Playlist: Badass Kpop Songs

This list is a request from a friend.

These are songs to pump you up or when you have that certain attitude… you know what I’m talking about, right? :D Everybody has a different definition for this… some like loud pumped up rock and others like rap with an attitude. Most of this is Kpop, but there are some other types of Korean music in here as well, so I hope you find something you like out of this!

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Here are my personal top 25 picks:

  1. BAP -Warrior
  2. BAP – Power
  3. Seo Taiji – FM Business
  4. The TRAX – Paradox
  5. HOT – Natural Born Killer
  6. Zico – Attention
  7. Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  8. Super Junior – Superman
  9. 2NE1 – Pretty Boy
  10. 4minute – Huh
  11. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah
  12. MBLAQ – Run
  13. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
  14. HyunA – Change
  15. Block B – Halo
  16. Block B – LOL
  17. U-KISS – Shut Up
  18. EXO –  Two Moons
  19. Lee Hyori – I’m Back
  20. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
  21. 2NE1 – I Am The Best (FYI this song sounds really good as a rock song. Look it up!)
  22. MC Sniper – Push It
  23. Jang Woo Hyuk – One Way/Into the Storm
  24. Jang Woo Hyuk – Sun That Never Sets
  25. Zico & Mino – 4 My Town
Bonus: 2PM – Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop

BAP -Warrior
This is BAP’s first song. It has to be in this list… I mean, the end of the video is epic!

 BAP – Power
When Kpop fans think of “badass”, the first thing that pops into our minds is BAP… which is why both of their songs are at the top of this list.

Seo Taiji – FM Business 
Seo Taiji’s FM Business is all about giving the finger to the whole Kpop music business and their desire to make money over making quality music.

The TRAX – Paradox

HOT – Natural Born Killer
My first Kpop song. These lyrics are full of pain, and I think the anger is really shown well through their vocals.

Zico – Attention 
I’m Zico-biased so he and Block B might show up a lot here… hehe…. Well, this song has a good amount of attitude, and it’s well-deserved attitude at that. It’s one of my favorites when I’m in a rebellious mood.

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
These lyrics are all about being better than other people. Perfect when you need some cheering up or when you’re just feeling tough.

Super Junior – Superman
Epic sounds with a chorus of manly voices.

2NE1 – Pretty Boy 
A good girl-power type song, (though it was written by a man).

4minute – Huh
Huh is about doing what you want to do and not listening to when others say you can’t.

MBLAQ – Oh Yeah

“Gotta love my haters, man!”

Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
Hard core vocals and nice attitude~!

HyunA – Change
Even though this gets a lot of criticism for the sexy dance, this song is still badass. The lyrics are similar to Huh.
(It’s hard to find the actual video because it keeps getting deleted, so I’ll post a live).

Block B – Halo
My sister and I walk with swag to this song. I usually don’t walk with swag, therefore, it must be badass.

Block B – LOL

U-KISS – Shut Up
Shut Up might not sound as hardcore as some of the other songs here, but it works in a playlist like this… I mean, the lyrics consist of “Shut up”,  “Oppa really hates you”, and “You’re pissing me off”. You can’t go wrong with that here.

EXO –  Two Moons 
Learn the English raps if you don’t know Korean and sing along. Don’t tell me you don’t feel hardcore afterwards (unless, you know, you’re a pro rapper that can do advanced stuff lol).
Anyway, I only like to listen to this version. They removed the line “Roll Like A Buffalo” from the new release. EXO-K does a Korean version, but I find that one to be too monotone, so I’m going to list the Chinese version here.

Lee Hyori – I’m Back

Great song if you need an ego boost.

2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
“Can’t nobody hold us down” :D

2NE1 – I Am The Best
Personally, I only like the rock versions that fans made. I mean, once you listen to this song with a rock background, it’s kind of hard to go back to the original. But anyway, if you’re wondering why this song is here, just look at the title of it! Haha.

MC Sniper – Push It
Like Seo Taiji’s FM Business, this song criticizes the music industry. As a result, it was actually banned. The video itself was banned for “rebellious content”.

Jang Woo Hyuk – One Way/Into the Storm

Jang Woo Hyuk – Sun That Never Sets

Zico & Mino – 4 My Town 
Yeah, there are a lot of bad words in this song… it’s hard to forgive them for using a certain word, but I guess it is a cover. Overall, there are a lot less bad words/lyrics in their version than the original English version.
Besides that, this song has a lot of attitude. Mino’s voice itself is badass in this song and Zico does a nice quick rap in the middle, which is why I prefer it to the original done by Birdman.

Bonus: 2PM – Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop


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