Someone Behind You: Korean Movie Review

Someone Behind You/Voices

Score: 8/10


Director: Ki-hwan Oh

Cast: Yoon Jin-Seo Lee Ki-Woo Park Gi-woong

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Summary: It seems a curse is going around that makes people die by the hands of those close to them. Ga-in gets roped into the curse after witnessing her aunt being murdered by her aunt’s sister. Now everybody who’s close to Ga-in is out to kill her at random moments.

Review: I was in a movie slump after watching a few Korean movies that were really more story than scary and was worried this would be like those.

Well, this movie was much better. There was a lot of action and blood along with creepy apparitions. It was entertaining. I kept wondering who would try to get her next and how… then would tense up when it actually happened.

Though there was a kind of mystery about it and I was expecting a twist like most Korean movies, nothing was really confusing or left to interpretation like they usually can be.

FYI, this movie is based after a manhwa called “It’s Two People” by Kang Kyung-ok.

Score: 8/10


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