Bug Me Not Hong Kong Movie Review

Bug Me Not Movie

My Score: 7/10


Director: Law Chi-Leung

Cast: Isabella Leong Bo-lin Chen

Genre: Family/Comedy/Drama/Kids

Summary: A girl named Moon can understand the language of bugs. Because she only spoke bug language when she was a kid, people are under the impression that she’s stupid. One day, while in high-school, she runs into other kids with strange “powers” and develops a crush on a boy in her neighborhood too, but he hates being touched.

Review: Before watching, be aware that it’s pretty much a kid’s film.

I found it to be an adorable and fairly original movie. It’s marketed on Netflix as a family film, though it’s subbed, not dubbed. My kids (3 and 6-year-old) still sat through the whole thing. I just had to read them key dialog sometimes. Some dialog in the beginning might not be appropriate for small children, but that shouldn’t matter since it’s subbed (just talking about being “horny” and breast size.) Actually, it could just be a translation error because the rest of the movie is pretty innocent and cute. There’s some romantic tones, but there’s no kissing or even hugging so kids that don’t like mushy stuff won’t get squeamish, haha.

I liked all the characters. They were all original and interesting, (and I think the woman who never ages was really hot, haha). The main girl, Moon, seemed kind of… awkward, but her character was supposed to appear “stupid” so I didn’t find it too strange… she was supposed to be a bit socially awkward and innocent. The main guy was really adorable and innocent too, yet pretty hot at the same time.

The bug CG was not really well done, but since it was kind of a kid’s movie, it’s okay that the bugs were really cartoon-like. My kids loved it.

The only thing is, I felt really awkward saying the bug’s name while translating to my kids… which happened to be “Coochie”.  Hopefully none of your kids know that word in a negative sense because I could really imagine some immature pre-teen boys constantly laughing about it through the whole film…. Other than that, I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind watching it with my kids again. I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it as much watching it without them, though it really wasn’t a bad movie. Just not really on par with movies made for adults.

My Score: 7.5/10


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