Halloween Special

Well, since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d make a special post today :D

First off, “scary” in Korean is 무섭다 (museobda). In Japanese it’s 怖い (kowai).

I’ve been watching a lot of Asian horror films to get in the mood… but to be honest, none of them really seemed scary to me… haha…. I like them, but there’s usually just too much story and not enough scary IMO. If any of you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

For me, I recommend “Bloody Reunion/To Sir With Love”, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, or “Someone Behind You“.

But instead of doing in-depth movie reviews for Halloween, I’ll just be doing a post of random get-you-in-the-mood-for-Halloween stuff that’s related to Korea or Japan~

Let’s start off with a creepy Tokyo All-Girls Zombie Walk video! Looks fun~


Now for some music videos. Midnight Circus by Sunny Hill has a particularly eerie carnival feel to it.

G-Dragon’s She’s Gone definitely fits… especially with the set and outfit style he chose.

Before the Dawn (BTD) by Infinite could fit too. I mean, they fight a creepy shadow man!


In the photo category there are some newer ones of Brown Eyed Girls that might get you in the mood for the season~ They did these photos for Vogue November 2011. The pics aren’t really scary, but you know, I think the kind of dull-colored, darker, atmosphere fits in with autumn, and the strange sets fit in with Halloween well enough. You can view all of them over here, at Vogue Korea’s official site.

…And here are some photos of actual Halloween costumes~



Min, Jo Kwon

Jang Geun Suk’s Mom


I’ll end this post with a well-known horror comic that’s been going around the internet. You don’t have to know Korean to enjoy this, but here’s a translation for AFTER you’ve seen it. Anyway, just make sure you have flash enabled and your sound on, then keep slowly scrolling down :D Korean Horror Comic

Happy Halloween~! :D


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