Binbo Danshi Japanese Drama


Binbo Danshi

Japanese Drama

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Oguri Shun Yashima Norito Yamada Yu Miura Haruma  Yusuke Santamaria

Episodes: 9

Genre: Friendship/Comedy/Heartwarming

Summary: An enthusiastic and energetic college kid gives everything he has selflessly until he finds himself totally in debt. Even then, he manages to keep his cheerful and sincere demeanor and live optimistically.

He gets involved with a man who’s opposite to him; rich  and only cares about money.

Review: This drama is pretty enjoyable! Though there wasn’t much suspense or cliff-hangers, I still had fun watching it. It’s more of a drama to watch while relaxing or if you need a positive boost in your life, not if you want something addicting.

I found myself laughing within 8 minutes of the first episode. Oguri Shun is really cute and funny in this drama – his facial expressions were hilarious.
This is mostly a comedy, but it also has a bit of serious drama. The drama in this show is mostly there for the purpose of creating touching moments, though.

Omu Omu, the rich debtor, caused most of the drama’s conflicts, but he didn’t really come across as a evil guy. His views were just different and he came across as confused about Kazumi’s, (Oguri’s character), life philosophy.
I liked how straightforward and civil Omu Omu and Kazumi were towards each other, even though they couldn’t see eye-to-eye.

Kazumi’s philosophy was really interesting to think about… he lived putting others before himself and kept smiling through any hardship. The plot was pretty much Omu Omu vs. Kazumi. While Omu Omu only cared about money, Kazumi only cared about other people’s feelings. I feel that both characters had taught each other something by the end of the drama.

I also really loved the side characters. They were all appealing in their own way, (especially Miura’s character, who was adorably timid and sweet).

~It’s also interesting to note that Oguri Shun started dating Yamada Yu while they both acted in this drama. They eventually registered for marriage in 2012.



3 thoughts on “Binbo Danshi Japanese Drama

  1. Binbo Danshi? :) It’s hard to find kdrama-friends who also watched this.

    Shun’s hair was terrible kekeke but the story was so good. It’s not a fairy-tale story either. There were a lot of difficult moments in the lead’s life. Sometimes I wish he abandoned his principles and grabbed the money instead!
    I like old j-dramas that have life lessons (as much as I like my kdrama rom-coms) and Binbo Danshi was a hidden gem!

    • Haha yeah :D I watch Jdramas and TWdramas too XD Kdramas are my favorite though.

      I agree with his hair hahah! I wanted to brush it lol

      It was a really inspiring drama :D I don’t think I could live like he did lol, but his character was so lovable.

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