Somato Kabushiki Gaisha: Recap One


Based on a manga of the same name

Episodes: 10
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Mystery
Currently Airing: Mondays
Actors: Kashii Yu  Kubota Masataka Yokoyama Megumi

Watch At:

Impressions Before Watching:

Okay, so this drama is apparently about a corporation where you can get footage of your life to watch on DVD. While watching it, the main character sees details he missed out when the things actually happened to him.
The name of the drama… well a somato is a type of lantern that shows images when turned and is associated with “life passing before your eyes” and a kabushiki gaisha is a stock company.

It sounds really interesting… but I wonder what the corporation gains from this and how they can do it.
Guess I’ll watch to find out!

Oh, 2AM does the theme song! I can’t find it on YouTube yet, but since this drama just started airing, I guess it’s to be expected. Pretty sure it’s the Kpop group 2AM? I guess I’ll find that out too, haha.

Episode Summary:

Wow, this drama really shows that looking back into your past can be just as bad as knowing your future.

Looks like there’s going to be a new main character every week.

Okay. The first episode starts off with a very ominous looking woman who goes over to a TV that’s playing a home video and she turns it off. Well, then it shows what’s behind her… and it turns into a shocking scene.

That’s just the intro, though.
The drama then lets us meet Takahiro Seki and his fiance Yuko, a girl he’s known for a long time, (so she tells his mother).
They’re going to his mom’s house so his mom and fiance can meet each other before the wedding. Apparently he hasn’t been there in quite awhile because he proceeds to tell his mom that he will become more filial from now on since he’s getting married and all.

Seki and his girl.

Seki’s “super nice” mom.


The first thing he does, is greet the alter of his deceased father. His fiance comments about the lack of a picture at the alter and Seki tells her that his father just didn’t like his picture taken and that he’s never seen his dad, since he died before he was born. He goes on to praise his mom and talks about how her care has made him who he is.

His fiance then notices some little origami dolls lined up on the shelf and he tells her it’s a tradition in his family to place a doll there to honor someone who died. He points out the doll for his dad, grandma, grandpa, but doesn’t know who the fourth one is for.

At supper, Seki’s mom seems disappointed when he tells her he has to leave the next day. He tells her they need to work since they’ll be married soon and will need the money.
Seki then gets a text from one of the friend he grew up with. The guy asks Seki if he’s heard of the Turning Lantern Corporation and Seki’s expression changes from happily laughing to silent thought.

So, he goes to see his friend at the bar the friend owns. The friend is somber and distracted. Seki seems a bit concerned by his friend’s strange behavior… cuz you know… you’d expect a childhood friend you haven’t seen in awhile to be more excited to see you, right? But his friend only wants to talk to him about this strange corporation that interrupted his life.

His friend tells him that the corporation lets you watch your own life, and that, while at first he cried from the nostalgia… viewing it got harder and harder. Seki wonders how it can be hard to watch your life, since you’ve already lived it and everything. His friend is like… hey, you really think you know your own life?

As Seki walks home, he happens to see the door to this corporation.
From the description of the drama, I was expecting some big building in a city, but no, this corporation looks like this:

Seki grins big and walks into the door. Suddenly, some crazy magic happens where all his memories are being copied from his head.
He steps out of an elevator… as if the front door opened right into it. Of course, he seems weirded out.

The crazy woman from the intro greets him and tell him her name is Kaminuma. She gives him some basic info… nothing his friend hasn’t already told him, takes him to a room and gives him a DVD for every year he’s lived.
Seki asks if this is a pyramid scheme. Yeah, Seki… I don’t think pyramid scheme is the first thing I’d think of in a situation like this, haha. Scam, probably, but pyramid scheme…?

Anyway, she assures him that he can leave whenever he wants to and she, herself, leaves the room before telling him he can call her if  he has any questions.

Skeptical, Seki turns on the TV.
Maybe expecting to see the face of his deceased father who he’s never seen, he instead sees two strangers looking down on a baby.
He picks up the phone and is in the middle of accusing Kaminuma of being a con-artist, when his mother’s face is shown on the screen.

But it’s not what he expected….

The footage shows that his mom was actually a woman who kidnapped him. His real mom was distracted by a phone call from the hospital or police station because of an accident his father was in.

Shaken, Seki leaves.

At home, he sees that his mom is wearing the same necklace he saw her wearing in the DVD. His fiance then asks him if he had a good time with his friend. He tries to shake off what he had seen and gives her a positive answer with a smile.

The next day, he acts like nothing happened… besides the occasional suspicious look towards his mom. He then sits on the porch and tells his fiance that something bad happened in the shed in the yard, but he can’t remember what. They go back into the house and the camera gives a close-up of the shed door to show that there’s a padlock on it.

While looking at photo albums, his fiance notices that there aren’t any pictures of him as a baby in the hospital when he was born. Seki seems to be growing more uncomfortable, with more suspicious glances towards his mom, who’s over at the sink. His mom seems to pause a moment under his gaze.

With this new revelation, Seki hurries back to the Turning Lantern Corporation. Though it might have seemed like a dream, or maybe it just seemed real because it was night, he now feels that it really could be real!

He goes through the DVDs, noting a scene where his real mother is fighting with his “mom”. His real mother tells the woman that she knows she was the one who kidnapped him. She says it’s because this woman was obsessed with her husband… this is why she kidnapped Seki. She then goes on to tell his “mom” that his father had died in the accident. His “mom” keeps denying it.

When he reaches his 5th year, he makes a horrible discovery.

His 5-year-old self walks towards the dreaded shed, looking for his mom. The door is open…

…and he’s met with the face of his dead mother! His “mom” had murdered her there!

In shock and horror, Seki jumps up… he then sees his mother in the shed covered with blood and a crazed look on her face. His 5-year-old self sounds hysterical before fainting.

Seki’s reaction.

There’s no denying who killed his real mother. He runs over to the table and gulps down water, almost becoming sick in the process.
But then, from the TV comes the voice of his “mom”. He slowly turns back to watch.
His “mom” is assuring his 5-year-old self that there are ghosts in the shed. Yes, that’s what he saw, and he must always stay away from it because of that.
But then he learns another disturbing fact….

The dolls on the alter are for the people she’s murdered. She makes them so they give up their grudges towards her in the afterlife.

Seki is horrified, to say the least.

After crying and clutching his chest, he heads home in a zombified state. (If it were me, I would’ve gone to a hotel and summoned my fiance there, haha).
Once home, he comes face to face with the woman he thought was his mom… but what can he say? He’s too shocked and she is obviously insane. He just sits down to the dinner table, unable to know what his reaction should be.

But then he notices….

The table is set for two.

He asks where his fiance is and his “mom” acts like she didn’t hear him.

It dawns on the both Seki and the viewer that he shouldn’t have left his girl alone with that woman.

There’s an eerie shot that lasts quite awhile of his “mom” smiling creepily.
Then it goes to the alter to show that another doll was made.
It then cuts to show the lock on the shed, which now is covered with blood.

It cuts to a scene from Seki’s DVD set. He’s playing with a girl on the playground, and we can either assume that the girl was his fiance when they were children, or another victim. After all, he never found out who the other three dolls on the alter were really for….

The drama ends where the intro began.

Seki was the man hanging in that first shocking scene.

Impressions After Watching:

Loved it. It was a perfect psychological thriller :D I liked how some unexpected things happened, and the acting was really good!

Episode Fanart:


3 thoughts on “Somato Kabushiki Gaisha: Recap One

  1. Wow! I just recapped this one too! I was actually thinking that the father was one of the people that the mother killed. It seemed to coincidental that Fake Mommy showed up just minutes after he got into a “car accident.” I also wonder if she was telling the about the grandparents and perhaps the reason she’s so messed up is because of her childhood and her own parents….

    I liked the end when it starts raining and you realize that the rain could be the reason why water was dripping from his body.

    It also reminded me of the sink in his friend’s bar which was also dripping. He mentioned that his mother was upstairs in her bed, which was unusual behavior. Perhaps the dripping water could be symbolic of live taken as a direct result of the videos.

    And now I seem like a psychopath who finds death wherever I can find it…

    • Really? Haha :D

      Oh, the water is a good detail I didn’t notice! Now that you point it out, I think you’re right :D

      Yeah, I think the whole accident with his dad was fishy too… maybe the crazy “mom” was so upset that she couldn’t have him that she decided to steal his kid and get revenge on him. But then, why did she wait so many years to kill his real mom too? Maybe she killed the dad by mistake and was so upset about the loss that she stole Takahiro away?

      Also, since we found out that the dolls aren’t a memorial for the dead, but a way to pacify the dead, that would mean if the other dolls are for the grandparents, the crazy woman had to have killed them too.

      I’m not sure if the grandparents are a part of the story, or if it was just an excuse so he wouldn’t ask about the dolls, but then she would’ve come up with an excuse for the 4th doll in the beginning as well.
      For some reason I have a hard time accepting that the grandparents are the reason the “mom” is so crazy XD; I feel she’s the type of crazy that was just born that way, but I could be wrong. (In that case, maybe the other dolls could be murders that happened before Takahiro was even born?)
      If she wasn’t born crazy, then it could be something the grandparents did to her, or maybe she just went crazy because of the situation with Takahiro’s dad?

      Wow, there’s just so many different possibilities for everything! So, I guess we can never be sure who the other two dolls are for….

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