Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Twelve

Eun-oh makes a plan to find out what Lord Choi’s household is up to. He also finds the diary of Arang’s past self.

[A lot of feels are in this episode~]

Last Episode:

Lord Choi tries to have Eun-oh and Arang killed off/disposed of.

Eun-oh kisses Arang when she dies again and covers it up by saying it’s CPR. She tells him not to do it again, (since she’s going to die in 2 months, she doesn’t want to get romantic with him).

We find out that Eun-oh died as a child. The Jade Emperor brought him back to life, saying Eun-oh has a debt to him now. Eun-oh doesn’t know this happened, but the Emperor mentions that Eun-oh will remember later.

Eun-oh goes to investigate the talisman symbol Arang saw at Lord Choi’s house. He almost runs into his mom, but Joo-wal stops him.

Episode 12 Summary:

Eun-oh and Joo-wal face off.

The demon-woman opens the door a crack and peeks out.

Eun-oh catches Joo-wal looking over his shoulder at the the door and is about to turn around, but Joo-wal gets his attention back, demanding to know why he’s there. Eun-oh quickly thinks up an excuse. He tells Joo-wal that he’s looking for Lord Choi.

Joo-wal tells him the lord isn’t there, but in any case, there’s no reason Eun-oh should be trespassing onto their family’s sacred family shrine, even if he is the magistrate.

Eun-oh sneers and says he had no idea it was special and wonders why Joo-wal’s family didn’t post up a “no trespassing” sign at the gate.

He goes to leave, but Joo-wal points out that his front gate was locked. He asks Eun-oh if he actually jumped the fence… something that looks disgraceful for an upper-class person to do.
Eun-oh has no reply, since he was caught.

Joo-wal then asks how Arang is doing. This catches Eun-oh’s attention. Eun-oh tells him that Arang isn’t his business since he doesn’t see her anymore. Eun-oh says that’s true, but says he feels like she’s familiar and wonders if he knew her from somewhere before.

Having nothing to say, Eun-oh clears his throat and insults the condition of Joo-wal’s house while implying that he’s hiding something suspicious. Then Eun-oh tells him to let his father know that if he has any business with him, he should keep Arang out of it. He makes it really clear to not even think about Arang. Then he turns and leaves.

As soon as he’s gone, the demon-woman comes out and asks Joo-wal who Eun-oh was.
Joo-wal tells her that it was the magistrate. She’s alarmed.

The demon-woman calls Lord Choi to her room and yells at him. “You did what?!” she shouts.
Lord Choi has no idea why she’s upset.

Yes, the demon-woman is extremely upset.
She tells him to never try and harm Arang again.

Outside, Joo-wal and Lord Choi glare at each other until the demon-woman shouts for Joo-wal.

Inside, the demon-woman tries to calm herself down. She makes an effort to speak nicely to Joo-wal.
She tells him what she wants with Arang… that she wants to take over her body.

“She won’t be the Arang you know anymore. It will be her body, but it will be I on the inside. Either way, she can’t be yours!”

Joo-wal is shocked.
Then his eyes kind of tear up.

“Cut it off,” the demon-woman says, and hands him a knife. She tells him to “cut it his mind off cleanly” before it’s too late.

Joo-wal seems shaken up.

When Eun-oh comes back home, he finds Arang pacing, waiting for him. He smiles.

Then he goes over and teases her about being worried. She denies it and runs away to her room.

Lord Choi calls his henchman to the office and asks if Joo-wal interfered with the kidnapping/attempted murder the other day.
The henchman reluctantly says yes.

Lord Choi shakes with anger, worrying about what Joo-wal and the demon-woman are conspiring together.
He then asks whether Arang was really killed or not. The man says she was, but the lord wonders why the demon-woman warned him not to touch Arang again.

Arang and Eun-oh examine the talisman together.

Arang wants him to just rush in and arrest them all for simply having the same marking as the bone tomb talisman, but Eun-oh says that’s not possible.

She ponders some more. Eun-oh chuckles at her thinking pose, but she doesn’t pay attention to him.
She sits up again and tells him to go there when it’s dark.

Eun-oh just laughs and says he already thought up a plan… he just needs some trustworthy patrols. Arang is confused.
Eun-oh says if you want to capture a raccoon, you have to smoke out it’s house. He tells her he’s going to go see Lord Choi and make him worried. He just needs good patrols to watch any movement at Lord Choi’s house after that.

Arang says she can bring him some patrols and looks sly.

She brings him some ghost friends.

Eun-oh seems reluctant, but Arang says they’re perfect since they can’t be seen and leave no trace.

She tells half of them to find anything suspicious and the other half to watch Lord Choi.

Eun-oh accepts them, but then Arang tells them it isn’t for free.
The ghosts all beg him to help them erase their grudges.

Alone together, Eun-oh scolds Arang for this.

Arang uses her feminine charms, acting sorry and saying she just wanted to help him.
She goes on and on about how she’ll just let them go and bear their anger alone.

Finally, Eun-oh rushes over and covers her mouth to make her stop.
They blink at each other for awhile, then Eun-oh jumps back. Arang accuses him of using violence on a woman.

He’s about to get offended, but sees her expression and stops.
They both seem a bit embarrassed and Eun-oh tells her she can just leave and she does after some flustered words.
Eun-oh calls out after her, asking what the ghosts’ grudges are.

In heaven, the Emperor, King, and Heavenly Maiden watch the General sighing.

The Emperor wonders if he did wrong in kicking the General’s sister out of heaven. The maiden tells him he just did what he had to do. But the Emperor says the maiden has always had that expressionless look on her face since he did that. She assures him that she’s always had this face.

As she walks away, the King smiles. He tells the Emperor that he thinks it’s true that the maiden has always had that expression, and he also thinks it’s true that the Emperor shouldn’t have kicked the General’s sister out of heaven.
He tells him he should have just sent her to hell right away.

Eun-oh goes to see Lord Choi as planned.

The henchman runs and tells Joo-wal.

Eun-oh tries to stir the lord up a bit, taunting him a little.
He then says he’s there on official business and shows him the talisman.
He tells the lord it’s from the bone tomb.

Lord Choi demands to know why he brought such a “horrid” thing into his house.
Eun-oh snickers and says it’s already in his house. He asks the lord why something from the murder tomb is also in his own house.
He asks why the lord had the tomb covered up again.

Suddenly, Joo-wal enters. Eun-oh greets him casually and then shows him the talisman.
Joo-wal says he heard them talking about the bone tomb. He says he doesn’t know what the intention of the bone tomb murderer was, but the talisman they have is only meant to protect their household.

Eun-oh snickers.
He tells Joo-wal to tell him which shaman made the talisman. Joo-wal refuses, saying even if he told him, he wouldn’t be able to meet the shaman since the talisman is so old.

Eun-oh laughs and mocks them a little, making them angrier before leaving.

Alone together, Joo-wal glares at Lord Choi and blames him for making the magistrate come to their house.

Eun-oh smiles to himself as he leaves Lord Choi’s grounds.

He motions for the ghosts to take their positions.

However, when the ghosts try to enter the gate, they’re repelled.
Eun-oh is shocked. He backs up and stares at the gate.

He goes and tells Arang. She remembers how she didn’t see any ghosts at that house before, but didn’t think much about it at the time. Eun-oh remembers how there were no ghosts around the bone tomb as well.

Arang wonders if that talisman repels ghosts, then wonders why Lord Choi and Joo-wal would want to do that.
Eun-oh tells Arang they should think of a way to get the ghosts in. Arang seems kind of lost in thought.

They go to see the shaman. She looks terrible because she’s been looking in every page of her book for the talisman.
It’s nowhere in the book.

Eun-oh says he thinks it’s a talisman to block ghosts. He asks if they can have a talisman to let ghosts pass to counteract it.

The shaman says she thinks it’s best to keep trying to learn about this talisman first. She tells them she’ll find out no matter what.

Eun-oh notices Arang acting quiet again.

At home, Arang worries about what they’ll do if the shaman fails them.
Eun-oh says they’ll just have to just blindly search and act like Arang originally wanted to do.

She makes that kind of depressed face she’s been making in her quietness lately. Eun-oh asks her what’s wrong.

Arang sits down and wonders aloud why her father wanted her to marry away into Joo-wal’s strange house.
If it wasn’t her choice, why did her dad want those suspicious people to be her family? She worries that Joo-wal was right when he said her dad wanted their status. She wonders if her old self just did whatever people told her to do.

Arang tells Eun-oh that Joo-wal told her that her old self didn’t even know him. She says she felt really upset when she heard that.

Eun-oh asks her why she was upset. She says she just keeps getting more and more greedy about finding out who her past self was. She tells him she thinks it would be nice if she had received love back then… or if she couldn’t have that, it would’ve been good that she had loved someone instead.

Arang kind of smiles and says she hopes her old self wasn’t too dull. Then she says she guesses she can’t remember any of her old memories by hanging out with Joo-wal since she didn’t even know him. Eun-oh remains silent, but it seems like he’s thinking of her journal.

Later, he reads it alone again, and then seems conflicted, like he knows he should give it to her but he doesn’t want to.

He does end up giving it to her, though.
He tells Arang that he didn’t mean to hide it from her and tells her it’s the diary of her old self. He says the answers she needs can be found in it.

That night, he paces outside while Arang reads the diary.
The diary keeps referring to her “lover”. She talks about wanting to see him and picking flowers for him.

Arang closes the diary and looks around slowly.
She remembers walking along with the seamstress granny and seeing Joo-wal on a bridge.
The granny tells her who Joo-wal is when they pass. He hardly notices her though.

At home, the granny says Lee Seo Rim is so brave, asking her father to marry Joo-wal.
Lee Seo Rim smiles, but the granny goes on to wonder why Joo-wal hasn’t asked to see her, even though he agreed to the marriage. She says, if he didn’t want to marry her, he should’ve just said so instead of leaving her alone like this.

She says he’ll regret it when he finds out how beautiful Lee Seo Rim is. Lee Seo Rim smiles at the granny.

Eun-oh keeps waiting outside for Arang.
He’s about to leave when she finally comes out.

She tells him she remembered how the seamstress granny must have really loved Lee Seo Rim.
She also says her past self loved Joo-wal so much that she proposed to marry him.
Joo-wal nods and looks away, saying Lee Seo Rim was braver than he thought.

Arang says she thinks Lee Seo Rim really loved Joo-wal a lot and thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Eun-oh looks heartbroken.

Arang keeps talking though, saying her feeling must have been really strong, since she can still feel her heart racing when she sees Joo-wal. Then she tells Eun-oh that she wants to sleep now, and goes to leave for her room.

Eun-oh calls out to her.
He says the time she said Arang was Arang and Lee Seo Rim was Lee Seo Rim, he thought it was nonsense, but now, he wishes it was true.

Arang looks surprised.
Eun-oh steps closer to her.
Then he moves like he’s going to kiss her, (made my heart jump haha), but she suddenly steps back and looks at the sky.

She changes the subject, saying the moon looks bright, (probably to remind him she only has two months).
He says her name, trying to get her attention back. She just tells him to sleep well, and she goes to her room, (though her eyes look a bit glistening).

Eun-oh takes a deep breath and tries to collect himself.

Alone, Arang tries to convince herself that she doesn’t know what Eun-oh was trying to say.
But then says she knows it’s true that she’s herself and Lee Seo Rim is Lee Seo Rim.

In his room, Eun-oh remembers how Arang told him before not to fall in love with her… and that she only has two months left to live.

The next day, Eun-oh talks about hiring patrols with the city men.
They say there’s no need for them and that there’s not enough money for them anyway. Eun-oh says if it’s in this state, he’ll only hire 20 instead of the 100 he was originally going for.

The men are shocked.

He tells them to post it, “Patrols urgently needed”, saying that’s their specialty – reminding them that they were the ones that hired him as magistrate. He walks away, but then turns.
He tells them he knows they stole extra taxes from the people to keep for themselves and says they better do their job before he decides to question them about their crimes.

Eun-oh runs into Arang.
He asks if she slept well and she asks what’s up with the city men, then she asks about the matter with the shaman and talisman.
He tells her he sent his servant over to the shaman and tells her he ordered breakfast early this morning, so they can go eat now. She wonders why he’s been so busy when it’s early.

He tells her he couldn’t sleep last night, so he just got up early. Then he quickly changes the subject to the ghosts, asking if he can meet them whenever he wants. He says when the talisman is solved, he needs to use them right away so he can heal their grudges.
He walks away, but Arang can tell he’s not feeling like his normal self because of last night.

The shaman’s house is a mess, since she’s looking for her family’s shaman book.
Finally she finds it.

The servant calls her name from outside. He comes in and gives her meat again.
She fills him in on the situation with the talisman and is surprised to find out he knows about it. Assuming he knows everything, the shaman thoughtlessly mentions how Eun-oh can see ghosts.

Then she tells him about how Arang was a ghost, which is how they met.
Suddenly realizing what she just did, she gasps and covers her mouth.
The servant freaks out.

He runs all the way home and barges into Eun-oh’s room.
He says he heard “that thing” was a ghost. When Eun-oh looks surprised, the servant knows that it’s true.

Eun-oh tries to accuse his servant of being drunk, but his servant says he will believe it no matter what since he knows ghosts are true ever since “that incident”.

Then he rushes out to find Arang. Eun-oh makes a face and chases after him.

But outside, Arang is there.
By the look on her face, she has heard everything.

The servant turns to Arang and accuses her of being a ghost. She tells him she’s a human. He says she’s a ghost now and that she must have bewitched Eun-oh. He tells her she can’t stay here anymore.

He grabs her arm to take her away, but Eun-oh can’t hold back and shoves him away. The servant looks shocked and calls Eun-oh stupid. He runs away.

Eun-oh steps down to Arang. He calls her name gently, but she runs away too.

Inside her room, Arang knows Eun-oh followed her.
She calls out that she doesn’t want him to come in… she calls out that she’s fine.
She looks upset, though.

Outside, Eun-oh slowly lets go of the door handle.

Then there’s a long flashback of moments between Eun-oh and Arang while Lee Junki’s song plays.

Meanwhile, Joo-wal sits alone in the dark and remembers what the demon-woman told him about taking Arang’s body.
He takes out the knife and looks evil.

Then he goes to the demon-woman and tells her he’ll cut off the thing called feelings and then come back. She looks delighted.

Joo-wal tells her the magistrate will be stirred if the same thing happens twice, but the woman tells him that doesn’t matter. She says he should find out what Arang wants.

Then she says it must be Arang’s fate to die every full moon, since it’s the full moon again tonight. But then she says her fate will change once she belongs to her.

Joo-wal creeps over to the magistrate office in his ninja outfit again.
Then he jumps over the fence, (reminding me when he told Eun-oh that he’d never jump a fence like Eun-oh did lol).

He sees the sleeping Arang and remembers the demon-woman telling him to cut off all his feelings. He has flashbacks of cute Arang, but tells himself the only way he can live is to do this.
He hovers over her, saying she’s someone he can never have… she’s a nobody. If she’s killed a hundred times, she won’t die.

Joo-wal takes out the knife and brings it down on Arang.

In his room, Eun-oh looks startled and gasps Arang’s name like he knows something’s wrong.

In Arang’s room, we find that Joo-wal didn’t stab Arang.
The knife hovers over her chest. Joo-wal is shaking all over.

He tells himself he can’t do it and he lowers the knife.
He takes off his mask and slowly reaches out to touch her face.

He stops and then looks like he’s going to cry.
Joo-wal runs away.

Arang opens her eyes.
Joo-wal is gone, but her door is opened a crack.
Eun-oh suddenly bursts in, startling her.

She asks what’s wrong and he asks if anything happened.

Joo-wal goes to the demon-woman, because he has to.
She opens her doors and looks angry. He falls to the ground.

Almost crying, he stutters out, “What’s wrong with me?”
The demon-woman sneers at him. “What’s wrong with you? You’re possessed!”
He asks what she means and she says he’s possessed by what humans call “love”, but she calls it nothing.


She says there’s no use for it and slams her doors.
Joo-wal silently cries.

Eun-oh watches the moon, and then thinks.
He walks the grounds and finds Arang.

After a pause, he walks up to her.
She notices him and says she couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t sleep either.

Arang says it’s natural that the servant would’ve acted like that earlier.
She tells Eun-oh not to be hard on him. She hopes this ends quickly since she’s causing problems for everyone.

She turns to leave, but Eun-oh stops her.
He says he doesn’t know why he’s being like this, but he’ll think about it later.
First he wants to do this.

Eun-oh tells her he knows she told him not to fall in love with her, but… She turns around and tells him to stop.
He continues, saying he’s going to like her.

He goes up to her and faces her.
He says she told him she’s always an honest person who will do what she wants.
She stutters a bit, then says, “What use is this to us now?”

Eun-oh’s eyes glisten.

She tells him she’ll tell him what she honestly thinks of him, but pauses when she sees his expression.
Arang manages to finish, saying she doesn’t feel the same as he does, and turns to leave.

He grabs her arm and pulls her to him. He searches her eyes, then says, “This is the last time.”

And… right when I’m sure he’s going to kiss her, the episode ends! OMMMMGGGGG


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