I’m A Butterfly: Korean Drama Special

I’m A Butterfly

My Score: 7/10


Lead Actors: Kim Hee Won Kim Sun Kyung Choi Il Hwa Ryu Sang Wook

Episodes: 1

Genre: Thriller

Summary: A new public officer is in charge of teaching a woman how to live in society after she was in prison for over 20 years. However, she is quickly taken away by a dangerous man who is out for revenge. He needs to get her safely back to the station by 10PM so he has to find her fast.

Review: There was quite a bit of suspense and mystery with a touch of action. I think it was worth the short hour it took to watch.

The acting was decent and the woman’s son was pretty good-looking, (nice eye-candy, haha).

However, it never really had any information on the back story of the woman’s crime… like why she did it. If that had been included, I’d give it a higher score.

My Score: 7/10


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