Where Is LeeU and Why Did He Leave F.Cuz?

LeeU is a former member of the group “F.Cuz” (pronounced “Focus”). He was an ulzzang (kind of an internet model), but he had a great singing voice as well. This could be because his father was a famous trot singer (old-fashioned Korean music).

I would’ve just written up an Artist of the Week for F.Cuz, but now that LeeU is gone and they’re doing a bunch of promotions in Japan, I don’t really feel the desire to make an article like that on them. (The new member’s teaser just came out a day ago and people are confused, so I’m writing this article for them.)

See, I really liked F.Cuz a lot, but LeeU was my bias. You know, when you have a bias in a group you always look for them in music videos and like listening to their part the most. F.Cuz just really isn’t the same for me anymore…. Maybe I’ll eventually like F.Cuz again, but it won’t feel like the “real” F.Cuz to me because LeeU is gone. He was just the most expressive and most fun to watch in my opinion.

So what happened to him? Well, it seems kind of strange, but LeeU belonged to a different agency than the other 3 members of the group. His agency,  Castle J Enterprise, decided that they didn’t like the musical direction F.Cuz was going.  [Official Statement Here]

Basically,  the two companies decided to part ways because of too many conflicts about different ideas/decisions and LeeU had to decide which company to stick with. After thinking a lot about it, he made the difficult decision to leave F.Cuz and chase after his own dreams alone.

LeeU said it was hard for him as well and that he cried over watching video clips of their performances together while the companies were in discussion about whether to split or not. It’s no wonder he was so sad, since F.Cuz had been training and performing together for 3 years.  [LeeU’s Official Statement Here]


LeeU is focusing on musicals. Apparently he’s acting in the musical “Elizabeth” as Ruldolf.

Update! He has now joined Brand New Stardom.

F.Cuz has a new 4th member named Daegun. Here’s a teaser where the new member is singing:

We’ll see how it goes….
Videos of the Old F.Cuz:


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