Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Eleven

Lord Choi tries to have Eun-oh and Arang killed. The General finds out the demon-woman is his sister.

[Kiss Scene]

Last Episode:

We find out that the demon-woman is the General reaper’s sister. The General himself doesn’t know this, however.

Eun-oh finds out that Arang is going to die again no matter what in 2 months. He really has to help her find out the truth behind her murder by then or she’ll be sent to hell.

He buys her new clothes and takes her to a flower field since she likes flowers.
He talks about how he’s going to live with his mom alone when he finds her again and lets Arang know that he’s going to help her get to heaven as well.

Episode 11 Summary:

It’s night when Eun-oh and Arang get home.
Eun-oh is acting colder to Arang again, calling her a ghost and acting like he’s too busy to pick up her new clothes with her tomorrow.
Alone outside, Arang curses at heaven for only giving her 2 months instead of 3.

In heaven, the Emperor and King are fishing. They talk about bait and all that but then switch the conversation to Arang.
The Emperor says they have to keep their promise to her in the end. The King reluctantly accepts that they did make her a promise but then asks the Emperor if he has some ulterior motive. The Emperor laughs and admits that he does.

In her basement/cave, the demon-woman is talking, referring to the Emperor and King. She says she knows Arang is bait for her sent by them to catch her.

She gloats about how they can’t touch her while she’s in a human body… the only person who can is the General. However, she’s pretty confident that he won’t be able to hurt her when he knows who she really is.
She looks in her mirror and sees a vision of her heavenly self.

The General goes into Eun-oh’s room while he’s sleeping.
He searches for, and finds, the fan Eun-oh used to kill one of the demon-reapers the other day. He examines it, then finds the hairpin of Eun-oh’s mom as well.

Suddenly, Eun-oh wakes up and grabs the reaper’s arm angrily.

Arang is woken up by the sound of Eun-oh and the General falling out of Eun-oh’s room in a scuffle.

They fight epically for the hairpin after the General asks Eun-oh if he knows who it belonged to.

Eventually, they pause and the General asks again who the hairpin belongs to. Already offended, Eun-oh just tells him to leave.
The General doesn’t listen and asks who gave him the magic fan.
Eun-oh snickers and says the General probably wouldn’t know even if he told him.

Eun-oh asks him why he’s interested in a living person’s belongings.
The General asks if the hairpin and fan belonged to the same person.
Eun-oh tells him if he really wants to know, he should ask when he, Eun-oh, is dead.

But then he suddenly realizes something.
He asks the General why he cares about the hairpin as well.

Eun-oh asks how he didn’t realize that Arang had the pin all this time when the General had been chasing after her for so long.
The General has a flashback and realizes Arang was wearing that hairpin.

Eun-oh continues, saying the pin didn’t always belong to Arang.
He says Arang had that in her hair only after she died and asks the reaper who was beside her corpse when he went to take her soul.
The General pauses and then says he saw no one there.

Eun-oh gets angry again and shouts that the General is lying.
At that moment, Arang peeks over the fence and asks what’s going on.
The General disappears and Eun-oh goes and reclaims the hairpin from the ground.

Inside, Arang tells Eun-oh that the General usually doesn’t care about things like this.
Eun-oh seems to be thinking hard about it.

Arang asks about the fan and Eun-oh says it belongs to the same person who had the hairpin. Arang asks who that was and Eun-oh says it was his teacher. His teachers said the fan can catch ghosts and gave it to him.
Eun-oh lays down to sleep in his bed.

Arang is concerned about the door broken from the fight. She wonders why the General did that and then leaves the room.

In heaven, the General ponders the items.
He says the pattern on the fan is the Jade Emperor’s and that the hairpin is also the Jade Emperor’s item.

The next day, Joo-wal’s servant hands him the money from the seamstress.
He says she told him it was Eun-oh’s orders.

Eun-oh goes to Arang’s room and finds that she’s already gone.
He walks the grounds and then remembers how the servant woman said before that she preserved Arang’s room after she went missing since her room was all she had in life.

Eun-oh goes there.
He walks around the room, wondering how Arang could have overlooked this room. He says her everything was supposed to be this room, not Joo-wal.

When Arang goes to pick up her new clothes, she finds Joo-wal waiting there for her.
He tells her he knows that it was the magistrate’s doing and not hers.
Then he asks her what it was she wanted to ask him before.

Meanwhile, Eun-oh is going through all of the drawers in that room.
He finds a book, which appears to be a diary. He sits down and starts reading it.

Back to Arang and Joo-wal, Arang asked Joo-wal about Lee Seo Rim, her former self.
He tells her it’s like talking about a stranger, since she was merely an arranged marriage for him. He says he feels no responsibility towards her since he never even saw her.

Arang asks him why he got engaged with her if he didn’t even care about her.
He says it was her side that started it, not him. Joo-wal assumes her dad wanted to become in-laws since his family was powerful.

Arang mentions that it could’ve been a request from Lee Seo Rim, not her father.
Joo-wal says he thinks that impossible, since there would’ve been no reason for her to have feelings for him.

In the room, Eun-oh closes the book.
He looks like he found out something he never realized… he looks rather concerned and thoughtful.

Arang walks home alone and seems disappointed.

After awhile, Eun-oh opens the book again and reads it slowly.
The book talks about how happy she was to be getting married and leaving her lonely room.

“As I saw my wedding suit in various colors laid in my room, it looked more beautiful than red Grape Myrtle flowers.
Sitting aloof in my empty room, and thinking of my lover who would lie under the same wedding bedclothes with me, my longing for him is getting deeper and deeper, so I’m asking myself when that day would finally come.”

Eun-oh slowly closes the book.

Walking home alone, Arang thinks about how Joo-wal denied so absolutely that his fiancée requested the marriage arrangement.
She tells herself that Eun-oh was right… she was fooled by the fake sound of a dead heart.

The shaman is sitting at her roadside stand, still trying to remember where she heard Arang’s voice before.
She thinks it’s strange that Arang’s voice sounds just like the ghost who was bothering her before.

Arang walks by and the shaman decides to follow and make her speak more so she can figure this out.

Eun-oh is anxiously waiting for Arang to return.
Suddenly, an arrow almost hits him!

He goes to look at it and finds a piece of Arang’s clothes tied to it.
There’s a note on it as well, telling him to come to the mountain.

Eun-oh rushes away. His servant sees him leave and is concerned.

The city men are happily cracking walnuts together, hoping the magistrate stays peaceful.

Two thugs are watching over Arang and the shaman, who are knocked out in a shed.
Lord Choi’s henchman comes in and asks who the shaman is. They tell him she kept interfering, so they brought her along as well.

Lord Choi knows about this.
He tells his henchman that the magistrate will surely rush over if he knew Arang was kidnapped because of him.
This will be revenge for letting the villagers into the storage shed.

Lord Choi says he never wants to see them again.
Then he mentions that he feels he saw Arang somewhere before, (yeah, your demon-woman wants her and is going to be pretty upset if you get rid of her lol), but then decides it doesn’t matter. His henchman should carry out the plan no matter what.

Joo-wal is pacing outside, thinking of Arang and the demon-woman’s plan.

He overhears the henchman talk about getting rid of the magistrate and “that girl” once and for all as the guy leaves Lord Choi’s room.
Joo-wal realizes he’s talking about Arang.

Eun-oh reaches the mountain place and the thugs bring out a protesting Arang with the shaman.

When Eun-oh tries to beat the men up, they call out and hold a knife to Arang’s throat. However, she tells Eun-oh to just keep fighting and not worry about her, (since they both know she can regenerate… but still… ouch).

They cut her neck a bit and Eun-oh yells when he sees the blood.
Arang just frantically tells him to not worry about her. “YOU KNOW THAT I’M OKAY!!” she yells.

But suddenly, the henchman calls out for everybody to stop, (his face is covered, but it’s obviously him).
He walks up and punches Eun-oh in the face multiple times, then calls his men over to finish the job.

Joo-wal watches at at distance.

Arang angrily cries and tries to escape to help Eun-oh, but she can’t.
Finally, she kicks and bites and they let her go. She’s just about to be stabbed, when the guy with the knife falls down. There’s a knife in his back.
They all look around.

We see Joo-wal sneak off in the background.

Eun-oh takes this opportunity to fight back.

He gets over to the girls and begs them to run. Arang doesn’t want to leave, but he tells her he just gets distracted when she’s around.
She grabs the shaman’s hand and they rush away.

Eun-oh gets down to business.

Then henchman sends some men to chase after Arang and the shaman.

After Eun-oh beats up the bad guys, he goes after Arang as well.

Eventually, the wimpy shaman trips and slows them both down.
The thugs circle the girls and the henchman orders the shaman to be killed since she’s useless.
On of the thugs raises his sword to strike the shaman first and she screams.

Eun-oh hears the scream but can’t find them.

Joo-wal also can’t find the girls.

Arang is standing in front of the shaman. There’s blood on her neck where the sword struck and she collapses.

A thug takes her pulse and finds her dead. The henchman is angry since they were only supposed to kill the shaman.
He tells them to kill the shaman as well and then runs away.

Eun-oh appears just in time to save the shaman.
He beats up all the men, then rushes over to Arang. He frantically calls her name.
The shaman knows Arang’s name and remembers who they are.

Eun-oh listens for her breath/heartbeat and when he can’t find it, he shakily removes his hand from where he was holding her wound. He sees the cut on her neck heal. The shaman is shocked.

Joo-wal is hiding and watching again.

When Arang doesn’t revive right away, Eun-oh looks a bit frantic.
Suddenly, Eun-oh looks determined.

He bends down and… gives her some weak CPR that looks pretty hot and lasts a good amount of time~.

Joo-wal looks like he’s almost going to cry.

Arang wakes up and says, “Magistrate…”.
Eun-oh looks at her with unmistakable love and concern.

Arang breathlessly asks him what he was doing. Eun-oh smiles and says he was sharing his breath with her so she’d wake up faster. She tells him that he’s in trouble when she fully revives.

She faints again and Eun-oh looks shook-up again.

Meanwhile, Lord Choi threw a brick at his henchman again and demands to know why this failed.
He’s really angry that Arang is dead now and says who knows what the magistrate will do in his grief.
The henchman thinks Eun-oh won’t think it’s them since he was wearing a mask, but Lord Choi doesn’t seem so sure about that.

Outside, the henchman sees Joo-wal walk by.

In his room, Joo-wal seems shaky and extremely upset.

Eun-oh tucks Arang into bed at their house.
The shaman is really confused about everything.

She asks Eun-oh how she should make sense of this situation.
Eun-oh tells her to just think of it as a friend dying, then coming back to life, (lol).

The shaman wonders if Arang is actually considered her friend. Eun-oh says if she can’t, then to think of Arang as her life savior, since she took the blow of the sword for her.

The shaman looks really touched, and then assures Eun-oh that she’ll keep Arang’s secret well.
Then she asks him about how he put his lips on Arang’s. Eun-oh gets flustered and tells her not to talk about then again. He gets up and leaves the room.

Alone with Arang, the shaman wonders how a ghost can become human.

In heaven, the General sees the Emperor playing music by himself and seems to want to ask him something. The King watches the General as if to tell him to ask.
The General approaches the Emperor.

“Is that person… Moo Yeon?” he asks, referring to the demon-woman. The Emperor says he’s right.

The General gets upset, wondering why the Emperor hid this from him. He says he left his relationship with Moo Yeon behind a thousand years ago.
“I can’t trust the you from before that,” the Emperor replies. He says he can trust humans, but he can’t trust them either, (….).

Still upset, the General says he’s not a human anymore. He says nothing will change just because he knows the demon-woman is Moo Yeon. “What could I possibly do?” he says.

The Emperor tells him that the only one that can destroy her is the General.

The General looks shocked.
The Emperor tells him the demon-woman believes this too.

Arang wakes up and notices Eun-oh sleeping against a wall in her room.
He wakes up and sees that she’s awake.

He asks if she’s okay and she says he knows she’s okay and she asks how he is.

He says he’s okay, but then holds a sore spot on his side.

“Since you said you’re fine…” Arang says, and she punches him in the stomach.

She’s mad that he kissed her, (I’m sure she doesn’t want to feel sad when it’s time for her to go as well as make him sad too).
Eun-oh tries to pass it off as CPR, but she sternly tells him not to do it again.

Eun-oh blinks rapidly and looks a bit embarrassed/disappointed and says he won’t.

Arang then tells him not to get beaten up like that again either.
He looks at her.

She thanks him and he looks happier.

He gets up to leave, but Arang suddenly remembers the shaman and asks about her.

The shaman is with the servant at a restaurant.

After some small talk, he asks her what she thinks of him.
“For me, that day I wiped your lips off…” he starts, but the shaman suddenly stuffs kimchi into his mouth.

She freezes with a finger in his mouth then suddenly realizes and moves away.
The servant is surprised and asks if she’s trying to seduce him. The shaman is embarrassed.

He eats the kimchi then asks if this is the taste of her finger. She gets more embarrassed. Then, he takes chopsticks and offers her a bite of food. She reluctantly takes it.
He leans forward, asking how it is and she says it’s good.

As she chews, he watches her lips.

He finally tells her is name, (Dol Sae), and asks what hers is. She shyly tells him, (Bang Ul Ri).
He repeats it, smiling.
They happily eat together.

At night, Arang walks over and sits near Eun-oh’s room.
She looks at the sky.

She’s startled by Eun-oh, who is just coming home.

Inside, he gives her a lot of clothes.
He makes an excuse that he just doesn’t like seeing a ghost in blood-stained clothes and, in a friendly manner, tells her to put them on.
He leaves the room.

Arang touches them, thinking that Eun-oh shouldn’t be so nice to her.

Outside, Eun-oh remembers Arang telling him she has to leave in 2 months.

Arang gets changed and steps outside.
Eun-oh stares when he sees her in the new clothes.
She kind of repeats his words from when she first changed into new clothes as a ghost… she innocently asks him if she’s gone from a disheveled ghost to a well-dressed ghost.

He just clears his throat.
Arang laughs and says he’s enamored by her.
Eun-oh looks up and Arang says she knows how beautiful she looks. Eun-oh rolls his eyes.

Arang tells him she feels awkward to be fully dressed at a time when other people are sleeping.
She asks to take a quick walk with him and he agrees.

As they walk, Arang wishes she could get her memory back soon so she can help him find his mom. She says she doesn’t have much time left.
Eun-oh turns and stares at her, then smiles. He says he has to go threaten the guys that tried to harm them today. He can’t arrest them because he has no evidence.

Then, he abruptly turns and says it’s time to go back home.
Arang is disappointed that the walk was so short, and chases after him.

In heaven, the Emperor gives the King a look and asks if he’s the one who gave the General the idea that the demon-woman was his sister.
The King says yes, because he didn’t want to see him suffer anymore. He says the General belongs to him… the Emperor is just borrowing him. The King still apologizes for disrupting his plans, but the Emperor says he’s too irritated.
The King says he should just trust the General, since he’s the best of the reapers.

The Emperor is smiling now and starts talking about fate, but the King interrupts him and says the Emperor is always repeating himself.

In a flashback scene, a little boy is crawling along the floor, crying for his mom, begging for water because he’s so thirsty.
His mom walks by and it’s the demon-woman… or… at least Eun-oh’s mom.
She has that crazy look in her eyes and is watching Lord Choi ride by.

She keeps calling him a bastard. I guess Lord Choi is the one who shamed her family and caused her to ignore Eun-oh.

A young man is standing near her… we see that it’s the Jade Emperor in human clothes.

Little Eun-oh is on the ground now crawling. The Emperor sees him die.
He walks over and puts his hand over him.

At that moment, a reaper comes, but sees the Emperor, bows, and leaves.

The Emperor talks to the unconscious Eun-oh and tells him this is a debt. One day, he says, Eun-oh will remember what happened here.
He carries him into the house and then leaves.

In his room, Eun-oh finally unpacks the clothes his servant washed for Arang.
He finds something and remembers how his servant told him there was a talisman in her clothes.

He remembers grabbing the talisman before he fell off the cliff the other day.

Arang walks into his room and wants to go beat up the bad guys from the other day but Eun-oh tells her to just leave it alone.
She then notices the talisman. Eun-oh says he got it at the bone tomb.
Arang says she’s seen something like this before and she takes it to examine it.

Eun-oh asks where she’s seen this before. She says it was at Lord Choi’s house.

They take it to the shaman, but she doesn’t know either… even though she knows about many kinds of talismans.

The shaman says she’ll look into it, then wonders if Arang actually saw this same one at Lord Choi’s since a lot of talismans look the same.
Arang says she’s pretty sure, then points out how Lord Choi covered up the bone tomb before as well.

The shaman doesn’t believe that Lord Choi would do something like this when he already has money and power. She then asks about the bone tomb and Arang fills her in about that… about how she was killed and kidnapped… how Eun-oh found the hairpin there.

Eun-oh wants to go to Lord Choi’s house and see the talisman there for himself.
When he won’t let her come with, Arang grabs his arm and tells him to be careful. He smiles and tells her not to worry.

As Eun-oh nears Lord Choi’s gates, the scary music starts playing.

Eun-oh investigates the outside of the house, then jumps the fence.

In his room, Joo-wal seems to feel that something is amiss.

Eun-oh remembers Arang’s directions and sees the bamboo path.

In her room, the demon-woman opens her eyes.

Eun-oh finds the post with the symbol on it and takes out his talisman and compares them. They look very similar.

The demon-woman is getting up.

Eun-oh goes further into the yard, wondering why Lord Choi has these symbols at his house.

The demon-woman goes into her basement cave.

Eun-oh walks up to the second gate and creeps inside.

The demon-woman realizes someone is there and heads back up.

Eun-oh reaches her house and is about to open the door.

The demon-woman listens on the other side.

Suddenly, Joo-wal speaks out, asking Eun-oh what he’s doing there.


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