Azumi Japanese Movie Review

Azumi Japanese Movie

My Score: 7/10 


Director:  Ryuhei Kitamura

Cast: Aya Ueto Hiroki Narimiya Yuma Ishigaki Kenji Kohashi Takatoshi Kaneko 

Genre: Historical Action

Summary: A man named Master G takes in 10 orphans and trains them to be master assassins. His plan is to have them take out all the warlords that are causing mayhem in the country.

Master G’s finally test is for them to kill their closest friend… and as a result, only 5 of the orphans remain, including a girl named Azumi.

Review: This movie was interesting, but not amazing. However, if you like action, you’ll like this; Azumi has a lot of action. There weren’t many boring parts and it kept our interest even when we had an idea of what was going to happen. It wasn’t too hardcore like, say, Ninja Assassin, so I felt it was more of a teen film.

Now, this movie seems to be proud that Oguri Shun is in it, (they list him as a main character on the DVD)… however, his role is very small. So if you’re watching it for him, you’re going end disappointed.

Anyway, this movie started out okay, but towards the end it added some strange comedic scenes that didn’t fit with the rest of the movie. There were also decisions the master made that didn’t make sense and so we couldn’t help but ridicule him most of the time. They also should have included more scenes that strengthened the idea that these young assassins were really super skillful. I guess it did make the last fight even more amazing, but it made the rest of the movie kind of disappointing.

It also lacked anything showing how Azumi was supposedly traumatized by having to kill her closest friend. They often list that as a major plot point on summaries of the movie, but the scene basically just disappeared soon after it happened. Azumi never seems to think much about the family they had to kill at all. There’s just a fleeting scene near the end that even suggests that maybe Azumi was never fighting to her full potential until she let go of that incident.

Besides those points, this is an interesting movie that will entertain you if you’re looking for a simple teen action movie.

My Score: 7/10 


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