was saying to her, but Arang foolishly tells him nothing. Instead, she asks if that was the same type of thing that the General was fighting before.

Then she asks what the fan is and wonders what kind of person his master was.

He says he doesn’t know… his master was just an enlightened Buddhist monk.
They met when Eun-oh was wandering around after being rejected by his mother again.

Then there’s a hot flashback scene of Eun-oh [Lee Junki] sparring alone in the forest, (he’s so cool~).

His master comes up to him and says it’s not good enough. He says Eun-oh has too much power in his movements and it won’t work on ghosts. He tells Eun-oh to come at him.

When he does, his master pushes him away easily. (Lee Junki is just so amazing to not use a stuntman…!)

They train a lot and finally, his master hands him the fan.
He tells him not to use it recklessly… that it’s like a sword to ghosts, so he should only use it against the ones that deserve it.

Then his master tells him he’s leaving.
Eun-oh asks him why and the master says he has to play baduk and give water to the goat and tend a peach tree (hahaha must be the Jade Emperor for sure~).

Then he tells Eun-oh that there is no useless life in the world, and no useless death.
He says they’ll meet again and remember this connection.

He hands Eun-oh the hair pin and says he will be able to gain his mother’s heart with it.
On the top of the hair pin is the inscription, “Mo (mother) Shim (heart) Jam (hairpin)”.

His master tells him there will be a day when he reaches his most desperate time, and when that time times, to remember these words… “the start of every question comes from you.”

In the present, Eun-oh tells Arang that his master left after saying words that make no sense.
Arang wonders if they can meet his master again, since he seems to know a lot of things.

Eun-oh says the day he gave his mother the hairpin, she left, so he doubts his master really knew a lot.

Eun-oh notices Arang isn’t acting like herself. He asks her what’s wrong, but she tries to ignore the question and turns to leave.
He stops her, concerned.

She finally tells him that the demons want her body. Worried, she asks Eun-oh what her body is. Then she says she wants to find the General to talk to him about it.

The demon-woman is wondering what Eun-oh is.
She realizes Eun-oh knows Arang is immortal and still accepts her.

She goes to Lord Choi and asks him who Eun-oh is. He tells her the name of his father and that he’s the son of a slave.
The demon-woman looks thoughtful.

Eun-oh and Arang go to see the shaman, who is now awake.
She wants to know what happened and they say they’ll tell her later.
Instead, they ask if there’s a way to meet the grim reaper.

The shaman says of course there is. He just has to die.

Eun-oh says no, a way to meet him while they’re alive. Arang reminds her of when they caught the General before.
The shaman hides in her blankets, talking about how sore she is.

So Arang goes out at night and calls for him.
Eun-oh goes over and says it’d be easier if they attracted him with ghosts.

Later that night, Eun-oh watches another full moon.
When he turns around, the General is standing behind him.

He asks Eun-oh what’s wrong.

Eun-oh says he wasn’t the one who called him, but then asks for Arang.
He asks why the demons are after her body.

The General tells him that Arang has an immortal body. So if a spirit gets it, they can live forever.
He tells Eun-oh to protect Arang well.

Eun-oh says the General should clear up all those demons before he leaves, then, since that’s his job. The General just stares at him.

That night, Eun-oh sneaks into the demon-woman’s house again.
He takes out his fan when he reaches the talisman on the pole and sees it’s shaking like before.

On a whim, he slices at the talisman sign with the fan. It disappears.

Inside, the demon-woman is startled.

Eun-oh dispels the other talisman on the other side and then laughs, thinking he should’ve done this before.
He wonders what his master was.

The demon-woman sends out her reapers to find out what’s going on.

Eun-oh gets to her house, but she’s in her cave in the other building.

The General enters the grounds and fights the demon-reapers.

Eun-oh opens that gate and walks into the fight. He helps the General.

After that, they get to the cave building. Eun-oh opens the door.
He catches the General looking at the fan and tells him his master gave it to him.

“Your master is the Jade Emperor,” the General replies, and he runs down the steps leaving Eun-oh shocked.

But Eun-oh is in for another shock.
When he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he sees the demon-woman… or, the person that appears to be his mother!

He stares in shock.

“M-Mother….” he says.



































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  1. i really love the ending …so cute! they born again
    hahahahaa wi
    while eun oh doesnt remember at all

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