Arang Korean Movie Review

Arang Movie

My Score: 7.5/10


Director:  Ahn Sang-Hoon

Cast: Song Yun-Ah Lee Dong-Wook

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Detective So-yung is coming back to work after a suspension. With her new case comes a new partner… rookie Hyun-ki.

At first, the case is a strange homicide where the victim was first suffocated and then burned. As time goes on, each person they interview seems to die. They’re all suffocated, but nobody knows how or why.

Meanwhile, a horrific apparition is visiting each suspect they interview. Could the cause for these deaths be supernatural…?

Review: This is a detective film with horror elements. If you’re easily frightened, then this movie might scare you. However, the ghost is only after bad people so that takes away from the horror aspect.

Lee Dong-wook is a great actor – he played in My Girl-… I never feel let down by his acting. This was no exception. He really delivered at the climax of the movie.

I’m not really familiar with Sung Yun-ah, but she was good here as well. Her facial expressions were perfect.

The story itself was interesting… it kept my attention to the end. I personally didn’t find it that scary, but it definitely wasn’t bad! I’d also like to note that I did find my heart-rate increase at one point in the movie, haha, so there was a bit of suspense.

There is an upsetting scene that is shown more than once throughout this movie, but nothing someone over 13 couldn’t watch.

In the version I got from Netflix, they didn’t translate the ending text. According to multiple wiki’s around the internet, it basically says:

“The Legend of Arang 400 years ago states that there’s a village full of new magistrate that is killed mysteriously. That is why no new magistrate dares to go to the village to be appointed. However, there’s a new magistrate willing to go to the village. He found out that the spirit of Arang is full of hatred and revenge because she was raped and killed. After that, he helped the spirit to catch the culprit who raped and killed her, sending the culprit to justice. He found Arang’s corpse and buried her. It was said that because of her hatred, her corpse did not rot when it is found after so many years.”

My Score: 7.5/10


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