Oh In-Hye’s Fashion Controversies (Editorial)

Oh In-Hye is a new actress. She debuted in 2011 and has acted in two movies.

Now, she’s really been making headlines since the 2011 BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) in October.

Korea is pretty conservative, and the dress she wore was pretty revealing for Korean standards:

When you read about this incident on many American Kpop sites, most of the comments are putting her down as well. People are saying she’s “slutty”.

I don’t really understand why Americans are joining in on this. There have been many dresses similar to this on the Red Carpet of Hollywood and other dressy programs:

Rachel McAdams – 

Jennifer Lopez –

January Jones –

Not many people refer to these actresses as “sluts”. Sure there will be some, but not the majority of critics. In fact, while looking this up, there were many comments saying “sexy” and hardly any saying “slutty”. Maybe it was just that Oh In-Hye’s straps were a bit thinner than the usual, but still, it wasn’t THAT bad.

Now, either Kpop fans are more conservative in general,  they’re just being hypocritical, or they’re just easily swayed by biased Korean news, but either way, most Kpop/Kdrama fans are bashing her now.

Actually, back in 2007, Kim So-yeon wore a pretty revealing dress too. This was at the Busan International Film Festival as well!

The other day, news just came out of another “revealing” outfit she wore recently at a launching event:

I think with a built-in bra, this outfit could be fine if circumstances allow it. Sure, it’s a bit revealing… sure it looks like pj’s, but the shirt is a unique cut and it’s interesting to look at.

A lot of people are criticizing this outfit more because of what she said after the controversy of her dress.  In an interview, she claimed she wasn’t looking for attention and that it was her first time at an event so she wasn’t sure what to wear. She also said that Baek Ji Young wore the same dress 6 years ago.  (It might be worth it to note that Baek Ji Young had her share of controversy when she was young. She got in trouble with a sex tape involving her manager. However now she’s a popular singer.)

Personally, I think the dresses are fine… but maybe since most Kpop fans are just young kids, it’s a good thing to see them uncomfortable with it. On the other hand, Oh In-Hye isn’t an actress for children. She doesn’t star in teen dramas/movies so why should it matter what kids think of her way of dressing?

She garnered more interest when it was revealed that she had a nude sex scene in the movie “Red Vacance Black Wedding” (which just came out December 8th). In an interview about that, she claimed the dress choice had nothing to do with the movie and said the movie didn’t revolve around the sex scene and she trusted the director to make a good film, so she wasn’t worried about it.

So, is she trying to get attention with these controversies? Maybe she’s just trying to stand out in a sexy way but doesn’t quite know to pull it off yet?

It could be a combination of both. I wouldn’t blame her if she’s trying to get attention this way. There are many famous and popular actresses that got that way through their past “too sexy” controversies. Halle Berry might not be as famous today if she hadn’t done those nude and sex scenes in “Swordfish” and “Monster’s Ball”.

Personally, I think people need to chill. She’s a new actress and she’s smart for getting attention. Even attention like this is good for her career… it’s worse to not get any attention at all in the entertainment business.

I think if she sticks with it and doesn’t let the negative comments get to her, and she continues to grow as an actress, she will be very successful in the future. All she’ll need is a really elegant dress and everyone will be going crazy over her “transformation”.


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